Next Level Travel Rewards w/ Brian Kelly

In this episode of the Financial Freedom Podcast I chat with Brian Kelly, aka The Points Guy, the OG travel rewards expert who’s been dominating the space since 2009.

No joke, he likely knows more about travel rewards than anyone on earth. I first started optimizing my credit card points by reading his site

Brian is a legend in the travel rewards space and it was an honor to chat with him.

Given the incredible opportunities once you figure out how to optimize your type of credit cards points and travel rewards, it’s never been easier to travel the world for less.

I’ve been searching for the best credit card rewards since 2010. Since then I’ve traveled to over 40 countries and almost never paid for a flight.

In this chat, we go deep into where travel rewards are today, how you can get started or take it to the next level, and the places the man who has been everywhere recommending the most. Check it out and let me know what you think!



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    Great interview, and was awesome to hear you've been to Tanzania! I traveled to Dar es Salaam back in 2002. Beautiful country.
    • Grant Sabatier
      Thanks Matt. I've been to Dar es Salaam too. Such a beautiful country.