How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Quora

When it comes to promoting a blog or business online, there are many tried and true methods that webmasters can turn to. From following SEO best practices, to growing a social media following. There are many approaches one can take to grow their online presence.

I’ve been blogging at Selleratheart since 2017, and I have certainly tried my share of marketing tactics to increase my own website traffic. I’ve invested time into SEO, Reddit marketing, growing a Pinterest following…you know, the marketing ideas pretty much any blogger or website owner might turn to.

Aside from SEO and developing organic traffic, there has been a clear winner when it comes to promoting my website and growing my reach.

That winner is—Quora!

In this post, you are going to learn exactly how to use Quora (and Quora Digest) to drive traffic to your blog, build your authority on topics, and even get some SEO benefits.

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What is Quora?

I assume you have at least heard of Quora, the Q&A platform site where anyone can ask a question and get answers. After all, Quora is one of the top 100 websites in the entire world. But, in case you haven’t, here are some Quora facts and figures for a quick breakdown:

  • Quora was founded in 2009 and is a Q/A platform that is largely self-managed by the Quora community.
  • Approximately 300 million monthly users (that’s a huge potential audience for your site!)
  • Quora reached a valuation of $1.8 billion as of 2016 (impressive!)

The Quora platform is quite incredible. There is simply a massive amount of user-provided value, expertise, and great advice on Quora, and it is all free. That’s hard to find.

Oftentimes, people find themselves reading a Quora thread, then clicking through to another post or websites. I know I’ve spent hours on other websites that Quora led me to.

What is Quora Digest?

Quora Digest is a daily email sent to your inbox containing a set of questions. Furthermore, each question contains one answer that is considered the best answer given certain ranking requirements. In other words, in Quora, the answer which is the best gets included within Quora Digest.

More importantly, the majority of the questions within Quora Digest are ones with a high search volume or view volume.

Like in Google, they are high quality, important questions that people are actually curious about. Many of these questions have been viewed by tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of times.

If you think you can answer a question within Quora Digest better than the person whose answer is currently ranked best, then your answer may be viewed by thousands. Those views may turn into clicks to your website. Those clicks may turn into customers!

Therefore, Quora Digest can be a valuable resource!

The Value Of Quora For Bloggers

If you become part of the Quora community and provide value to its readers, Quora can also be a bloggers dream come true. I’ve been part of Quora since April of 2017, and I have answered 230 questions generating 1.8 million answer views.

To date, Seller At Heart has also received nearly 50,000 readers in referral traffic from Quora:

You’ll also note that Quora has done more for my website in terms of traffic generation than Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter!

Guest Post: 6 Steps to Drive Traffic to your Website with Quora

Drive Traffic To Your Site with Quora (Step by Step Guide)

Have ever wondered how to drive traffic to your website?  Are struggling to promote your blog/business? I’m going to outline the 6 steps used to effectively grow my blog using Quora, with a particular focus on Quora Digest.

Step 1 – Create A Professional Quora Profile Page

The first step in harnessing the power of Quora to drive traffic to your website revolves around maximizing the impact of your Quora profile page.

Your Quora profile page is the face of your marketing efforts. It’s the space readers will look to learn more about you, and it is also where you can assert your expertise in a particular area.

You need to stick to what you know on Quora and focus on reaching readers who are interested in the content on your website or blog. While it might be tempting to answer anything and everything that crosses your Quora feed, doing so will ultimately reduce the effectiveness of your Quora marketing efforts.

When creating your Quora profile page, there are a few critical pieces of information you should mention, including:

  1. Your website URL/business name.
  2. The market your website/business serves and why readers should be interested.
  3. Any qualification/accolade that asserts your authority in your industry.
  4. Links to other relevant projects or social media profiles you want to promote (optional).

To see an example of this in action, take a look at these 3 Quora profiles:

Quora Profile picture

This is Tom’s Quora profile. Tom is a blogger at This Online World, and I helped him get his Quora marketing push off the ground earlier this year.

As you can see, his profile clearly states his business, purpose, what readers can expect to gain by visiting his blog, and references several resources readers might find interesting.

His profile page also has a few topics listed under the ‘Knows About’ section, which outlines some specific Quora topics Tom has contributed answers to. You can actually add topics to your own profile page that can help highlight your areas of expertise.

Steps to Drive Traffic to your Website with Quora. SEO search

Adding topics to your profile page is also a great way to see which topics are generating a high amount of interest or have a large follower base. Just check out the numbers on Personal Finance!

If Tom’s Quora profile isn’t your style, you can stick with something more concise. For an example of another style, just look at Grant’s profile page:

Grant Sabatier Quora Profile

Grant isn’t that active on Quora (yet), but he does have a profile page and it’s a good example of how you can structure your own page if you want to keep things short and sweet.

Thomas Minter Quora Profile. How to increase traffic to your website with Quora

While Thomas is new on Quora, he has had extremely lucrative success in a short amount of time. His first answer on Quora has been viewed 92,100 times. This drove over 10,000 clicks to his website, the City for Millennials. In only 2 months, his answers on Quora have been viewed a total of 110.8K times.

Once your profile page is fine-tuned, you are ready to start answering questions!

Step 2 – Find The Right Questions to Answer

While you may receive some traffic from people randomly stumbling across your profile page, tactfully answering questions on Quora is what will help drive traffic to your website.

To begin your question-hunting research, start out by browsing the topics you have positioned yourself as an authority by using the Quora search bar.

Let’s say you’re an SEO expert and you want to drive traffic to your website that is interested in learning more about digital marketing.

You can start out by searching for the topic ‘SEO’ with the search bar.

Steps to Drive Traffic to your Website with Quora. Quora Topics

Your search will bring you to the SEO feed. On this feed, you can get a quick glimpse of some questions that community members have asked, various answer, relevant links, and a list of the most viewed authors for the topic.

Steps to Drive Traffic to your Website with Quora. SEO Tips 2

You might be tempted to answer the very first question that is on the feed (in this case, it’s ‘What are some SEO tips?’). However, before you jump the gun, take some time to examine 3 important metrics:

  1. How many people are currently following the question?
  2. How many answers have already been provided for the question?
  3. How many views does the question have in its lifetime?

Steps to Drive Traffic to your Website with Quora. SEO tips

Looking to drive traffic to your website? Check out these quora stats

Why do these metrics matter?

Well, the main thing to remember about marketing on Quora is that you are marketing. Cost/time effectiveness and maximizing the traffic you drive to your website is what counts.

In other words, you want to find questions that actually have the potential to benefit your business. Of course, if you have the answer to a question that will help human society out, but it has a low volume, go ahead and answer!

These sorts of questions typically have high follower counts, hefty lifetime views, and the number of other answers in the thread or the quality of these answers is low. In this example, 25 followers and under 20,000 views won’t cut it. However, if you turn to the ‘Related Questions’ sidebar, you can continue your research until you find a question to pounce on.

Steps to Drive Traffic to your Website with Quora. quora related questions

Browse the questions that seem broad in scope or are of vital importance to your given industry. In a matter of minutes, you should find plenty of questions with better metrics with the potential to get noticed.

It isn’t uncommon to find Quora threads with thousands of followers and upwards of a million views. Whatever the case, just be sure to find questions that have the highest likelihood of driving more traffic to your website!

Step 3 – Answer Questions While Marketing

Alright, you’ve crafted the perfect Quora profile and have a database of Quora threads you want to target. Time to get to work!

Now, when it comes to marketing on Quora, the value you add to a thread means everything.

There are thousands of other people attempting to market on Quora every single day, and there are even more people who simply enjoy answering questions to help other people. You will never successfully market on Quora with 100-word answers and some spammy links to your website. Unless you can make your answer stand out from the crowd, you’re wasting your time.

To truly make the most out of your Quora marketing efforts, your answers should include:

  • Brief introduction that quickly hooks readers into reading your answer. This hook can take on a variety of formats (i.e. by empathizing with the audience, relating your own personal experiences to the subject matter, or even calling out other answers in the thread for missing a critical point).
  • Thorough explanation of the question at hand. Include easily distinguishable headers, bolded texts, relevant images or infographics, and any visual element or formatting trick that can make your answer pop out in a feed.
  • Summarize your answer by thanking the audience for taking the time to read your answer, and link them to additional resources that will further assist them in their research. These links are how you will drive traffic to your website!

That’s really all there is to it, but you’d be amazed at how many Quora answers fail to provide value, spam links, or don’t even answer the original question. Trust me, you won’t successfully drive traffic with Quora if you aren’t genuinely helping people. Take time to write thorough answers, and go above and beyond to add value to any Quora thread you take a stab at.

Step 4 – Grow a Quora Following

If you consistently answer questions on Quora and provide value to the community, you will inevitably gain followers over time. Additionally, you also benefit from answering questions on Quora the longer you are part of the community.

That’s really the beauty of Quora. Someone might read an answer you wrote 2 years ago, decide to visit your profile page, and then follow your profile. It isn’t uncommon to receive referral traffic from questions long after you originally answered them. In this regard, Quora marketing can actually have an immensely high return on investment compared to other forms of marketing or social promotion.

However, if you can accelerate how fast you gain loyal Quora followers and expand your network, you will accelerate how quickly you drive traffic to your website.

Why? Well, it has a lot to do with how Quora’s algorithm ranks answers in a thread.

According to Quora, answers are ranked based on:

  • Upvotes and downvotes on the answer, in part based on how trustworthy voters are in a given topic.
  • Previous answers written by the author.
  • Whether the author is an expert in the subject.
  • The contents of the answer, including the type and quality of content (words, photos, links).
  • Other signals, including ones that help us prevent gaming of ranking through votes.

So, if you have a few hundred Quora followers who see your answers in their homepage feed, chances are, you’ll gain upvotes to your answers almost every time you write them from your followers.

If some of your followers are very trustworthy in the eyes of Quora, your answers will rank more highly right out of the gate than answers coming from authors with no history on Quora.

It can be a vicious system for people entering the Quora landscape with absolutely 0 following on any social platform, but once again, great answers that provide value beat everything in the long run.

If you cultivate a Quora following through networking, reciprocating votes for talented authors, or even messaging people while simultaneously writing great answers, you are going to benefit from Quora.

Step 5 – Leverage the Quora Digest

In a nutshell, the Quora Digest is Quora’s curated news feed that gets emailed to Quora users every day.

Quora Digest emails contain a list of answers that match a user’s interests, browsing history and include other Quora authors a person is following. Since certain Quora topics have millions of followers, getting featured in the right digest area can result in your answers being emailed to millions of readers:

quora digest. Steps to Drive Traffic to your Website with Quora.

There is no guaranteed method for having your answers included in the Quora Digest. However, by writing consistently and providing value to the community, you definitely increase your chances of being noticed.

Additionally, you can benefit from the Quora Digest without being featured. Simply browse through your own personal digest emails and look for recently asked questions that are picking up traction. A fresh question that already has thousands of views is probably being pushed by Quora’s algorithm, and if you can answer the question earlier than most of the competition, you further increase your odds at ranking highly in the feed.

Step 6 – Follow Trends

The Quora Digest is a great way to find questions that are being pushed by Quora’s algorithm, but you can also use news outlets or your knowledge of ongoing world events to accomplish the same goal.

You can expect the Quora community to have some questions whenever a major headline breaks. For example, when Amazon announced it was going to buy Whole Foods, Quora exploded with questions for the next few weeks. Cryptocurrency announcements, global politics, and other major events generally trigger the same response.

If you want to drive traffic to your website immediately, target trending topics on Quora and benefit from spikes in single-day viewership.

Some Final Quora Thoughts

I don’t think there is a one size fits all solution when it comes to marketing for bloggers or webmasters.

Following SEO best practices, writing great content, and promoting your website through social media outlets are great methods to drive traffic to your website. However, adding a few new marketing tools or platforms to one’s arsenal is never a bad idea, and diversifying one’s traffic streams can actually help mitigate risk.

If you have been struggling to grow your traffic and don’t know where to turn, I highly suggest giving Quora marketing a try. As long as you follow the 6 steps I have outlined in this article and remain consistent, there is no reason you can’t drive interested readers to your website through Quora!

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    Matt @ Millennial Mutiny
    Hi Thomas. Thank you for this post. I love content like this that is genuine, actionable insight. Not just a list of things that took someone from 0 to 1 million views but with no detail and instructions. Great article!
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    Hello Thomas, After reading this post of yours, I just kept asking mysrlf what have I been doing wrong with Quora? I am very much active on Quora but tends to read answers and rarely answer questions even though my answers have seen close a 100,000 views. I do believe it's about I follow your steps and take Quora very much serious when it comes to deriving traffic. Thanks a lot for the eye opener.
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      Thomas Minter
      It's all about providing quality responses and answers that are actionable/easy to understand. You got this!