Credible Student Loans Review for 2021

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Credible Student Loans

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Credible is the best in class student loan platform where you can compare up to 10 different student loan or student loan refinance quotes at one time, without it impacting your credit score. This easy to use platform saves time and helps you quickly see if you can get a better rate for your student loans.


  • Multiple lender quotes in one place
  • Simple and intuitive process
  • Doesn't impact your credit score
  • Receive rates up front
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not partnered with all lenders
  • 10 quotes can be overwhelming

Refinance Options


User Experience


Customer Support




Do you wish you could find the right student loan without wasting hours on the internet looking for the best rates? You’re in luck with Credible student loans.

Credible is an online marketplace for private student loans and student loan refinancing. They also allow consumers to compare personal loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

By allowing you to view and compare loan options, borrowers can find the best loans at the lowest interest rates.

This is what makes Credible so special and a favorite among students. By comparing loans side-by-side, you’ll see what lender makes the most sense.

Credible doesn’t do any lending itself. They are a vehicle for you to see the best lenders.

Credible Private Student Loans

Private loans are a great option after exhausting federal loan options. They can bridge the gap so you can complete your studies.

Credible allows you to compare student loan rates for both undergrad and grad school options.

You can see rates, eligibility requirements, and terms without committing to anything or affecting your credit score.

Compare Rates with Multiple Lenders

Lenders partnering with Credible offer fixed and variable interest rates. They also have multiple repayment types.

Many well known private lenders work with Credible, including:

Compare Rates with Different CoSigners

Credible allows you to compare different cosigners too. You can see which one helps you earn the best rates. Many students will need a cosigner to get the lowest rates possible.

You’re more likely to be approved for a loan if you have a creditworthy cosigner. Look for lenders that offer cosigner release if you want to ease the responsibility on your cosigner.

Building up credit takes time. Most college students have little or no credit, so having a cosigner can be crucial in getting the financial aid you need.

If you’ve maxed out the cheaper federal loan options, private student loans offer a competitive alternative to costly federal Plus loans.

Private student loans allow students to potentially borrow up to 100% of the cost of attendance, minus any financial aid you’ve already received. Each lender sets different limits.

Credible has your interests in mind when they seek out partnerships with lenders.

Credible lending partners don’t charge any fees. This includes origination fees, service fees, and prepayment penalties. The entire process is free for borrowers to use.

Once you fill out the simple form, you’ll receive personalized rate quotes from multiple lenders. The process only takes a few minutes to complete. Use the tool below to search for rates now.

Refinancing Your Student Loans through Credible

If you’re stuck with bad loans or want to lower your interest rate, use Credible to find the best rates.

There are many reasons people choose to refinance their student loans, including:

  • You want a lower interest rate
  • You want to pay off your loans sooner
  • You want to consolidate loans
  • Your monthly payments are too high

You can achieve those goals through refinancing, but it’s dependent on your credit. If you have excellent credit, you’ll be able to lock in a good interest rate.

Lowering your rate can save thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of your loans.

If you currently have federal loan debt, it’s important to assess your need for programs and perks that come with federal loans.

This includes access to forbearance and deferral options. There’s also income-driven repayment plans and loan forgiveness to think about.

If you’re not eligible for any of that or they aren’t important to you, then refinancing your student loans could be the key to achieving your debt goals.

If there’s a chance that you still need those programs or aren’t in a good spot financially, you should stick with your federal loans for now.

If you’re thinking about refinancing, why not try out Credible? There are no fees to compare rates and it won’t affect your credit score in any way.

Using Credible will save you time by giving you several options at one time instead of having to go to multiple lender sites.

How Does Credible Work?

Student loans and easy don’t normally go together. Credible is different. They’ve created a process for borrowers that saves time and simplifies the process of finding and signing up for new loans.

Complete a Simple Form

Credible’s process starts with a simple form. They will need your personal and financial information. The questions are straightforward. At this point, none of your info is shared with lenders.

Credible is the only one who has access to the information you share. Your information is only shared with a lender if you choose to proceed with a lender.

Compare Options

After you finish filling out the form, you’ll be given some options to compare. You can use Credible’s tools to find the right plan for your loan situation.

The rates you’ll receive are based on your credit rating. These are actual rates that you would receive if you signed up, not estimates. You won’t be surprised later at a higher rate later.

View Customized Rate Quotes

If you qualify, you’ll get customized rate quotes from up to 10 lenders at once. Where else can you get those kinds of results in one place?

It’s up to you if you decide to apply for a new loan or refinance with any of the lenders. Rates can change at any time so if you decide to hold off, be sure to check your rates again before making any moves.

Choose Your Lender

If you’re interested in one of the lenders, simply click “Select Lender” to begin the application process.

If your situation is more complicated or you have questions, Credible’s website is full of valuable information. Their help section can answer almost any question you have about student loans.

You can also contact Credible’s help team if you need some extra attention. You can go into a new loan with confidence knowing you’ve had all your questions answered.

Credible Student Loans Pros

Credible stands out in the student loan world for many reasons:


  • Easy Process
  • Multiple lender quotes in one place
  • Does not affect your credit score to get quotes
  • Receive rates upfront for a more informed decision-making process
  • Excellent customer support

First, the process is easy for everyone. It’s not intrusive and it only takes a few minutes to complete and get actual rates. Also, you get quotes from up to 10 lenders at a time, but you only fill out your information once.

Using Credible doesn’t affect your credit score in any way. The process does a soft credit pull, which doesn’t have any negative effects on your credit. Later, if you process with a lender, they will perform a hard credit pull to verify your financial information.

Some lenders don’t give you any indication what kind of rates you’ll receive until later in the process. With Credible, you receive rates upfront. You get the info you need to make an informed decision.

Credible offers excellent customer support. It’s not often you receive this level of support with a service that’s free. They offer support through phone, email, and chat options. Support is offered 7 days a week.  There’s also an expansive FAQ section on their website that answers most questions borrowers would have.

Another great feature is 3-way phone support with lenders. Credible will walk with you through the process of connecting with a lender if needed. Their help doesn’t end once you’ve received your quote. Credible stays with you through almost all of the process.

Credible Student Loans Cons


  • Credible is not partnered with all lenders
  • 10 quotes at once may be overwhelming for some

Credible offers plenty of options for students. But even they don’t offer everything.

Some major private lenders don’t partner with Credible. This includes lenders like CommonBond and Earnest. If you want to see every option, you’ll need to check outside Credible too.

Some people may have a tough time receiving up to 10 quotes at once. It could become overwhelming. At the same time, being able to compare so many quotes and choose the right one is probably worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that taking out a student loan or refinancing a student loan can be a daunting task.

We wanted to include more information we see as frequently asked questions people have that are looking to work with Credible:

How does Credible make money?

Credible earns a fee from lenders for referring people to take out loans. This doesn’t influence what lenders you see or how information is presented to consumers.

Are you guaranteed to receive prequalified rate offers through Credible?

Each lender has their own qualifications. As they perform a soft credit pull, you will only receive quotes from lenders if you meet their criteria. It’s possible for someone to not receive any prequalified offers.

Can I still refinance my student loans even if I didn’t graduate?

Many of Credible’s lending partners will refinance student loans whether a degree was earned or not. If you didn’t graduate, you still can pursue refinancing.

Who Should Use Credible?

Private loans are not right for everyone. Most of the time, you should avoid private student loans. Federal loan options are the smart choice. Try to exhaust your federal loan options first.

But if you have a high interest rate and want to lower it, refinancing could be right for you. You could get a lower rate and better terms too. This could lead to saving thousands of dollars.

If you aren’t pursuing loan forgiveness and don’t plan to work in the public sector, why not take advantage of getting a lower interest rate?

here’s more potential to make higher salaries in the private sector and you can save money and pay off your debt faster.

What’s nice about refinancing is that it’s not a “one and done” concept. You can refinance your student loans multiple times. As you continue to build your credit, you’ll qualify for better rates.

Take advantage of this fact and refinance as your credit improves. You’ll be able to get out of debt much faster.

Other Services From Credible

Beyond, student loans, Credible also offers similar services in other areas important to consumers. This includes:

Similar to their free service for Credible student loans, you can check rates and compare options to find one that makes sense for you. Credible makes the process of finding great rates simple.

With credit cards, you can compare cards to find the perfect one for your needs, whether it’s to earn travel rewards or transfer a balance. They offer choices for everyone.

Borrowers looking for options outside of federal loans can use Credible to find the best rates and terms. If you want to save money by refinancing, compare offers using Credible.

You will save valuable time. You’ll unlock the best possible rates using Credible.

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