TD Bank Promotions for 2023

We love a good bank. TD Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States and a top choice among consumers.

The bank recently made J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. National Banking Satisfaction Study, receiving a score of 673 on a 1,000-point scale, surpassing Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank. 

TD Bank is also one of the more generous banks as far as promotions go. The company is constantly coming up with great new offers to attract new customers. 

Let’s take a look at some of TD Bank’s top promotional offers for 2022, as well as a complete breakdown of their offerings. 

Top TD Bank Promotions for 2022

Here’s a look at some of TD Bank’s best bonus offers.

  1. TD Beyond Checking: $300 bonus
  2. TD Bank Checking: $50 referral bonus
  3. TD Convenience Checking: $150 bonus
  4. TD Beyond Savings: $200 bonus
  5. TD Simple Savings: $200 bonus

1. TD Beyond Checking: $300 bonus

Now you can earn a $300 bank bonus for opening a TD Bank Beyond Checking account. All you have to do is make $2,500 of direct deposits within 60 days of opening the account. 

This is arguably one of TD Bank’s most attractive offers, mainly because of the low qualifying direct deposit threshold you have to meet to get the reward. Most consumers can probably make this bonus after just a month of work, making it a no-brainer for people who link their TD Bank account to their weekly or bi-weekly paycheck from their full-time job. 

Beyond Checking is an interest-bearing account that comes with a higher monthly maintenance fee of $25. However, you can waive the fee by making $5,000 in direct deposits per statement cycle or maintaining a $2,500 minimum daily balance. You can also waive the fee by having a combined balance of $25,000 across eligible TD accounts.

2. TD Bank Checking: $50 referral bonus

TD Bank is running a checking offer with a referral bonus. If you refer a friend to TD Bank, you both get $50. Not bad!

To maximize your chance of getting this bank promotion, talk to your friends and family about the bank account they’re using. Point them to TD Bank, and don’t be shy about mentioning that you’ll both get a referral bonus. 

3. TD Convenience Checking: $150 bonus

TD Bank is also offering a $150 bonus for new Convenience Checking account holders. 

With this offer, you can potentially earn $150 for making $500 in direct deposits within 60 days of account opening. Keep reading to learn more about Convenience Checking below. 

4. TD Beyond Savings: $200 bonus

TD Bank offers a chance to earn a savings bonus of $200 by opening a TD Beyond Savings account. However, you have to deposit at least $20,000 within 20 days to get this reward. The balance must stay at $20,000 for at least 90 days. 

Granted, this is a substantial amount to move into a TD Bank account just for the $200 promotion. Make sure that you don’t leave behind a higher interest rate in your other account when exploring this option.

5. TD Simple Savings: $200 bonus

You can also earn a $200 cash bonus when you deposit $20,000 or more in new funds within 20 days with a Simple Savings plan. Here too, the balance must be maintained for 90 days. 

Again, just make sure you’re in a position to move such a large amount of capital into the account. If you have this much money sitting around in liquid assets, you should thoroughly explore your options to make sure you’re making the right investment moves. 

Are TD Bank’s promotional sign-up bonuses worth it?

TD Bank offers solid promotions, but at the end of the day… these are still marketing promotions. 

Always think twice about leaving your current bank. Opening a new account just for a bonus offer may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. When it comes down to it, you should want to work with the bank because of its merits and the services it offers.

For best results, find a provider that aligns with your needs and think of an account bonus as an added perk. Otherwise, you may wish you’d kept your prior personal checking account.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Why am I unhappy with my current bank?
  • Is there another way of generating the same amount in bonus money?
  • What are the top reasons for moving my money to a new bank? 
  • Have I explored all other competing offers?

By doing your due diligence, you’re more likely to find the best account bonus that fits your needs.

TD Bank Offerings: A Breakdown

Here’s a quick breakdown of TD Bank’s current account offerings.

Top TD Bank checking accounts

TD Beyond Checking account

Beyond Checking is an interest-bearing account that comes with the most perks but a higher monthly maintenance fee of $25. 

You can waive the fee by making $5,000 in direct deposits per statement cycle or maintaining a $2,500 minimum daily balance. You can also waive the fee by having a combined balance of $25,000 across eligible TD accounts.

TD Simple Checking

Simple Checking is a basic, everyday checking account with no minimum balance requirement. The account comes with a debit card, online banking access, free in-network ATM use, and optional overdraft protection. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $5.99, and it doesn’t appear that there’s an option to avoid it.  

TD Bank Premier checking

If you upgrade your Simple Checking account to Premier Checking, you can enjoy added perks, including full reimbursement of ATM fees, monthly interest payments, and free money orders. However, there is a monthly maintenance fee of $25, and you’ll need to maintain a minimum daily balance of $2,500 to avoid it.

TD Convenience Checking account 

TD Convenience Checking is a popular entry-level checking account that comes with online banking features, a contactless debit card, and easy payments with Zelle. The account has a monthly maintenance fee of $15, but you can avoid that fee by maintaining a $100 minimum daily balance. The good news is the fee and balance requirement don’t apply if the account holder is between 17 and 23 years old.

Student Checking account

TD Bank also offers student banking options with a variety of services that cater to younger customers. For example, students and young adults between the ages of 17 and 23 can enjoy all the features of TD Convenience Checking, but with no monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance requirement. 

Top TD Bank savings accounts

TD Beyond Savings 

If you can maintain a sky-high minimum balance of at least $250,000 or more, you can access a modest interest rate of 0.15% through TD Bank’s Beyond Savings program. 

This is still lower than many high-yield savings accounts, but it’s better than nothing.

TD Growth Money Market Account

If you have $50,000 to put toward a minimum daily balance, you could access an APY of 0.10% through the TD Growth Money Market program. 

Again, this is still lower than most HYSAs, but it’s not terrible for a traditional savings account.

TD Simple Savings Account

The third tier savings account that TD offers is the TD Simple Savings account, which comes with an APY of 0.02% for all balances. 

This account charges a $5 monthly maintenance fee. But there are ways you can waive it (e.g., by meeting minimum deposit requirements).


If you’re looking to lock your money into certificates of deposit (CDs) with fixed interest rates, TD Bank has you covered. At the time of writing, they offer a three-month TD Bank CD (up to 0.10% APY), a six-month CD (up to 0.10% APY), and a 12-month CD (up to 0.10% APY).

Word to the wise: Don’t lock your money into CDs unless you’re confident you won’t need to touch it for the duration of the term. Some banks charge fees for accessing such funds before the CD matures.


In addition to opening deposit accounts, you can also invest your money with TD Bank using an individual retirement account (IRA).

If you’re interested in saving for your future, your options include a Simple Savings IRA, Beyond Savings IRA, Choice Promotional IRA CDs, IRA Add-Vantage CDs, and TD Step IRA CDs. 


If you’re looking for a loan from a leading issuer, TD Bank can help. The company offers competitive mortgage loans, personal loans, and home equity loans and lines of credit.

TIP: Whenever you’re shopping for a loan, be sure to comparison shop to make sure you’re getting a competitive interest rate.

Credit cards 

Building and managing credit is simple and rewarding through TD Bank. Head over to their credit card section to check out their extensive offers and great rates. 

Of note is the TD First Class Visa Signature Card, offering up to 25,000 bonus miles when you spend $3,000 during the first six billing cycles. This TD Bank credit card also provides 3x miles on travel and dining, with an annual fee of just $89 (waived the first year).

Prepaid cards

In addition to credit and debit cards, the company also offers flexible prepaid cards, which are great for teens or to give as gift cards. 

Simply load the funds onto the card and the user can spend it at authorized locations the same way they’d use a debit card. 

TD Bank Review: The Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of TD Bank

TD Bank Advantages


TD Bank is known for being extremely convenient, with about 1,200 branch locations in places like New York, Florida, Connecticut, Boston, the District of Columbia, and Atlanta.

The company also has a strong network of TD ATMs and a robust online bank platform. 

As long as you’re on the East Coast, you should have no problem finding a TD Bank branch.

Saving and retirement investing

Another nice part of working with TD Bank is that you can access both deposit and investing services. 

By having your IRA accessible via the same platform as your online checking and savings accounts, you could have an easier time managing your money and transferring funds into your IRA. 

TD Bank offers a variety of investing and management services for investors of all types, from beginners to more experienced individuals. 

If you’re interested in learning more about TD Bank’s retirement investing options, check out the bank’s investment center.

Great mobile experience

TD Bank offers a robust and secure mobile experience for on-the-go account management. You can access their mobile app through any Android or iOS device to check your account balance, access customer support, make transfers, apply for loans, and invest in your IRA, to name just a few options.

Not all banks have a high-quality mobile app. If you’re the type of person who enjoys on-the-go banking, you really can’t go wrong with TD Bank.

Around the clock customer service

TD Bank is also known for having 24/7 customer care, providing speedy access to expert customer representatives.

This is very helpful for customers who travel frequently to places where TD Bank doesn’t have any branch locations. 

For example, you may live in Boston but often visit the West Coast for work where you won’t be able to access any branches. But TD Bank can help you out over your mobile device any time.

TD Bank Disadvantages 

Limited retail locations

Some customers don’t like the fact that TD Bank is only on the East Coast. 

If you don’t live on the East Coast, you can still access TD Bank and open an account. You just won’t have access to branch locations. 

Of course, brick-and-mortar locations aren’t as important as they once were, and many online-only banks get by just fine. Determine your level of need and think about whether you can personally get by without in-person support.

High monthly fees

Many of TD Bank’s accounts come with relatively high monthly fees. 

Granted, the company does offer ways to bypass these fees. That said, you do need to know about them, or you could get slammed with monthly rates of $25 or more. 

Low interest rates

TD Bank typically gets stellar customer reviews in everything except interest rates. They’re not terrible compared to some competitors. But they’re nothing to get excited about. 

If you’re looking for a better place to park your savings, you should strongly consider opening a high-yield savings account (HYSA) from an online-only bank like Ally or American Express. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TD Bank?

TD Bank is the American subsidiary of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, a leading Canadian financial services provider with a multinational presence.

The company began a Portland Savings Bank in Maine in 1852. The organization quickly expanded through a series of mergers. Today, the company remains one of the most popular banks in the United States, with an extensive list of locations across the East Coast.

Does TD Bank offer brokerage services?

Technically, TD Ameritrade is a separate company and a division of Charles Schwab. If you’re looking for a top brokerage service, you aren’t going to find it with TD Bank. You’ll need to open a separate brokerage account. But that’s pretty standard for traditional banks like TD.

Does TD Bank offer overdraft protection?

TD Bank gives you a variety of choices for overdraft protection when you open a new checking account.

An overdraft happens when you don’t have enough money in your available balance to cover a transaction (e.g., you buy something for $50 but only have $30 in your account). 

If you overdraw your account by less than $5, the bank won’t charge an overdraft fee. Beyond that, TD offers a Standard Overdraft Protection service, the Debit Card Advance protection, and a Savings Overdraft Protection plan. 

For more information on overdraft protection, check out their offerings.

Does TD Bank have heavy service fees?

You need to be careful about monthly maintenance fees with TD Bank. The bank offers ways to avoid these charges. But many accounts come with substantial fees, especially compounded over time. 

As a best practice, always read the fine print before setting up an account so you’re aware of all the service fees. 

Is TD Bank FDIC-insured?

TD Bank is an FDIC-insured institution, meaning your account will be protected up to $250,000. So, in the unlikely event that something happens to the bank or your account, any amount of money up to $250,000 will be protected.

When do TD Bank promotions expire? 

With TD Bank and all banks, bonus offers and promotions tend to come and go. Always refer to the bank’s website to see when the current promotions expire. 

Does TD Bank have high ATM fees?

TD Bank doesn’t charge customers to access their ATMs. The company also has a reimbursement policy for non-TD ATM fees, giving you flexible access to cash when you’re traveling.

The Bottom Line

New customers really can’t go wrong with TD Bank. In many ways, the services are comparable to any other leading bank like Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, and PNC.

But when you factor in the current TD Bank promotions, the bank stands out as a top option for opening a new personal checking account or savings account.

As a disclaimer, TD Bank isn’t perfect. There are fees to watch out for and the interest rates aren’t stellar. Yet there are ways around the checking and savings fees. 

If you’re in the market for a new bank account and live on the East Coast, it’s definitely worth exploring all the options this bank has to offer.

Here’s to making the best decision when it comes to choosing your banking partner!

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