It’s Never Been Easier To Manage Your Business Anywhere

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It’s absolutely crazy how much has changed in the past 12 years since the debut of the iPhone. While the challenges of technology are many, just the smartphone has completely transformed how we do business and make money. This is great news for anyone who makes or wants to make money online.

It’s never been easier in history to make money is because of the access of both high quality information and access to tools that make making money and running a business a lot simpler. I can run my blog business from places like this in Cornwall, England! BTW this AirBnB was only $60 per night!

I currently use 7 different tools to manage Millennial Money, but one has completely changed how I run my blog and manage my time.


The tools that’s had the biggest impact on my blogging business


Hands down the tool that’s had the biggest impact on running my business is Quickbooks, the online accounting tool. I run pretty much the entire back end of the business from the Quickbooks app. It’s legit.

Back in the day you would have needed to hire an accountant and a firm, and an office manager to send out payments etc. etc. What would have taken many people to manage only twenty years ago, now you can do one your own and without having to wait.

You can literally run your entire financial life and business the phone in your pocket. Smartphones have completely transformed the way we make money. And it’s only getting easier.

While Quickbooks has many features, the two features that save me the most time are the ability to track my business expenses and manage invoices easily (aka what I spend and how I get paid).


Super Easy Expense Tracking


I can easily see and then categorize my expenses on my phone. Quickbooks hooks into my bank and then automatically pulls my expenses from both my bank account and credit cards.

After the transactions have pulled into the app, it waits for you to categorize them into common business expense categories to make tax preparation easier. Things like marketing/adverting expenses, legal expenses, and more.

While there’s definitely a little bit of a learning curve (it will take you a few hours to get used to Quickbooks), the return on the investment on both my time and money is extremely high.


Getting Paid!


One of the toughest things to manage as a freelancer, solopreneur, or entrepreneur is getting paid! I used to spend so much time hunting down invoice, payments, and bugging people to pay me.

If you’ve got your own business then I’m sure you’ve had these headaches too. It’s something I never would have thought would take sooooo much time. I used to spend at least 15 hours a month just racking down invoices and payments, but not anymore.

While it doesn’t solve all of the headaches of trying to get paid, Quickbooks definitely helps a ton since it makes it easier to send, track, organize, follow up on invoices, and actually get paid. You can even set it up so your clients or customers can pay you with with their credit cards directly in the invoice. I’m a fan!

To learn more try out Quickbooks for free.

Grant Sabatier

Creator of Millennial Money and Author of Financial Freedom (Penguin Random House). Dubbed "The Millennial Millionaire" by CNBC, Grant went from $2.26 to over $1 million in 5 years, reaching financial independence at age 30. Grant has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, NPR, Money Magazine and many others.

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    Posted Mar 06 2019
    You're living the dream, congrats! That's awesome and I agree, technology today is so incredible and we're able to do so much without a traditional office. A laptop, phone and internet connection is really all you need.
    Mike Besani
    Posted Apr 16 2019
    I had my fair share of business ups and down and haven’t reached stability yet. This may be due to my lack of expertise and the need to increase my knowledge in online business. The access to the right business tools is what I really needed all along. Thank you for this valuable information!

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