FIRE Movement Folk Song

Doesn’t every movement need a folk song? Ha ha. I’m so stoked for Fincon this month that I felt compelled to write a FIRE Movement folk song late tonight (1 am EST!). A few beers may have also been involved. It’s really just a ditty (short song). I’ve played in a couple of bands in my life and really miss making music.

I’m totally open to expanding it and turning this into a group effort. Maybe a Fincon jam session? Any fiddlers or banjo players out there want to play on the FIRE movement folk song?



FIRE Movement Folk Song Lyrics

music and lyrics by me, Grant Sabatier


I’m gonna save up my pennies, increase my savings rate

There’s more to life than money you say

I’m gonna pick up some income streams

Cause we’ve got time on our side


Invest in stocks and bonds and real estate

House hacking is a better way

Walk to work that’s how you’ll save

Cause we’ve got time on our side


I’m gonna keep on investing until that day

When I feel safe about my withdrawal rate

I’m gonna stay on this path till I feel free

Cause we’ve got time on our side


Now is it FI or RE, it’ don’t bother me

Just do what makes you happy

FIRE is a place for all you see

Cause we’ve got time on our side

Yes, we’ve got time on our side


Now follow me on this path I’m on

I’ll see you at Fincon!


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    Nathan Clarke
    Haha nice! I have a banjo but never really learned to play it.. Maybe I'll put more effort into it once I hit FIRE. I like the song though! That would be awesome for songs with lyrics like this to be in mainstream media. Would be a good way to show people what being "rich" really looks like.
    • Grant Sabatier
      Grant Sabatier
      Thanks Nathan! Now I feel motivated to add a few more verses and do an actual recording!
  • Comment Author image blank
    Very nicely done! I kept thinking that you need the full cast of "A Mighty Wind" backing you up but you were very good on your own.
    • Grant Sabatier
      Grant Sabatier
      Thanks Steve. Over the next month I'm going to work out a full recording with some more instrumentation. I can play other instruments and add some harmonies.