The Best Cheap Renters Insurance in Georgia

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Renters insurance gets left off the list of a lot of people’s financial priorities, but it shouldn’t.

Many apartment dwellers assume renters insurance is too expensive, or that it’s an unnecessary purchase.

But in reality, renters insurance is an affordable product that can protect everything from your grandmother’s diamond earrings to your storm-damaged apartment.

If you live in Georgia, buying renters insurance could save you thousands of dollars down the line in exchange for low monthly premiums.

Read on to learn what kind of rates and coverage you can expect, and to see our top picks for renters insurance providers in the state of Georgia.

Best Renters Insurance in Georgia

Choosing an insurance company might seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be.

While there are several great renters insurance companies in the U.S., the ones below offer some of the best rates and coverage for Georgia residents.

Here are the 7 best providers of renters insurance in GA:

  1. 🏆  Lemonade: Best Overall Renters Insurance Provider in GA
  2. State Farm: Best for Bundling
  3. Travelers: Best Full Coverage
  4. Liberty Mutual: Best Customizable Coverage
  5. Allstate: Best Claims Processing
  6. Nationwide: Best Online Tools
  7. USAA: Best Miltary Coverage


Unlike most of the other companies here, Lemonade is laser-focused on homeowners and renters insurance, an emphasis that helped it land at the top of our list of the best companies.

Lemonade thrives by offering a painless, straightforward user experience through its app and website.

You can get a policy starting at $5 a month, in just a few minutes. Likewise, Lemonade settles claims and makes payments rapidly online, taking the headache out of the claim filing process.

Unique from its competitors, Lemonade puts your premiums to good use, donating what’s leftover to the nonprofit of your choice at the end of the year.


  • Fast claim settlement
  • Cheap coverage
  • Easy app
  • Give-back program

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State Farm

State Farm has earned a fantastic reputation in the insurance world thanks to its memorable marketing efforts and massive amount of satisfied policyholders.

If you’re looking to bundle your home and auto insurance, or tack on any other types of insurance, State Farm is worth exploring.

The company also has local agents and online tools to assist you at every step, a major advantage if you prefer some human interaction with your insurance company.

You’ll also have access to discounts for bundling policies and adding safety features to your rental home.


  • Discounts
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Online quoting tool
  • Multi-policy options

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If you’re looking to bolster your basic policy with even more protection, Travelers is a great choice.

Though it might be less of a household name than some of its competitors, Travelers is a massive, highly rated insurer with multiple lines of insurance on offer.

Their renters policies come with the coverages you would expect, and then some. You can add water backup protection to your policy, as well as equipment breakdown coverage.

While Travelers’ rates are competitive, note that you have to pay upfront for a year of coverage.


  • Unique coverages
  • Affordability
  • Customizable policies
  • Average customer service ratings

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Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has a long list of products, with one of their most affordable being renters insurance.

The popular brand offers cheap renters insurance in GA, with the lowest rates of anyone in several Georgia cities.

You can also access extra discounts if you enroll in autopay or bundle your policies online.

Liberty’s policies also allow for a lot of customization, with a replacement cost option, earthquake coverage, and separate policies for jewelry.


  • Several discounts
  • Low rates
  • Add-on coverages
  • Online claim filing

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There’s a reason Allstate is often featured as one of the top insurance companies nationwide. Its renters insurance policies are cost-competitive and come with excellent coverage options.

Along with basic coverage, you can opt for a scheduled property rider for expensive items that warrant more coverage.

You can also get flood insurance, ideal for coastal residents in Georgia. Allstate’s policies even come with identity theft protection.

One of Allstate’s greatest advantages is its network of local agents, who can help you out through the application process, claims, and payments if you need additional assistance.

Allstate’s agents and online platform make the claims process exceptionally quick and easy.


  • Great claims process
  • Multi-policy bundling
  • Endorsements
  • Local agents


Nationwide is another dependable and recognizable name in the insurance world, with everything from pet to auto to homeowners insurance.

The company’s renters policies are affordable and come with the basic coverages you might expect, like personal property, liability, and additional living expenses.

They also cover damage from water backup and even some natural disasters that are often excluded from other companies’ covered perils.

Nationwide customers also benefit from a top-notch online experience. You can do everything from getting quotes to buying a policy and easily managing it on Nationwide’s user-friendly website.


  • Online experience
  • Additional coverage options
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Full suite of financial products

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If you or one of your family members is an active duty member of the military or a veteran, USAA is well worth considering for renters insurance.

USAA ranks high for its coverage, affordability, and first-rate customer service.

Their policies automatically include flood insurance and few other unique coverages, like on-the-go protection, whether you’re at home in Georgia, on the move, or away on duty.

USAA stands out most for customer experience, ranking highest in J.D. Power’s annual renters insurance survey.

What’s more, you can combine renters insurance with several other rewarding financial products from USAA, saving time and money.


  • Customer experience
  • Mobile coverage
  • Low cost
  • Flood and earthquake protection

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Our Methodology

We’ve taken the headache out of comparing renters insurance companies, scoping out all of your best options in Georgia.

To determine which companies stand out from the crowd, we took a close look at each provider, judging them based on the metrics below.

To make the call, we assessed each company by its:

  • Cost of coverage: The companies above offer competitively priced policies in Georgia. We compared quotes between several companies and factored in the discounts offered by each one.
  • Types of coverage offered: We also analyzed each company’s coverage closely, factoring in their basic coverage, endorsements, replacement cost, and more.
  • Amounts of coverage and deductibles: Along those lines, we looked at the maximum amounts of coverage offered by each provider and the deductible levels required for coverage to kick in.
  • Reputation: When the time comes to file a claim, it’s important to know you’ve chosen a company you can depend on. J.D. Power scores, credit ratings, and online reviews paint a clear picture of a company’s claims-paying ability, customer service, and relationship with clients.

Why You Need Renters Insurance in Georgia

There are plenty of reasons to buy renters insurance if you call Georgia home, the first of which is requirement.

While the government does not require you to buy renters insurance, your landlord just might.

Even if they don’t, you should still consider purchasing a policy as it can offer the following types of protection:

  • Personal property coverage: If your belongings get damaged by a peril covered in your contract, this coverage will pay to repair or replace them.
  • Liability coverage: If someone else is hurt or their property gets damaged and you’re responsible, like someone getting injured at your home, liability coverage kicks in for damages.
  • Medical expense coverage: Whether you’re liable or not, if someone gets injured at your home, medical expense coverage takes effect.
  • Additional living expense coverage: When your home is damaged from a covered peril, ALE coverage will pay for alternate accommodations.

Most insurance companies offer optional add-ons to the coverage above, which you can use to customize your policy.

For instance, you can opt for replacement value coverage, which pays you the current replacement value of your stolen or destroyed property without depreciation.

Similarly, you can purchase special coverage for valuables like jewelry or pieces of art, which might exceed your policy’s limit otherwise.

Georgia residents might also want to consider weather-related coverage, which some of the companies listed above provide.

If you live on the Georgia coast, which is susceptible to storm damage during hurricane season each year, you may want to consider purchasing flood protection, which is usually sold as a separate policy.

Whether you live in the booming metropolis of Atlanta, in the rural North Georgia mountains, or in a tiny South Georgia community like Lake Park, renters insurance is a solid investment.

How Much Is Renters Insurance in Georgia?

The cost of renters insurance can vary quite a bit based on where you live and what kind of coverage you choose.

It’s all about risk, namely the amount of risk the company takes on by insuring you.

To get more specific, here are the main factors that weigh into your premiums:

  • Location: What you pay for renters insurance could look different depending on which part of the state you live in. Cities are generally more expensive, as are areas prone to weather damage.
  • Property: Your house or apartment itself could impact your rates, based on its location and the type of structure it is.
  • Security measures: Your insurer will also base your rates on how secure your home is. How near you are to a police station and whether or not you have alarms and other anti-theft devices can have an effect on your premiums.
  • Coverage: The more types of coverage you add and the higher amounts you opt for, the more you can expect to pay for a policy.
  • Company: Just because a certain provider is right for someone else doesn’t mean they have the lowest rates for you. That’s why it’s important to compare quotes from several providers.
  • Claims history: If your insurance record has an abundance of claims in the last several years, you can expect to face higher rates.
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Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Georgia

The average cost of renters insurance nationwide is around $16.

Coming in at an average of $19 a year, Georgia’s rates are higher than the national average, but not by much.

At that rate, you could secure a year of coverage for $228.

Just note that what you actually pay for a policy will be based on all the factors listed above and could look a little different from what’s quoted here.

Most and Least Expensive Cities for Renters Insurance GA

Your location really does play a significant role in determining your rates.

It comes as no surprise that Georgia’s larger cities have the highest rates for renters insurance.

Three most expensive cities for renters insurance in Georgia:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Smyrna
  3. East Point

The good news? The average cost of renters insurance in Atlanta is only 22% higher than the state-wide average, so coverage is still highly affordable there.

The cheapest cities in Georgia for renters insurance:

  1. Warner Robbins
  2. Hinesville
  3. Athens

Is Renters Insurance in Georgia Worth It?

Because renters insurance isn’t legally required, a lot of people overlook it.

But in reality, renters insurance is one of the smartest insurance purchases you can make, offering substantial coverage at low rates.

Since renters insurance is a part of most major insurers’ lineup, the savings from bundling renters insurance with your auto policy could make it even more worthwhile.

Whether you live in Georgia or any other state, you won’t regret buying an affordable renters policy to protect your belongings and yourself from liability.

Take a few minutes to get quotes today, and you’ll be on your way to savings and peace of mind.

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