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If you are shopping around for life insurance quotes, you may have run across SelectQuote. Some further digging may lead you to find some unsavory reviews about the company. But are they really as bad as people make them seem?

SelectQuote is a life insurance agency that sells life insurance policies online. While they aren’t an insurance company, they help customers find the best price among their life insurance partners.

If you’re interested in learning more about SelectQuote, check out our review below.

About SelectQuote

SelectQuote is, simply, a life insurance agency. Unlike other insurance companies that only offer their own company’s quotes, SelectQuote offers you quotes from about ten different life insurance companies.

The company was founded by Charan Singh in 1985 as the first direct-to-consumer life insurance broker in the United States. Customers are presented with quotes from about 10 different companies, and SelectQuote sells them the policy that best meets their needs.

While they offer other products besides life insurance, they have declared themselves the number one term life sales agency in America. Customers have the opportunity to bundle their home and auto with their life insurance through SelectQuote.

Financial Ratings

Normally, when we talk about financial ratings, we are referring to the ratings a company has with bureaus such as A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s.

However, SelectQuote does not have ratings with these bureaus since they are not a life insurance company. They do not sell any life insurance products of their own and simply sell on a company’s behalf.

With this in mind, SelectQuote works with life insurance companies with top ratings, so you don’t have to worry about your life insurance company being here one day and gone the next.

While they don’t have ratings from life insurance bureaus, they do have ratings from the business bureaus. The Better Business Bureau, or the BBB, rates companies based on their interactions with their customers. SelectQuote has an A+ rating, which means that they have an excellent reputation among their customers.

Additionally, SelectQuote scores 8.6 out of 10 through Trustpilot, which scores companies based on customer feedback about their services. This is a respectable rating and shows that SelectQuote cares about treating their customers well.

Life Insurance Products Offered

Through their various partners, SelectQuote offers a variety of life insurance products. They are best known for their term life insurance, but you can purchase permanent life insurance through them as well.

SelectQuote offers life insurance to applicants between 18 and 80 years old. You can purchase coverage as low as $100,000 all the way to $5 million and above. The need for a medical exam will depend on the carrier, and your agent will be able to schedule this for you at the time of your application.

One of the most common complaints about SelectQuote is that they aggressively upsell home and auto insurance. In fact, many former SelectQuote agents admit to being required to mention home and auto insurance at least three times during their calls. If they didn’t, they would not get any new leads that week. This can be an issue for people that don’t want to fend off aggressive agents.

Here are the life insurance products that you can purchase through SelectQuote:

Term Life

Most people turn to SelectQuote to purchase term life insurance. Term life insurance covers you for a certain period of time, known as a term. Once the term is up, the policy simply expires. Some companies give you the option to convert the term policy to a permanent policy.

SelectQuote allows you to purchase terms of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. They also offer an annual renewable term option, which gives you the option to renew the term every year.

SelectQuote sells a series of riders as well, including accidental death, waiver of premium, accelerated death benefit, and child’s term rider. This lets you customize your coverage beyond what is included in the policy.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance is life insurance that stays in place until the insured passes away. It is more expensive than term life because the death benefit is guaranteed.

Whole life insurance has an additional benefit that is not included with term life insurance. Whole life insurance accumulates cash value as you pay your premiums.

Cash value is essentially a portion of your premiums that is saved away in case you need it. You can use it to fund a large purchase or use it as a line of credit down the road.

Universal Life

Universal life insurance is a whole life policy that allows you to alter the amount of your death benefit and premium payments. This can help as your financial situation changes throughout your life.

Much like whole life insurance, universal life insurance also accumulates cash value. The difference is that the cash value is placed in various accounts that gain value through investment.

This makes it slightly riskier than whole life insurance but potentially more rewarding.

Insurance For Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing health condition, you may find it difficult to qualify for a life insurance policy. The upside to working with a company like SelectQuote is that they can see which companies will give you the best rate without having to apply individually.

For people with pre-existing conditions, SelectQuote offers guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies. This can prevent the stress of needing to pass a medical exam.


One of the most important things to understand about SelectQuote is that they are an insurance agency, not an insurance company.

This means that they do not write the insurance. They simply offer you quotes from various insurance companies that they work with. SelectQuote works with over ten different insurance companies to offer quotes to their customers.

Life Insurance Companies SelectQuote Works With:

  1. Banner Life
  2. Fidelity Life Association
  3. Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  4. Pruco Life Insurance Company
  5. SBLI of Massachusetts
  6. Protective Life Insurance Company
  7. American General Life Insurance Company
  8. The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
  9. Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company
  10. United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

SelectQuote has no control over the rates that you get through these companies. You are also not guaranteed a lower rate by going through SelectQuote. The price you get will be the same as if you were to go through any other life insurance agent. Your life insurance rate is entirely dependent on the life insurance company and how they underwrite their products.

How To Get Quotes With SelectQuote

SelectQuote has embraced the technology of the times and utilizes an online and phone application. They have streamlined the life insurance process so that customers can complete an application and schedule an exam quickly and painlessly.

Getting a quote through SelectQuote is rather simple. First, you will need to provide your zip code to begin the application. The first part of the application requires that you provide basic information about your lifestyle, health, age, occupation, and any other factors that may be of interest to a life insurance agent.

Next, you’ll be asked about what kind of coverage you would like. This will involve selecting a term length and coverage amount. If you would like a permanent policy, you can opt for this as well.

Finally, you will need to provide your contact information so that a SelectQuote agent can get in touch with you. They will be able to tell you about your options and explain the process of moving forward accordingly.


Knowing how a company uses your information is the best way to make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. SelecQuote collects personal data to help you shop for life insurance quotes. They clearly state in their privacy policy that they do not sell you information to third parties.

As far as cybersecurity goes, SelecttQuote abides by industry standards. Their website utilizes encryption to prevent hackers from accessing information in transit.

Customer Support

Working with a life insurance agent typically means that you have a person to turn to if you have a claim or have questions about your policy. Unfortunately, this is not possible through SelectQuote.

SelectQuote’s agents are trained to sell as much life insurance as they can rather than to help customers. This means that you won’t be able to reach out to them if you have any questions about your policy after it has been sold to you. This defeats the entire purpose of a life insurance agent. You should instead reach out to the insurance company.

Additionally, SelectQuote’s website couldn’t be less informative. There is no information about the types of life insurance offered, and you are basically funneled into their quoting feature without any further information. If you are looking to investigate on their website, you will have little to no luck.

Pros and Cons of SelectQuote

If you’re still wondering if SelectQuote is for you, here are some pros and cons to help you understand the full picture.


  • Represents multiple carriers: SelectQuote represents multiple insurance companies instead of having captive agents. This means that you are getting quotes from various companies through SelectQuote. Using them can save you time when you shop around.
  • No policy fees: You may be curious how SelectQuote makes money if they aren’t technically selling their own products. The insurance company pays a commission to the agent, which is already priced into the policy. This prevents any additional fees from being tacked on to your policy.
  • Online application: The life insurance process used to be long and arduous. Technology has allowed companies to embrace an online application to move the process along. SelectQuote is a company that uses an online application to create a quicker underwriting process.


  • Pushy salespeople: At SelectQuote, agents are expected to hit massive sales goals using high-pressure sales techniques. This can make it feel less like a consultation and more like an encounter with a used car salesman. If you don’t want a “take it or leave it” sales experience, it’s probably best to avoid SelectQuote.
  • Call center: Despite being an agency, SelectQuote works off a call center set up. This means that you won’t be able to reach back out to the agent you chatted with when you purchase your policy. If you would like an agent that can help you again and again, you may be better off with a captive life insurance agent.
  • Does not sell in South Dakota: Unfortunately, SelectQuote is not available in South Dakota. If you are in South Dakota, you will need to utilize another life insurance agency.

Alternatives to SelectQuote

SelectQuote isn’t the only company that can help you compare life insurance quotes. Here are some alternatives if you’re interested:


PolicyGenius is another life insurance agency that can help you get the best deal on your life insurance.

They have access to some of the top life insurance companies, including AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Prudential, Protective, and more. Because their agents are not affiliated with any company, you can get unbiased advice about which company can offer you the best rate for your situation.

Customers report that the user experience is very friendly and that the agents are very knowledgeable. This is decidedly better than SelectQuote’s pushy agents.

PolicyGenius offers educational tools on their site to help you learn more about life insurance. They have a library full of helpful guides to help you learn about the different types of life insurance, how much coverage you need, and more.

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Haven Life

Haven Life is a life insurance company that can sell you term life insurance online. They are a great option for people that want to purchase life insurance quickly without undergoing a medical exam.

Haven Life offers term life insurance with up to $3 million in coverage at competitive rates. They do not offer personalized agent experience because the entire process is online, but this also means that you can bypass some of the upselling that you would get through SelectQuote.

Haven Life has an A++ rating with A.M. Best, which is the highest possible score. This means that they are extremely financially stable and are fully capable of paying customers’ claims.

Next Steps:

Is SelectQuote For You?

The most common question that comes up in regard to SelectQuote is whether or not they are a scam. The short answer is no. They are a completely legitimate company and a fully licensed life insurance agency.

If you google SelectQuote reviews, you are likely to come across a lot of negative reviews. On the surface, this may make you reconsider SelectQuote. However, many of these reviews are written by SelectQuote competitors. This lowers the validity of these reviews significantly.

The fact of the matter is that SelectQuote is a giant in the marketplace, and many life insurance agents are up against them. This doesn’t make them bad; it just makes them big. However, there are some glaring issues about SelectQuote’s setup, namely their poor customer service and lack of customer relations.

The best advice we can offer when shopping for life insurance is to compare as many companies as possible. SelectQuote and some of their competitors make this easier. Be sure to do your due diligence before you settle on a life insurance quote. You never know where the best deal is hiding.

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