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The Millennial Money Minutes podcast hit 130,000 downloads last week, just 14 weeks after launching. One of my blog goals was to reach 100,000 downloads by the end of 2017. I’m so stoked with the momentum. The experience has been a ton of fun. Matt from Distilled Dollar and I normally podcast on Thursday nights and pack in 5-10 episodes each session, depending on how distracted we get by his cats or veering off into some distracting topic – like Matt worrying about AI taking over the world.

As of today, we’ve recorded over 100 podcast episodes covering a wide variety of money, investing, and entrepreneurship topics! We’ll keep crushing it as long as you keep listening. So thank you. ?

I know you are probably super busy and might have either missed, or never listened to the podcast before, so I have gathered my 10 favorite episodes. We try to pack as much value into 5 minutes as possible and while I love most of the episodes, these stand out from the pack. If you want us to cover a topic we haven’t just hit me up and we will add it to the list. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can, using your favorite player or on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or here.

1. Your Life Strategy

I’m a huge fan of strategy and love reading about how the top companies, and people, in the world build strategies to reach their goals. One way to significantly increase the chances you will accomplish your money and/or your life goals is by building a solid strategy, and then executing it. Most people just make the decision right in front of them, instead of prioritizing and making decisions that align with a strategy. Learn how, and why it’s so important, to build a life strategy in this episode.

2. The Power of Habits

Habits are the true foundation for building wealth. The key is you just have to start. It only takes 3 weeks of consistent action to build a habit – from spending, saving, to investing, simple daily habits are the key to reaching financial independence.

3. Side Hustles

I’ve been side hustling before anyone called it that and it was an essential driver of me reaching financial independence. In fact, looking back across my life I realized that I’ve actually made over $1 million side hustling. I recommend everyone build a side hustle, but some are more valuable than others. Learn more in this side hustle episode.

4. How Much Do You Really Need To Save

This is the most downloaded episode to date, with over 25,000+ listens. This is a huge question. Unfortunately, most people simply aren’t saving enough. The typical recommend to save between 5-15% of your income for retirement is too low. Learn how much we think you should be saving in this episode.

5. Actually Meet Your Money Goals

Meeting your money goals might be easier than you think. Matt and I share two very different approaches to approaching and reaching, your money goals. Learn more in one of my favorite episodes.

6. The Ultimate Saving Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good saving hack? We share our favorites in this popular recent episode. These small hacks can make a huge difference over time.

7. Good, Better, Best Money Decisions

When it comes to money, a vast majority of the time good decision are good enough. But to get to the next level, you need to learn to move from good to better to the best money decisions. Listen to this episode and check out my post on my 51 Good, Better, Best Money Decisions.

8. Budgets Suck

I’m taking it way back with this one to episode number 2. So many people don’t manage their money because they are afraid to make a budget. This is a mistake. Fear of budgets is a huge hurdle keeping people from saving money and continuing to live paycheck to paycheck. Learn what we think about budgets.

9. The 80/20 Principle

The 80/20, or Pareto principle as it’s known, was a game changer for me. The simple idea is that 80% of the results in most of the areas of your life are actually generated by 20% of your decisions. So the key to building a more successful business, being more efficient, making more money, losing weight, all rest in identifying the 20% of your decisions that are generating 80% of the results and then focusing on just that 20%.

10. The True Cost of Anything

Almost everything in life is a lot more expensive than you think. A $3 cup of coffee does not really cost $3. In this episode, we discuss how to calculate the true cost of anything. You can also read more and see the calculations in my longer post on the True Cost of Anything.

Thank you so much for listening, supporting us, and being a part of the fam. Much love. ??

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    Cody @ Dollar Habits
    Posted Apr 05 2017
    You guys are absolutely killing it with the podcast! Congrats on your success. Keep 'em coming!
      Grant Sabatier
      Grant @MillennialMoney
      Posted Apr 06 2017
      Thanks Cody! ?
    Erik @ The Mastermind Within
    Posted Apr 06 2017
    Thanks for sharing Grant. I've only listened to 2 of your episodes - I'll have to check the other ones out!
      Grant Sabatier
      Grant @MillennialMoney
      Posted Apr 06 2017
      Dude catch up! Thanks Erik

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