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In this FREE COURSE, I’ll show you literally everything you need to know to start making money blogging and lay out a path you can follow over the coming months and years to grow your blog.

Seriously, the course is an absolute beast (like 20,000 words over 7 days!). It includes my strategy on blog branding, design, and how to build traffic and your email list to make SO much money.

This is the first step to become a million dollar blogger.

Over the course of 7 days, I’ll send a daily email covering the following topics:

DAY 1: Amateur vs. Million Dollar Bloggers
DAY 2: How to Pick The Perfect Name & Brand
DAY 3: Set Up Your Blog with WordPress in 10 Minutes
DAY 4: Story, Story, Story – How to Craft Your Story
DAY 5: How To Grow Your Blog (Google SEO + Social + Media)
DAY 6: How To Start & Grow An Email List (your most important blog asset!)
DAY 7: How To Make Money Blogging (and how much!)
[BONUS] DAY 8: Best Blogging Tools & Resources

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