Best Car Insurance in Florida 2020

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Getting car insurance in Florida is not the cheapest. In fact, the sunshine state has the fourth most expensive insurance in the US.

Do not let this rain on your parade; our guide to the best car insurance in Florida will help you find the most affordable option for you. Read on to find out how.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Florida

How much car insurance you need will often depend on the state you’re in. The minimum car insurance in Florida includes:

  • Property Damage Liability: $10,000
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): $10,000
  • Bodily Injury Liability: Is NOT mandatory, but by law, you have to be able to pay $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident should you be at fault

While getting only the minimum coverage might seem like a great way to save money on car insurance, it is not recommended in each and every case.

Your best bet is to consult with an auto insurance professional to find out how much coverage is the best for you before you actually invest your money in it.

Top 10 Picks For Cheap Car Insurance In Florida

Here are the 10 best companies for cheap car insurance in Florida:


Progressive offers an easy and fast online quoting system. With very little information provided, you can get an estimated cost for your car insurance.

They offer three layers of coverage – basic, choice, and recommended, but you are also allowed to modify the policy so that it fits your needs perfectly. You can choose the coverage you need as well as decide on the size of your deductible

Progressive also has many discounts, including multi-policy, safe driver, and good student discounts.


  • Good rates for young drivers and students
  • Many discounts
  • Flexible deductibles


Allstate is one of the best auto insurance companies in Florida. Their rates might not be the best for everyone, but customer satisfaction is one of the highest.

On top of all basic car insurance coverages, Allstate also offers gap insurance, sound system protection, and many other extras. Good drivers can also get accident forgiveness and other rewards.

There are many ways to save with Allstate, including a long list of discounts and a claim satisfaction guarantee, which can give you credit if you are not happy with how your claim was handled.


  • Rated as the best by J.D Power
  • Gap insurance
  • Accident forgiveness for good drivers


Esurance is known for its online quoting system; which also happens to be one of the first ones in the industry. Here, you will also benefit from a 5% discount when getting your car insurance online.

Their auto insurance policies are easily customizable with many extra add ons such as gap insurance and uninsured motorist liability coverage. The list of discounts available is great, with discounts including the good driver discount, paid in full discount, and car safety feature discount.


  • In the top 3 car insurance companies reviewed by J.P Power with an excellent customer satisfaction rating
  • Gap insurance coverage
  • 5% discount when signing up online

Get a quote from Esurance.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest car insurance company in the US. While they are a popular choice, they might not have the best rates out there. They do have perfect customer satisfaction, which in some cases can be even better than lower rates.

State Farm has many discounts, especially for drivers under 25, including the Steer Clear program that helps young drivers save on their premiums. State Farm is probably also the best choice for classic and antique cars.


  • Fourth most popular auto insurance company in Florida
  • Many discounts including good driver and student away
  • An easy claim filing process
  • Antique and classic car insurance

Get a quote from State Farm.


Geico is known to be a low premium car insurance company. This might not be true for everyone, but it is for many. There are many ways to save with Geico, and one of them is discounts.

Just by bundling your car and home insurance, you can expect a discount of up to 25% on your premium. Another advantage of Geico is its fast quoting system and fast processing of claim filing, which can be done online, over the phone, or through their app.


  • Second largest car insurance company
  • Low rates and an impressive list of discounts
  • Optional accident forgiveness

Get a quote from GEICO.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is one of the oldest insurance companies around, and they are doing a great job digitizing their processes. They offer many online tools from filing the claim to tracking pending payments.

Liberty Mutual also stands out with its extra plans, such as ForeverCar, Better Car Replacement, and Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund. ForeverCar plan will cover your vehicle’s fixes even if it’s not accident related, while Better Car Replacement will guarantee you a better car in case your old one is totaled. The Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund, on the other hand, helps you to save funds for future deductibles.


  • An extensive list of optional coverages
  • Many discounts available
  • Deductible savings fund

Get a quote from Liberty Mutual.


USAA is an insurance company that caters exclusively for the military community and all of their family members. If you or a family member is in the military, going with USAA is a no brainer.

They offer all basic and extra coverages and have a long list of discounts available. Their customer satisfaction rating is excellent, and claims can be filed quickly through their app.


  • 5 out of 5-star rating in all customer satisfaction rating from J.D Power
  • Only available for the military community and their family members
  • Great list of discounts


Amica Insurance has an excellent customer satisfaction rating from J.D Power and offers a great selection of coverages and discounts. You can save up to 25% just by combining your auto insurance with your home insurance or have more than one vehicle insured with them.

Their basic coverages can be tailored to your needs by adding extras including gap insurance, interior vehicle coverage, and a number of others. Unlike many other auto insurers, Amica doesn’t have repair facility restrictions.


  • No restrictions on choosing a repair facility
  • Gap insurance
  • High customer satisfaction

Direct Auto

Direct Auto is an insurance company that offers affordable auto insurance. Their main advantages are flexible payment methods and many discounts, including senior citizen, renewal, safe driver, and good student discounts.

They are also known for offering coverage for those that were refused to be insured by other insurers. This can be good news for people with a poor credit history or bad driving records.


  • Coverage for drivers that were refused by other companies
  • A long list of discounts including renewal discount for current customers
  • Flexible payment methods

Get a quote from Direct Auto.


MetLife is not known for the best customer satisfaction, but they do offer some exclusive services. The list of their extras is quite remarkable and includes add ons you cannot find elsewhere. These include major parts replacement, legal defense coverage, custom sound system coverage, and protection against identity theft.

While their discount list is not the longest out there, the rates are on the lower side in most of the cases. MetLife standard auto insurance also includes glass repair without a deductible.


  • A long list of coverages
  • Great rates, especially for groups
  • Glass repair without any deductible

Florida Car Insurance FAQs

How Much Is Car Insurance In Florida?

When shopping for Florida car insurance, you may wonder, what is the average cost of car insurance in Florida? Well, plain and simple, car insurance prices can vary by person and depend on many different factors.

To give you a clearer picture, we have prepared some average costs per year for car insurance in Florida:

  • Average cost of car insurance in Florida for the minimum insurance required: $822 per year
  • Average cost of car insurance in Florida for drivers with a poor credit score: $3,470 per year
  • Average cost of car insurance in Florida for drivers with a poor driving record: $2,740 per year

Why is car insurance so expensive in Florida?

Florida is the fourth most expensive state for car insurance in the US. On average, Florida residents pay $50 more a month when compared to the national average. This is due to several things, including no-fault insurance laws, a high number of careless driving accidents, and subtropical weather.

No-fault insurance laws make PIP coverage mandatory for everyone. Subtropical weather with heavy rains can also increase the number of accidents. Careless driving is also known to cause more accidents in Florida than most other states in the US. Besides all of this, Florida has more elderly drivers than other states and one of the highest numbers of uninsured drivers.

Who has the best rates on car insurance in Florida?

Car insurance rates depend on many different factors such as age, gender, car model, driver education, driving record, location, and many others. This makes it hard to point out one company that has the best rates for everyone.

For example, USAA might be the cheapest option for you if you are in the military. At the same time, Progressive is known to be the best car insurance option for young drivers. We looked at 10 of the best car insurance companies in Florida to help you choose the insurer that can have the best rates for you.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Florida?

It is difficult to point out the cheapest car insurance company in Florida since the premiums are very individual and depend on many factors. It is always the best to shop around, get quotes from a few insurance companies, and pick one that suits your budget and needs the best.

We picked some of the best options for different cases:

  • Overall Cheapest Car Insurance In Florida: USAA, Amica, and Geico are the three cheapest auto insurance companies overall in Florida.
  • Cheapest Car Insurance In Florida for Young Drivers: The cheapest car insurance for a young driver in Florida comes from State Farm. Their full coverage for a 25-year-old good driver costs $2,010 per year.
  • Cheapest Car Insurance In Florida for Minimum Coverage: The cheapest minimum required car insurance in Florida is offered by State Farm with $905 per year. This rate is calculated for a 40-year-old good driver.
  • Cheapest Car Insurance In Florida For Young Drivers With Poor Credit: The cheapest minimum required car insurance for a 25-year-old good driver is offered by Direct Auto with $1,301 per year.

Can You Find Affordable Car Insurance in Florida?

auto insurance floridaBuying affordable car insurance in Florida is possible with a bit of research and shopping around.

Getting quotes from each and every company might not always be possible, so we narrowed it down for you to help you choose according to your needs and budgets to help you save on car insurance.

Remember that as much as we all love saving money, cheap car insurance is not always the best answer (not when you need something a little more comprehensive).

Take everything into account to make sure you take the most affordable choice that gives you enough coverage.

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