How I Saved $265 in One Month with Wikibuy

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Over the past five years, my team and I at Millennial Money have reviewed thousands of money-saving tools, platforms, and apps. Rarely some tools actually stand out and live up to the hype. Wikibuy is undoubtedly one of them.

Wikibuy is an entirely free Google Chrome extension that helps you find a better price when you’re shopping online.

A bit of quick history, one of my friends from high school Ryan was one of the creators of Wikibuy (he was the first CTO), and then they sold it to Capital One. Since that time, the tool has only gotten even better.

I was skeptical at first, but it’s actually legit and helped me save over $265 in one month as I was shopping online. During this time, I’ve been quarantined away from my usual home in Brooklyn, NY, so I needed a few things to continue operating Millennial Money and working on my second book.

Here’s exactly how I saved $265 from start to finish. First, I added Wikibuy to my browser.

How I got and set-up Wikibuy in less than 60 seconds

How To Use Wikibuy | Free Google Chrome Extension

Step 1: Download Wikibuy by going to

Step 2: Click download free Google Chrome Extension

Wikibuy 1

Step 3: Click Add to Chrome (blue button)

Wikibuy 2

Step 4: Set up an account (takes less than 30 seconds). Note that Wikibuy will ask you if you have an Amazon Prime account when you set up the Chrome extension because it’s able to factor in Amazon Prime shipping when searching for better prices online.

Step 5: Start searching from products through the Google Extension, on when you are logged in, or simply searching on

My experience searching (and saving!) with Wikibuy

In total, I bought 5 different items and saved a whopping $265.

Item 1: Portable Printer [Savings: $119, 37% using Wikibuy]

One of the best features of Wikibuy is that it’s so easy to use, and there are many ways to search for lower prices. For example, when I was searching on for products, I could easily see if Wikibuy found a better deal without having to go to another website.

Here is what I saw when searching. The first time I searched $87 in savings showed up in the small green Wikibuy box, and when I scrolled over it, I could see the details.

Wikibuy 3

After an hour I went back to Amazon and did another search for the product because I’m testing Wikibuy and wanted to see if the price would change and lo and behold, the second time I searched there was an opportunity to save $119 or 37% off of the Amazon price.

Wikibuy 4

It was a deal I couldn’t pass up so I clicked through the link. Once I clicked through the link. I was taken to the Wikibuy website where I could see that the lower price was through an eBay Vendor.

Wikibuy 5

I went through to eBay, and bought the printer. I saved $119 in less than a few minutes on a product I was already looking to buy.

Item 2: HD Webcam [Savings: $69, 28% using Wikibuy]

The second item I needed was a new HD Webcam because I forgot to pack mine when I left my home in the city. I needed the webcam to record video interviews and podcasts and my regular Apple webcam just doesn’t cut it.

I’ve found the Logitech HD webcams to be the best and so I wanted to order the same model I have at home. A quick search on Amazon and I found a cheaper price through Wikibuy on eBay for $69 less.

Wikibuy 6

Clicking through to Wikibuy I could see the cheaper price.

Wikibuy 7

In addition to the cheaper offer, I was also able to see that this was a good price based on the price history of the item over the past 30 days.

Wikibuy 8

I was also provided other product alternatives, links to YouTube reviews, and links to professional reviews to dive deeper.

Of course, because I already use and like this Webcam I didn’t need to use any of the research beyond the price history, which showed me I was getting a pretty good deal based on the variability over the past 30 days.

Wikibuy 9

Total Savings Using Wikibuy

In addition to the portable printer and HD webcam, I also bought three other items during the month, and Wikibuy saved me the following:

  • Portable Printer: $119
  • HD Webcam: $69
  • Headset for podcast recording: $27
  • Travel baby crib: $41
  • Set of notebooks: $9

Total Savings: $265

Of course, the savings experience will not be the same for everyone and it can vary based on products, retailers, coupon availability, rewards, etc.  I am detailing my personal experience as just one example which may not be typical depending on the products you’re looking for.

Additional Wikibuy Features

The Watchlist

In addition to searching for lower prices, Wikibuy also has a nice feature where you can add products you’re interested in purchasing to Your Watchlist either while searching in Amazon, other stores, or directly through Wikibuy.

Wikibuy 10

You can then access your Watchlist through Wikibuy at any time, and they will also email you if they notice any price drops. During the time I was tracking these products, I didn’t receive any emails, but I also saw when I came back that the price hasn’t decreased. I’m guessing that if the price of any of the items had decreased, then I would have received an email.

Checkout Coupons

Wikibuy also has a coupon feature where it scours the internet to find available coupons for a product. While using it for two weeks, it didn’t recommend any coupons for me, but I know that it has for others. I consider this a bonus feature to an already extremely useful Google Chrome extension.

Conclusion – Wikibuy is legit, free, and lives up to the hype

For cheaper products, like cleaning supplies, books, and toiletries, it didn’t help me find a lower price than Amazon.

But for more expensive products over $100, like the HD webcam and portable printer, it saved me a meaningful amount of money.

PRO TIP: Use Wikibuy as you search for prices, and checking a few times might yield a better deal. Once I had integrated Wikibuy into my regular online shopping, I started finding savings on almost everything I was searching for, and that savings changed based on when I was searching. One advantage of using Wikibuy is to counteract the variable pricing models companies like Amazon use.

Either way, Wikibuy will help save you more money, and since it’s completely free to use and easy to set-up, it’s a no brainer if you shop online. I’m keeping the extension and going to keep using it. It definitely lived up to the hype.

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