The Paradox of Ego & Financial Independence

To: Millennial Money Readers

April 11, 2023

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Join me, Ramit Sethi, Sahil Bloom, Nicole Walters, Nusier Yasin, and more.

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What I'm Reading and Listening To

Would Life Be Better If You Worked Less? by Rachel Feintzeig (Article)

More people are choosing part-time work over full-time careers for more flexibility, often making a tradeoff for less money. I’m happy to see this trend growing, but the implications for our economy over time could be detrimental. This is a seismic shift in our culture.

Making A Living Without A Job by Barbara Winter (Book)

The title speaks for itself and this book delivers. It’s thorough, and even though it’s over 30 years old, it’s a great read. I’d never heard of it before I stumbled on a copy in a thrift store. You already know I’m into old-school money books and this one didn’t disappoint. There are many takeaways here and a great perspective for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or FI.

For The Time Being by Anne Dillard (Book)

A deep meditation on why we exist and what we’re on here for through a series of profound images and wonders. This is the perfect book for a spring afternoon. I was given this book as a gift almost 20 years ago and was unpacking a box and found it. I sat down and read through most of it again completely transfixed.

Quote I'm Pondering

VW Bus underneath sprawling branches

"You have nothing to prove to anyone."