Millennial Money Minutes Podcast (All Episodes)

The Millennial Money Minutes Podcast was started in December 2016 and is co-hosted by Grant Sabatier @MillennialMoney and Matt Zubricki @DistilledDollar. We both love podcasts, but we also know that people have never been busier, so we decided to launch a podcast packed full of info in 5 minutes or less. We are on pace to hit 1 million downloads in our first year.


You can stream, subscribe, share, or download all episodes in the player below. Do a search for any money topic and we’ve probably done an episode on it, or if we haven’t just tweet at us or email us and we are happy to do one! You can also sort the episodes using the little arrow on the player. People hit us up all the time wanting to start from the beginning. If that is you, then have at it! Thanks for listening, we really appreciate each and every one of you. As long as you keep listening we’ll keep podcasting! ?

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