Peace in Uncertain Times (COVID19 & Life Update)

For the past three weeks I’ve been quarantined about 150 miles north of New York City trying to minimize the chance my autoimmune compromised wife doesn’t get COVID-19. As I write this New York City is the epicenter of the virus outbreak in the United States with cases and now deaths, doubling daily.

It’s an incredibly scary time for me and all of us. I’ve struggled with best way to give you an update on my life and share my thoughts on this moment. I thought a new special solo episode of the Financial Freedom Podcast was the best way to do it.

In this solo episode I share my thoughts on the coronavirus, life, money, the market, the FIRE movement, and how I’m trying to cultivate peace in uncertain times as I quarantine in upstate New York.

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Peace in Uncertain Times (COVID19 & Life Update)

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Food Bank of Hudson Valley

All proceeds of this episode are being donated to support the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley . Consider donating to your local food bank to support those struggling during this time.

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BTW, just a quick update: the paperback version of my international bestselling book Financial Freedom is available everywhere books are sold.

I’ve updated this edition to reflect and answer all of the reader questions I’ve received, an appendix, as well as a list of recommended reads.

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financial freedom summit

UPDATE: Unfortunately the Financial Freedom Summit needed to be rescheduled

I was so pumped about the Financial Freedom Summit in May, but now it’s being rescheduled for later this year. We were so close to selling out tickets and now that we have a bit of extra time I’m sure we will. For those of you who signed up for the Summit we will be doing a live virtual half day Summit on May 2nd.

For updates sign up at the summit website

Money moves during this tough time

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    You have spoken fairly extensively before about meditation being a key stress reliever, and I agree that it provides a good deal of help. What I have also found to be useful is writing down distorted thoughts, e.g. "everything is bad", "it can't get better", "I'm an idiot", and so on. In reality, at least something is good, it can get better, and I may do stupid things, but, overall, I'm not an idiot. This exercise has helped me realize when I am not interpreting the world logically. It can help me view the world as it is, and not as my imagination may make it. This seems particularly helpful now, given the stress that many are under due to coronavirus and the economy. Thanks for all of your focus on well-being! I agree that it's a key part of life that can get lost in our pursuits.