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To: Millennial Money Readers

September 19, 2023

What I'm Reading and Listening To

Just One Mile by Ed Coughlin (Documentary)

While I’m not into the David Goggins grind till-you-die ethos, this documentary was terrific. It follows an ultra race that’s only a 1-mile loop you run over and over. The main character Chadd, who is an ultramarathoner, is next level. He’s a former Navy Seal but more of a philosopher than Goggins is. The big takeaway for me came about halfway through when Chadd mentions how we can’t push our own limits, we need competition to do it for us - that we can only know our limits when someone pushes us beyond ourselves. It made me think and is worth a watch.

Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson (Book)

Elon is one of the innovators of our time and a genius marketer. I was curious to learn more about his story and wonder how he uses and will use all the power he’s acquired. The book is long but a fast, engaging read. For me, it’s worth learning more about Elon as he molds the part of the future we’re entering into.

The Family First Entrepreneur by Steve Chou (Book)

Steve is a friend of mine and one of the smartest e-commerce entrepreneurs I know. As a Stanford educated electrical engineer, he brings a deep level of systems thinking to his e-commerce business, and he’s always looking for how to use technology to take over tasks in his business. For the past 10 years he’s run a very successful online linen business - think handkerchiefs, napkins, etc. He also has two young kids and works hard to put his family first. While this book is geared toward beginners, I really enjoyed Steve’s story and perspective.

Quote I'm Pondering

Park in autumn

"Remember this is it."