The Time-Money-Freedom Tradeoff of 2023

To: Millennial Money Readers

January 10, 2023

What I'm Reading and Listening To

Buy Then Build by Walker Deibel (Book)

Walker argues that it’s less risky and more effective for an investor to buy a business than to start one from scratch, given the rate of failure for startups. While this is a high-level overview of how to identify, evaluate, and buy a business, I found his section on searching for a business to be the most compelling. He encourages readers to think creatively about the type of business they should acquire and provides an insider view of what you should expect on the journey. This is a solid overview and a great place to start if you’re remotely interested in buying a business. I enjoyed it.

One From Many by Dee Hock (Book)

This book surprised me. Dee Hock was the Founder of Visa and pioneered the credit card industry. I stumbled on this book after reading his obituary in the WSJ and he sounded like he lived a cool life. His deep interest in nature and philosophy is woven through his history of starting Visa and creating what he coined a “chaordic organization,” or an organization existing in organized chaos. He pulls this idea from nature and evolution, believing that companies that thrive amidst increasing uncertainty, just like nature, are seemingly chaotic but are actually deeply organized systems. To thrive, companies need to live in this balance. Dee is a powerful writer and creative thinker. I had to re-read a few sections to grasp how profound they were. I didn’t want this book to end. It’s a great read.

The Creator Economy is the Future of The Economy by Richard Florida (Article)

I’ve seen the creator economy explode since I started creating content online in 2015, but I could never have anticipated the huge power shift from traditional media and corporations to creators. But we’re deep in the middle of a massive transition where creators of all types are garnering more attention and pulling dollars away from more traditional media.

It’s been wild to watch companies like Buzzfeed and Vice, who once dominated the millennial psyche, lose massive amounts of ad spending and see their valuations plummet because more dollars are being allocated directly to creators. In addition to ad dollars, increasing amounts of venture capital are also being funneled into creator-driven startups as creators develop products to sell to their audiences. It’s never been a better time to be a creator. Check out this Fast Company article and the report it’s based on to dig deeper into this seismic shift and opportunity.

Quote I'm Pondering

View of the mountains as I work

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."

Lao Tzu