Debt to Millionaire in 10 Years w/ Andy Hill

In this episode, I chat with Andy Hill, the host of the Marriage, Kids, and Money podcast about his 10-year journey from debt to millionaire in 10 years. We dive deep into money saving strategies, building a family, entrepreneurship, and financial freedom.

andy hillAfter racking up both student loan and credit card debt, Andy and his partner Nicole started taking money seriously once they decided to start a family. In this remarkable story, Andy shares the exact steps they took to start saving 50% of their income, pay off their debt in 1 year, pay off their mortgage in 3 years, and reach millionaire status in 10 years.

We also dive into why they decided to pay off their mortgage early instead of investing their additional money, as well as the challenges in turning your side hustle into your full-time job. After working in events marketing for the past 15 years Andy just recently made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

To dig into the numbers and details of Andy’s family’s journey from debt to millionaire in 10 years check out this post on his website.

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