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This blog has literally changed my life over the past three years. It’s allowed me to travel around the world, get a book deal, connect with readers from all walks of life, and oh yeah, make over $1 million blogging! I couldn’t imagine my life without blogging and now I’m fortunate I get to do it full-time.

Over the past year I’ve written extensively about how to make money blogging and how much money bloggers make and 6,400 people have taken my Free 7 Day Blogging Side Hustle email course, but I still keep getting one question all the time:

“How can I become a full-time blogger?”

This is way too big of a topic to cover in one, or even several, blog posts, so I’m excited to announce that on Tuesday, September 11th I’ll be doing a completely Free 90 Minute Live Webinar titled: “Part-Time to Full-Time Blogger – How to Make 6 Figures ASAP” with my friend Bobby Hoyt from Millennial Money man. Three years ago Bobby was a band teacher and left to pursue blogging full time. Since then he’s made almost $1 million from his blog too.

The coolest thing? Bobby and I have grown our blogs in completely different ways. Bobby’s focus has been on building a community and fostering engagement on Facebook and I’ve focused on Google rankings and mainstream media. Both approaches are so different and there’s so much you can learn from each.

Over the past three years, Bobby and I have had many conversations about the challenges of becoming a full-time blogger and shared our best strategies. We love testing new ideas and growing our blogs. Now we are going to share them with you.


The Free Webinar will be live on Tuesday September 11th and if you sign up you will also get access to the replay if you can’t make it!

or use the link below:

Free Full Time Blogger Live Webinar: Sign Up Here


Full Time Blogger

Unfortunately becoming a full-time blogger is tough and while I see more and more people getting there every day, it’s definitely getting more competitive. What worked three years ago no longer works today.

There is too much crappy information out there about blogging and how to become a full-time blogger so we are going to share what’s actually worked for us, what hasn’t worked, and share three very different paths to becoming a full-time blogger. We are also going to share our best traffic, partnership, and monetization strategies. Seriously, we will be holding nothing back.

Oh yeah, and we’ll also be answering all of your questions and when you sign up you can submit this beforehand.

I can’t wait to see you there.

Free Full Time Blogger Live Webinar: Sign Up Here

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