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Starting a blog isn't an overnight path to wealth...

But if you put in the work, you absolutely can grow your audience and make legit money.

The best part? That upfront work pays dividends later. Eventually, your blog will make you money while you sleep.

Doubtful? Overwhelmed?

I can help. And I'll deliver it free, straight to your inbox.

In this FREE 7-DAY COURSE, I'll show you literally everything you need to know to start making money blogging and lay out a path you can follow over the coming months and years:

  • Day 1: Amateur vs. Million Dollar Bloggers
  • Day 2: How to Pick The Perfect Name & Brand
  • Day 3: Set Up Your Blog with WordPress in 10 Minutes
  • Day 4: Story, Story, Story – How to Craft Your Story
  • Day 5: How To Grow Your Blog (Google SEO + Social + Media)
  • Day 6: How To Start & Grow An Email List (your most important asset!)
  • Day 7: How To Make Money Blogging (and how much!)
  • [Bonus] Day 8: Best Blogging Tools & Resources

...seriously, this course is an absolute beast (like 20,000 words!) and covers my entire strategy on blog branding, design, and how to build traffic and your email list to make SO much money.

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