Radius Bank Review

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    Posted Jul 13 2018
    I'm very pleased with Radius Bank's APY. I started with Aspiration Summit checking (managed by Radius) with 1% APY with balances over $20,000. This month, Aspiration notified me that they their contract with Radius is up and that my account will soon be converted into a branded Radius checking account now with 1.15% APY. I strongly recommend checking out Radius Bank for yourself! Make sure to watch the Video at the top of Grants article. Here's the note they sent: New Radius Features CHAMPION CHECKING ACCOUNT Earn 1.15% APY on your entire balance when you keep $20,000 or more — up from 1.00% APY! Radius has always been the service provider behind your Summit Account and will continue to do so by maintaining the seamless banking experience you enjoy, while keeping your money safe with no interruptions. Additionally, with this change, Radius will be providing new features that were not available to you before. Your Summit Account will now be known as Champion Checking, and beginning Monday, July 23, you will need to access your account through Radius Bank.

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