SEO for Writers Course Review

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SEO is short for search engine optimization, which is the art and science of optimizing your website to rank on search engines.

Today, the Google algorithm looks at thousands of variables like how easy it is to use your website and how well does your content answer a user’s query.

I did SEO professionally a number of years and my 67 SEO tips for bloggers is one of the most popular posts on this website.

SEO is one of the most valuable future skill sets worth learning no matter what type of career you have.

SEO for Writers CourseSEO is essential for freelance and professional writers, and all online content creators

However, it’s especially valuable for freelance writers and if you start a blog, because it will help your content get discovered on Google and be valuable for you and your clients.

In fact, writers who know SEO can actually charge higher rates because their content will have a better chance at ranking on Google.

I’ve recently hired 5 different writers to work on the Millennial Money team and it’s essential that all of them know how to write for SEO.

I’ve spent a ton of time working with my writers to ensure that the content they write is optimized to answer user questions and rank on Google.

SEO for Writers Course Review

While I was right in the middle of training my own writers how to to write for Google, my good friend Larry Ludwig, the founder of the insanely popular website Investor Junkie, released a course called SEO for Writers.

I was so blown away by the value in this course that I immediately asked Larry if I could promote it on Millennial Money and if he’d give you a behind the scenes look at what’s in the course.



It includes everything you need to know about SEO, whether you’re a freelance or professional writer, or have your own online platform. It covers all the essential topics, including how SEO actually works, how to pick topics, how to do keyword research, simple tricks to get your content to rank, how to write the perfect headline, how to pick the perfect URL, and more.

SEO for Writers Course

For complete transparency I do get a commission if you sign up for this course through my link, but I only recommend courses I’ve taken myself, I believe are best in class, and one’s that I think have an insanely high ROI (return on investment).

The SEO for Writers course is one of thoses course. It is hands down the best SEO course for writers I’ve taken and well worth the money. If you want to learn a simple step by step process to write content that will actually rank on Google for your writing business or online platform, then SEO for Writers is the course! It’s legit.



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