2017 Millennial Money Blog Goals

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I just finished an online Yoga lesson (one of my personal daily goals in 2017). I’m feeling super mellow and hella grateful. 2016, WTF? What a year. So many highs in my life, and a few lows.

It’s a pretty meditative end to the year where I traveled to 41 cities, spent at least 500 hours on conference calls, and generally spent way an unhealthy amount of time in airports. I’m burnt out. Reflective. ✈️???

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I started writing a post about my money and blog goals, but quickly realized that these need to be separate posts. Based on my rough estimates approximately 30% of my traffic comes from other bloggers (personal finance and others), so I wanted to break our my blog specific goals.

I’m not a big goal setter, but these 2017 blog goals worth writing down. Many of them are high bars, but I’m down for the challenge. This blog has made my life richer and I expect big things in 2017.

First, I want to say thank you to all of the #MillennialMoney fam who read my posts, listen to the podcast, share my content, and send me amazing emails on the regs. Seriously, I am incredibly grateful for all of the good vibes you all bring to this blog and my life.

Here is a quick look back at 2016.


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1. I rejected an offer of $45,000 for MillennialMoney.com

2. Millennial Money Monthly Traffic is up 1060% since September

3. I’ve made over $30,000 in the past 12 months from Millennial Money. Learn more about how I make money blogging.

4. 7 Millennial Money Mistakes received over 12,000 views in one month and is the most popular Millennial Money post to date. Second most popular was 67 Best SEO Tips for Bloggers.

5. The New Millennial Money Minutes Podcast has been downloaded over 3,000 times since launching 3 weeks ago. I’m really digging the whole podcast vibe. Check it out and subscribe.

6. I received the 500th comment on the blog. Feeling the love.

7. Legit started Tweeting and actually got paid to Tweet: I went from 300 to 3,300 Twitter followers in 2 months. I can’t believe getting paid to Tweet is a thing. I’m starting to hashtag everything in my life – it’s becoming a problem.

8. I was interviewed for the first time on a podcast: listen to Millennial Money on Couple Money Podcast

9. Millennial Money Crew subscribers grew to over 2,000. My current conversion rate is about 1.4% of all blog visitors turn into a subscriber, which I am pretty happy about. There are of course exceptions – I started a specific SEO list that converts at 6.2% on my SEO posts. What?!? If you haven’t already join the crew. I send out new posts and exclusive content.

10. AND BEST OF ALL – I am getting more and more messages like this. The growing reach of this platform is humbling.


I love getting these messages from readers.


#2017 #blog #goals

I really feel like I’m just getting started building the Millennial Money platform and I’m super stoked for 2017. I am excited to reach as many people as possible with the blog and podcast, make new connections, continue building my investing portfolio. Here are a collection of the goals I have set for the blog and many oddly have 100 in them. ???

1. Reach 100 total Millennial Money Minute podcast episodes

I think this is totally possible. Matt @DistilledDollar and I have been crushing through new episodes and are really enjoying the podcast format for sharing our ideas. It also helps we live like 6 blocks away from each other.

2. Get 100,000 total podcast downloads

I think this one is possible as long as we can keep up the frequent podcasting, as well as keep the same level of monthly downloads we currently have (approx. 3,000/month). One goal is to get featured on a mainstream best money podcast list.

3. Write 100 new posts in 2017

This is going to be tough, but it’s definitely possible. I am going to focus on writing 2 in-depth posts per week. I really want to focus on quality > quantity.

4. Hit 100,000 monthly page views consistently

This is also going to be a tough goal, but should be accomplishable as my organic traffic is increasing at least 70% month over month and will continue to be the core of my traffic.

5. Make $100,000 from Millennial Money revenue and partnerships

I feel like I’ve only begun monetizing this platform and feel confident that I can increase the revenue using a variety of monetization strategies – with a specific focus on growing partnerships with other brands.

6. Get 100 new backlinks each month

My backlink portfolio has really started to take off towards the end of 2016 with more blogs and websites linking to my content. I want to focus on building 100 high quality backlinks each month from reputable websites.

7. Get at least 100 shares per post.

This is an accomplishable goal. Some of my posts get a lot of shares, but the baseline for shares currently hovers around 30 or 40 per post. I want to get to the level where 100 shares are the baseline. I need to start putting more time into Pinterest which is where so much sharing is happening (but much higher bounce rates).

8. Build to the level of 100 new Millennial Money Crew subscribers each week

I think it’s possible to get to this level – hopefully as soon in the year as possible. My subscriber rate fluctuates a lot week to week and I am trying to grow the baseline. Average daily subscriber rates are starting to pick up.

9. Launch a Millennial Money course with @DistilledDollar

I am really stoked about this one. Due to the early success of the podcast, we are in preliminary discussions about building and launching a support course in mid-2017. Keep an eye out.

10. Get on TV once

I have been on TV before, but never for Millennial Money. I am excited about expanding my reach in the media and would love to be on TV – because who doesn’t want to be on TV right?

+1 BONUS: And a Money Goal: Save at least 50% of my income

My 2016 savings rate was about 18% and I am planning to increase it exponentially by returning to frugality in 2017.

Millennial Money Blog Goals


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  • Comment Author image blank James says:

    Grant, you did amazing last year! How did you get onto the news? I personally found you via Yahoo news – things kicked off from there for you. You inspired me to create a value investing blog aimed at UK millennials. Time for an awakening over here too! Need to know how to hack traffic via the news like you did!

  • Comment Author image blank Mike says:

    All great goals. You just got 1 new reader! #crushingit

  • Comment Author image blank Gary @ DebtFreeClimb says:

    Keep up the good work, Grant! Enjoying the podcast and working through 67 SEO Tips for bloggers post! Looking forward to more valuable content in 2017!

  • Comment Author image blank Misha @ MoneySheWrote says:

    You had an incredible 2016 year and looking back at your accomplishments in this post have been very inspiring to me as a new blogger. Your 2017 is even bigger and better and I hope to learn from you as I continue blogging. Wishing you the best for 2017!

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Misha. I appreciate the kind words. I look forward to following the success of your blog as well! Happy 2017!

  • Comment Author image blank timeinthemarketblog says:

    Great job on the blog and those are some lofty goals for the new year but I’m sure you can reach them.

    I didn’t know you had a podcast going now – I’ll have to check it out.

  • Comment Author image blank Buy, Hold Long says:

    These are fantastic goals and for someone of your caliber, I think very achievable. I am only starting my own blog and to achieve what you have is an inspiration of mine. Well done, will be following for future reference. All the best.

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Buy Hold Long! I have added your blog to my reading list. It looks great. I look forward to following you as well.

  • Wow, you’re really inspirational Grant! So much achieved and new content still coming out. Really looking forward to seeing you smash all your 2017 goals and happy new year to you!

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Tireless Worker! I appreciate your support and recent re-Tweets! I love your blog as well.

  • Comment Author image blank Passive Income Dude says:

    Incredible Job, just awesome. Very impressed, and keep it up!

  • Comment Author image blank FinanciaLibre says:

    Crushing it! Some impressive stuff going on here, and lots of awesome goals for the new year…here’s to a great 2017!

    And I like Panther’s comment above about listening to podcasts on 1.5x speed…that’s usually how I listen to my voicemails for both time savings and exceptional comedy – the more self-serious the caller is, the better the overall effect. 🙂

    Happy New Year, and congrats!

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Financial Libre. I listened to one of our podcasts today at 2x speed and it’s pretty funny, but the takeaways are still clear! Congrats on your blog successes as well.

  • Comment Author image blank Financial Panther says:

    Awesome goals! And wow you are killing it. That $45k offer for the domain name was crazy to me. I totally would have caved.

    And great job with the podcast. It’s a nice little quick hitter podcast that I can listen to really quickly. I listen to it on 1.5x speed, so only takes me 2 minutes or so to listen to it all, haha.

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Financial Panther. I’m glad I didn’t sell the domain! I’m just having too much fun blogging, building, and connecting. I’m glad you are enjoying the podcast. I never thought about listening to it at 1.5-2x speed – that’s so funny. Personal finance in 1 minute or less! I look forward to connecting in the new year.

  • Comment Author image blank Biglaw Investor says:

    Awesome goals! You’re killing it in 2016, so no doubt these are all reachable. I could draw a few lessons from you (well, I already have, thanks to your helpful effort in educating us all on the Rockstar Finance Forums). Happy New Year!

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