Postmates vs Doordash: How Much Money Can You Make?

Food delivery services from local restaurants have seen a spike in demand, with many people ordering takeouts such as fast food to be delivered to their homes.

This trend is set to continue with the current COVID-19 pandemic still very much around.

With many restaurants not having the means to deliver food to customers themselves, food delivery apps like Postmates and Doordash have been picking up the slack while offering earning opportunities to those looking to work in the gig market as a delivery person.

Postmates vs DoorDash: Which is Better for Drivers?

Here’s a quick comparison of the two most popular delivery apps, or click any of the topics to read more in-depth about that topic, from the fleet’s perspective:

Postmates DoorDash
What You’ll Deliver “Anything from anywhere” (restaurant orders, flowers, office supplies, groceries, etc) Only meals from local restaurants
Driver Requirements Both services have same basic requirements Both services have same basic requirements
Vehicle Requirements Both services have same basic requirements Both services have same basic requirements
The App Better execution of order batching and generally better reviewed by drivers
Customer Reach Depends on location, but rule of thumb is that Postmates is more widely available
Working Hours 24/7 on-demand, but no driver restrictions so business may be slow Restricts the number of drivers if demand is low, so that when you are “on shift”, you can expect a number of deliveries. You can schedule future shifts to ensure a spot
Getting Paid Weekly for free or instantly for $0.50 Weekly for free or instantly for $1.99
Bonuses Both services offer several bonus challenges to boost income Both services offer several bonus challenges to boost income
Earning Potential $50k/year on average, according to Indeed $37k/year on average, according to Indeed
Drive for Postmates Drive for DoorDash

Postmates vs Doordash: How They Work

How Postmates Works

One of the benefits of working as a Postmates driver is that you’re not limited to just takeaways. As a Postmates delivery driver, you can expect to deliver anything from hot meals to office supplies, groceries, and anything in between. This means more potential deliveries, translating to more dollars earned.

Once you open the app (more on this later), you can expect to start receiving delivery orders. Accept the order and head to the pickup store where you’ll pay for the order using your Postmates credit card and deliver it to the Postmates customer.

How Doordash Works

As a Dasher, you will only be delivering meals from restaurants in your local area. Once you open the app, orders will start coming through (subject to availability).

Each order notification will include how much you will make from that delivery. You can choose to accept or decline. Some orders will be prepaid while others you will have to pay for using the Doordash red card.

Once you pick up the order, all that there’s left to do is to drop-off the order to the hungry customer.

Postmates vs Doordash: Account Requirements

Both apps have very similar requirements that need to be met in order to join their programs. Essentially there are two sets of requirements that you need to look out for – driver requirements and vehicle requirements.

Postmates Requirements

Postmates requirements for signing up are quite basic. Even so, you should still go through them before signing up to make sure you fit the bill.

Driver Requirements

You need to be 18 years or older and have a SSN (Social Security Number) that you’ll need to provide during the signup process. You’ll also need to consent to and pass a background and criminal background check, and you’ll need a smartphone running either Google’s Android OS or Apple’s iOS (iPhone).

Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle requirements are also quite lax. You’re good to go – as long as you can get to your destination without problems! Having said that, you’ll need a valid driver’s license as well as insurance. In some cities, you can also make deliveries on foot, scooter, motorbike, or a bicycle.

Doordash Requirements

Doordash’s requirements are on par with those of Postmates. These requirements are there to make sure everything is legal and as safe as possible.

Just like Postmates, rules can vary slightly from one city to the next. As such, it is very important to check the rules applicable to you during the signup process.

This can help you avoid any disappointments further down the line.

Postmates vs Doordash: The App

The app is what you’ll use to receive orders and complete them – so it’s worth looking into how each app works and their pros and cons.

The Postmates App

The Postmates app is easy to use with clear navigation and seamless user experience throughout. It shines in two ways – the inclusion of a map within the app and the ability to batch orders.

These two features can help you save a lot of time, which in turn means you will be able to make more money during the hours you choose to work.

The Doordash App

The Doordash app is very well made with all available functions easily within reach. The learning curve is very short, so you can start being productive right from the start.

Unfortunately, this app does not have a built-in map. Instead, you will need to use another map service such as Google maps. While this might not seem like a big issue, it is a potential time-waster.

Postmates vs Doordash: Availability

While you need to make sure that the delivery service is available in your location, you also need to take the time to understand which service customers favor in your area.

Other things to consider are peak times as well as routes to make sure you’re as effective, and thus profitable, as possible.

Postmates Availability

Postmates is available nation-wide. Even so, checking if it is available in your area is one of the most important steps to take before deciding which app to deliver.

At this time, Postmates is available in more locations. Both apps are expanding their reach, so even if your area is not available at this time, keep your eyes open as new locations become available.

Doordash Availability

Doordash does not enjoy the reach that Postmates does at this time. You can easily view the areas serviced by Doordash on their website.

If where you live isn’t on the list yet, make sure you check back from time to time as new locations are being added due to their expansion.

Postmates vs Doordash: Choosing Your Working Hours

While both apps offer very flexible hours with some slight differences between the two, understanding how these apps differ in this area can help you pick the one that best fits your schedule, ensuring more working hours.

This can make your delivery side gig that much more profitable.

Choosing Working Hours With Postmates

Postmates offers 24/7 on-demand delivery work. This means you can log in whenever you’re ready to start delivering. Postmates does not implement any demand restrictions, so you might have to wait quite a bit to get a delivery job if the demand is low and the number of active drivers is high.

Choosing Working Hours With Doordash

Doordash has two options to choose from when it comes to choosing working hours. You can either Dash Now or schedule a future shift. The downside is that you cannot work as a Doordash driver 24/7.

You can choose to Dash Now at any time and wait for orders to come through. One of the features Doordash uses is to limit the number of drivers according to the demand at that time.

While this means that you might not be able to log for a shift when demand is low, it also means that once you do log in, you can expect to receive a number of deliveries during your shift.

You can also schedule a future shift. You’ll need to choose the date as well as the time window during which you’ll be dashing. The upside to scheduling a shift, is that you’re guaranteed a spot regardless of the number of drivers during that time.

Postmates vs Doordash: Getting Paid

When it comes to actually making money and getting paid, both apps use a very similar system with a few key differences that are well worth noting. In this section, we will be looking at how pay is calculated as well as how you get paid.

Getting Paid With Postmates

Postmates’ pay calculation uses a number of criteria to calculate how much you’ll make for each delivery you carry out. These criteria include:

  • Pick up fee
  • Delivery fee
  • A per minute rate including any waiting time at the pickup location
  • A per-mile rate for distance driven between pick up and drop off locations
  • Bonuses

You also get to keep 100% of any tips received as well as a minimum payout. If the calculation does not reach the minimum delivery payout, Postmates will fund the difference.

When it comes to getting paid the money earned, you have two different options to choose from. You can either get paid weekly or withdraw at any time.

When choosing to get paid weekly, you will get paid on Mondays for work carried out in the previous week. There are no charges for this payment method, and you’ll receive the funds once processed by the bank.

You can also choose the Instant Deposit function to get paid right there and then. There is a $0.50 charge for each instant deposit you request. You also need to link a direct debit card with a balance of $5.00 or more.

Getting Paid With Doordash

Doordash works out the pay using a number of factors. There is a base pay of between $2-10+ (and it depends on how long delivering the order is likely to take, distance, and desirability of the order).

You also get to keep 100% of the tips with Doordash, which is as you’d expect. Each order also has a guaranteed amount – and if this amount isn’t reached, you will receive a pay boost to make sure you get the guaranteed amount. You also get to keep anything over and above the guaranteed amount should it go over, which is pretty great.

Just like Postmates, with Doordash, you can choose to get paid weekly or use the fast pay option. Weekly pays are processed on Sunday night for the week’s work and can take up to 3 business days to hit your account depending on your bank.

If you’re in a hurry, you can choose the Fast Pay option instead. You can withdraw funds using Fast Pay once a day. There’s a $1.99 fee to use that option, as well as a number of other criteria you need to meet. These include:

  • Have completed 25 deliveries
  • Have been working with Doordash for two weeks or more
  • A linked debit card

What I also really like with Doordash is that you can see the minimum amount you’ll earn before you even accept the order. This is great as you’re always in the know about how much you’ll earn – knowing it can be more.

Postmates vs Doordash: Perks and Bonuses

Both apps offer a number of perks and bonuses that make deliveries more fun and more profitable.

What Perks and Bonuses Does Postmates Offer?

Postmates offers a number of challenges that can provide an income boost when completing a given task. There are two day-to-day challenges you can expect when delivering with this app. These include;

  • Per Delivery: Earn a cash bonus for deliveries done within a specified timeframe.
  • Per Sum of Deliveries: Earn a cash bonus when completing a number of deliveries within a specific timeframe.

As we mentioned earlier, Postmates also offer guaranteed earnings. These are implemented in two ways as follows;

  • Simple Guaranteed Earning: This offers a guaranteed amount for completing a number of deliveries over a specific timeframe
  • Tiered Guaranteed Earning: This offers a guaranteed amount of earnings if you manage to complete a number of deliveries over a short timeframe

You can also look forward to Blitz Pricing when demand is high and more deliveries are being requested.

Postmates also offers certain drivers access to Postmates Plus Unlimited. To qualify, you need to complete 25 or more deliveries each month. In return, you can look forward to free deliveries when ordering $20 or more.

What Perks and Bonuses Does Doordash Offer?

Doordash has its own system of perks and bonuses. One of the bonuses on offer is that of Busy Pay. Here, you’ll receive a bonus pay when completing orders during a busy period. You’ll receive a notification on your phone when Busy Pay bonuses are in effect.

Busy Pay bonuses work over and above Peak Pay. When the latter is active, you can expect to make more money for each delivery you complete.

Just like Postmates, Doordash also has a Guaranteed Minimum bonus in place. This can help you make sure that each delivery you make is worth the effort.

Doordash also offers its experienced drivers access to DoorDash Drive. This is an app used by restaurants to request delivery services for their customers, thus giving you more earning opportunities. The company also partners with Everlance, providing a way to track your expenses, helping you keep your side gig profitable.

Postmates vs Doordash: Earning Potential


Postmates says that you could earn up to $25 an hour, and that’s pretty sweet. According to Indeed, delivery drivers for Postmates, on average, earn $50,371 per year (or $4,197 per month), making this a great source of substantial income.

Of course, do take these figures with a grain of salt as your earnings may vary – but it does sound promising.


According to Indeed, the average pay for a Doordash delivery driver is $18.56 per hour, which isn’t bad at all. If you worked 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, this would add up to $37,120/year, or $3,093.33/month.

Ultimately, how much money you can make depends on what’s more popular in your area. If Postmates is more frequently used to order food, then you’re likely to earn more than you would if you were to drive for Doordash (and vice versa). My advice is to choose the most popular option.

Why Food Delivery?

Postmates and Doordash are certainly not the only apps that allow gigsters to deliver food on demand. Other delivery options like Uber eats, Grubhub, and Amazon fresh also offer delivery services that those looking for a side gig can easily sign up for to make some extra money on the side.

Both apps offer a flexible way to earn extra cash. Whether you want to grow your emergency fund or find something to supplement the income from your full-time job, both of these apps can help you do just that.

While both apps offer the same service, there are key differences between the two. Understanding how they’re different can help you decide which one’s best for you so that you can maximize how much money you’ll make.

In this article, we’ve looked at the main areas of interest, explaining how each app behaves in that particular area. This comparison will help you decide which one of the two – Postmates or Doordash – is the best fit for you and your lifestyle, how much you’re looking to earn, and your other requirements.

How Delivery Apps Work

Both food delivery companies follow similar processes, but there are key differences that can affect how you carry out deliveries and how much work you get.

Understanding these differences can help you make the right choice for you.

Postmates vs Doordash: Which Is Best For You?

Both Postmates and Doordash are great delivery apps that offer those in the side gig economy a sustainable, flexible, and pretty easy way to make money – or even a full-time job! Each app has its differences meaning one app is likely to be a better fit for you than the other.

If these apps do not fit the bill, there are still other options to consider. Lyft and Uber are ridesharing apps that let you use your car to ferry people around while apps like Instacart allow you to deliver groceries from local stores.

Either way, when it comes to delivery services, there are many options to choose from, helping you make extra money on the side.

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