ParaWorks Review: Should You Use This Platform to Hire Gig Workers?

With the wide array of gig apps out there, it is increasingly challenging to reach all available workers at any particular moment. The process of subscribing to multiple platforms, vetting, and communicating with potential, qualified gig workers can be tedious and tiresome. But there is hope!

What if you delegated the work yourself to a network of pre-approved drivers?

ParaWorks promises access to reputable gig workers ready to take on high-paying jobs and deliver great work. Here’s everything you should know about ParaWorks for partners, and it can solve your delivery and staffing needs.

What Is ParaWorks

ParaWorks is a B2B2C platform. It helps gig drivers manage their gig delivery information in multiple gig apps but also helps retail partners find local temporary workers on demand.

ParaWorks has over 100,000 screened and capable gig workers ready to help you fulfill your company’s need for delivery drivers and gig workers for other tasks, such as mystery shopping, merchandising, and courier driving.

The sky’s the limit with the gigs you can request, and with such an extensive network of workers available, you’re bound to fill the job within minutes, not days.

Why Partner With ParaWorks

ParaWorks has a network of gig workers already approved to work on apps like GrubHub, Uber Eats, Lyft, Uber, and many more.

This means they’re already background checked and have proven to be good workers. When you partner with ParaWorks, you get access to this large network, posting your available job and giving workers in the area a chance to make more money.

ParaWorks does all the work behind the scenes. Your only task is to post the job to make it available to the nearby network. You can choose what tasks you need to be completed, and provide the details of the job, including the pay and how you’ll pay, either handling it yourself or letting ParaWorks handle it for you.

1. Multiple Service Options For Your Business’s Needs

ParaWorks helps you maximize resources by offering many options to meet your staffing needs.


If you know what your company needs, you can schedule your gig workers ahead of time. Then, whether you have shifts, a one-time task, or a route you need to be covered, you can post it in ParaWorks, and all drivers in the Para app in the area can see and request it if it suits their needs.

This gives workers time to plan, and they can accept your higher-paying gig rather than a gig from one of the major gig apps that might only pay a few dollars.


We suggest drivers already active on gig platforms sign up for the Para app and link their accounts. Then, when you have a spontaneous job to fill, you can list it, and drivers within the area will see it, even those active on another app. This gets the attention of highly-qualified gig workers who might otherwise miss the opportunity because they’re only active in another gig app.

Gig workers active on apps like Uber Eats constantly look for ways to fill their downtime. For example, after they pick up and deliver an order, they must wait for another, resulting in downtime and lower hourly pay. With on-demand gigs on Para, they can fill that downtime and make more money.


Para alerts drivers of the opportunity to sign up with your platform if they aren’t already. ParaWorks helps them learn more about your company and why they should sign up, giving you access to pre-screened and qualified drivers.

2. Large Network of Gig Workers

When you partner with ParaWorks, you can access our network of 100,000+ active drivers weekly. ParaWorks takes less than 12 hours to launch a new partnership in a new city, and 70% of jobs listed are filled in less than five minutes of partners posting the job.

Business partners use ParaWorks to maximize their resources. We help reduce the wait time for drivers and help you expand your reach in existing or new cities.

Our partners can post many types of gigs, including shift work, individual gigs, and route delivery.

Shift Work

If you have a preset shift you need to be covered, list it in ParaWorks, stating the exact hours so active members can accept it if available.

Individual Gigs

Individual gigs are those that workers can complete in a day or two. Enter the information about the gig, and our network of workers will fill the job within minutes.

Route Delivery

If you have several deliveries across a specific route, list the route, number of deliveries, and approximate time needed to complete the job to network with our list of drivers.

3. Happy Gig Workers

Drivers love the ParaWorks app because it reduces their downtime and increases their earnings. The gig utility driver app shows hidden trip information about gigs offered on Lyft, Uber, Uber Eats, and GrubHub. This helps them make informed decisions about gigs to maximize their earnings in the least amount of time.

Free App

The ParaWorks app is free for gig drivers and helps maximize their earnings, so it’s a win-win. They can link Para’s most popular gig apps and manage everything in one place.

Skip the Line

When active on ParaWorks, drivers are pre-approved to work for most other apps. Our partners can access drivers’ profiles which speeds up the onboarding process, allowing them to earn more money fast.

Stack With Existing Work

The Para app makes it easy to stack gig work to minimize downtime. After delivering an order for one of the gig apps, drivers can search for other gigs in the area to fill their downtime. They may find opportunities for driving, merchandising, mystery shopping, and more opportunities with partner retailers to increase their earnings.

Candid Job Details

The Para app provides gig workers with the information they want to determine if a gig is worth it. In addition, they’ll learn the hidden details the gig apps don’t provide and potentially increase their pay.

In addition, the jobs available on ParaWorks offer higher average pay (as much as $25/hour) and provide all the necessary details, including the shift hours (if applicable), driving distance, and any special details.

Auto Decline

When drivers link their gig apps in ParaWorks, they can set parameters, such as miles, earnings-per-mile, total payout, and stacked opportunities. Drivers can also flag specific establishments or customers. These parameters allow the app to auto-decline offers that don’t fit a driver’s parameters, reducing their wasted time and maximizing their resources.

Additional Revenue Opportunities

Drivers love having access to more opportunities than just Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, and GrubHub offer. They can find scheduled and on-demand gigs allowing them to make money in the downtime they’d have with other apps.

4. Supported Work Options

ParaWorks offers a variety of delivery options to give delivery drivers more variety, including meal and route delivery.

Meal Delivery

Meal delivery drivers deliver food from the restaurant to the customer. This is similar to what gig workers already do on apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Route Delivery

Route delivery is a series of deliveries on a pre-planned route. Drivers take a few stops along the way but have the route planned.

5. Flexibility in Managing Payments

As a partner, you can choose how to pay gig workers either using apps like Venmo, Everee, Gusto, or directly through Para. If you use ParaWorks, gig workers get paid through Gigwage, processing payments on Tuesdays for all work completed the previous Monday – Sunday.

ParaWorks Process for Partners

The ParaWorks process for partners is simple from signup to paying workers, ParaWorks makes it simple.

Sign Up

It’s easy to sign up for ParaWorks, just click ‘Get in Touch’ and provide us with information about your company and gig. We’ll get you set up in less than a day, giving you fast access to our large network of drivers.

Posting Jobs

You choose how you post jobs, whether you have shift work, on-demand gigs, or pre-set routes. We’ll push the job out to our network of drivers and have the job filled within minutes.

Paying Gig Workers

You decide how you pay your gig workers. We have partners that pay them directly through a third-party app, and those that use Para to pay them. We use Gigwage to pay workers, and pay them weekly, so you never have to worry about upset workers waiting for their pay.

ParaWorks Partner Programs

ParaWorks integrates with CartWheel and OnFleet to help fill more jobs fast.


When you can’t find drivers on CartWheel, you can automatically post the jobs on Para and fill the job within minutes. In addition, you can access the 100,000+ network of pre-approved drivers and gig workers looking to fill their downtime.


Para also integrates with Onfleet to make it easier to fill odd jobs or add to your fleet with pre-approved and qualified drivers.

Customized Solutions

Para is open to offering customized solutions too. We have the technology and workforce to help you fill any job. So let us know what you need, and we’ll work to fulfill the need as quickly as possible.

ParaWork’s Code of Conduct

ParaWork has a strict code of conduct to maintain its reputation and ensure all workers are treated fairly. ParaWorks’ partners must treat employees with kindness, pay them for their time on time, and be transparent about the job details.

Frequently Asked Questions

ParaWorks is constantly evolving, providing partners with many more opportunities than other apps offer today.

What companies currently partner with ParaWorks?

ParaWorks already has a robust list of partners, including Jimmy Johns, GoodtoGo, Nimble, Dragonfly, Table 22, Fulflld, and dlivrd, among many others.

How accurate are Para Trip Predictions?

Para strives to provide workers with the most accurate information possible so they can make informed decisions about which jobs to take.

Who should use ParaWorks?

ParaWorks is great for any gig workers who want to fill their downtime and increase their earnings. The average ParaWorks gig worker makes $25 an hour, which is higher than the typical gig apps pay. Any gig worker looking to streamline their workday and only take profitable jobs should consider it too.

Additionally, businesses wanting to fill a job can sign up to partner with ParaWorks to streamline the hiring process.

What operating systems are compatible with ParaWorks?

ParaWorks is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Partnering With ParaWorks – Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for more gig workers, let ParaWorks make it easy for you. With fast onboarding, easy job posting, and support throughout the entire process, it’s never been easier to have your miscellaneous jobs filled.

Whether you have regular gig jobs available, such as preset delivery routes, merchandising, or mystery shopping, or you have one-time needs that you need to fill fast, you can find qualified workers on ParaWorks and fill the job quickly.

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