Best Bank Account Bonuses & Promotion Offers

When you find a solid savings or checking account, chances are, you’ll get comfortable with your bank – and you’ll never want to switch – unless you are eyeing one of the best bank account bonuses that could help pad your new account.

By staying with one bank your whole life, you’re missing out on some very attractive checking and savings account offers. I’m talking generous cash bonuses, which you could get just for opening a checking or savings account (or both!).

Whether you’re interested in what the best checking account offers are, or what rewards you could get for opening a new savings account – read on, because, in this post, I’m sharing the ultimate best bank account bonus offers right now.

Best Bank Promotions & Bonus Offers Right Now

Here are the best bank bonuses available right now:

  1. BMO Personal Checking: up to $500 bonus
  2. PNC Virtual Wallet: up to $400 bonus
  3. Chase Total Checking: Up to $300 bonus
  4. TD Bank: $300 bonus
  5. Fifth Third Bank: $200 bonus
  6. Wells Fargo Bank: $325 bonus
  7. Discover: $200 bonus
  8. Bank of America: $200 bonus
  9. Citi® Enhanced Direct Deposit: $300 bonus
  10. U.S. Bank: up to $700 bonus

1. BMO Checking – up to $500 Bonus

To receive up to a $500 welcome bonus, you may want to consider becoming a customer of BMO. BMO is offering excellent cash bonuses for opening a BMO Smart Advantage Checking, BMO Smart Money Checking or a Relationship Checking account before September 09, 2024.

To earn a $350 bonus:

  1. Open a new BMO Smart Advantage Checking or BMO Smart Money Checking account using the link below.
  2. Within 90 days, have a total of $4,000 in qualifying direct deposits.
  3. Bonus is credited directly to your checking account approximately 100 days after account opening.

To earn a $500 bonus:

  1. Open a new Relationship Checking account using the link below.
  2. Within 90 days, have a total of $7,500 in qualifying direct deposits.
  3. Bonus is paid approximately 100 days after account opening.

Conditions apply. BMO Bank N.A. Member FDIC. Offer ends 09/09/2024.

Learn more about the BMO checking bonuses

2. PNC Virtual Wallet – up to $400 Bonus

Earn up to $400 from PNC Bank for opening a new Virtual Wallet® account and completing qualifying activities.

If you change your Virtual Wallet product type after account opening, the product type that you are in at the end of the month in which you opened your account will determine your offer eligibility, terms and corresponding reward amount, if applicable.

Offer is only available in the following states: AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, NC, NJ, NY, NM, OH, PA, SC, TX, VA, WI, WV.

It’s important to note that the new account will not be eligible for offer if you or any signer on the new account has an existing PNC Bank consumer checking account or has closed an account within the past 90 days, or has been paid a PNC promotional premium in the past 24 months.

How To Qualify:

To qualify, open a Virtual Wallet® account online using the link provided below.

Within 60 days, complete the direct deposit requirements for the account package that you opened: Virtual Wallet® – $500+ to earn $100 bonus, Virtual Wallet® with Performance Spend – $2,000+ to earn $200 bonus, or Virtual Wallet® with Performance Select – $5,000+ to earn $400 bonus.

Bonus will be credited to your account within 60-90 days after meeting requirements.

Offer is contingent on product availability and may vary based on where you open your account and the Zip code of your primary address.

You can only receive one new checking account opening related bonus once every two years. If you change your Virtual Wallet product type after account opening, the product type that you are in at the end of the month in which you opened your account will determine your offer eligibility, terms and corresponding reward amount, if applicable.

A qualifying Direct Deposit for this offer, is defined as a recurring Direct Deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency into the Spend account of a Virtual Wallet with Performance Select, Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend, or Virtual Wallet. Credit card cash advance transfers, wire transfers, person to person transfers, transfers from one account to another or deposits made at a physical PNC location or ATM do not qualify as qualifying Direct Deposits.

3. Chase Total Checking – $300 Bonus

New customers who open a Chase Total Checking accounts can earn a $300 sign-up bonus with qualifying activities.

This account does have a monthly service fee – but you can avoid paying that if you know how to play by the rules.

To get the monthly fee waived, either receive direct deposits totaling $500 per monthly statement period, maintain a balance of $1,500 or more at the beginning of each day or an average beginning day balance of $5,000 in any combination of this account as well as linked Chase checking, savings, or other balances.

How To Qualify:

To earn the bonus, you’ll need to open a Chase Total Checking account through the link below.

Within 90 days, connect your direct deposit of at least $500.

Bonus will pay out within 15 days.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

4. TD Bank Beyond Checking – $300 Bonus

You can earn a $300 sign-up bonus with the TD Beyond Checking account when you open a new account and make $2,500 in direct deposits in the 60 days from account opening.

With TD Bank, you get access to approximately 1,300 free ATMs in the U.S. and get reimbursed for fees from other ATMs if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $2,500.

There is a monthly maintenance fee of $25, but you can go fee-free if you set up a monthly direct deposit of $5,000 or more, or maintain a daily balance of at least $2,500, or have a $25,000 combined balance across eligible TD accounts.

With TD Bank, you’ll also earn interest on your checking account. It may be small (up to 0.05% APY) – but that still means your money is growing. It could add up, especially if the amount you deposit into your account is quite substantial.

How To Qualify:

To qualify, deposit $25 into your new account, then receive at least $2,500 worth of qualifying deposits within 60 days.

5. Fifth Third Bank Momentum Checking – $200 Bonus

You can earn a $200 sign-up bonus with the Fifth Third Momentum® Checking account when you open a new account and make $500 in direct deposits in the 90 days from account opening.

You’ll need to get your personalized promo code, found at the link below.

Fifth Third can be hit or miss with offering bonuses so take advantage of it while you can.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to live in a state where they have a branch to qualify. This is limited to: FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, NC, OH, SC, TN, and WV

How To Qualify:

To qualify, open a new account with at least $25, then receive at least $500 worth of qualifying deposits within 90 days.

6. Wells Fargo Everyday Checking – $325 Bonus

Wells Fargo is rewarding new customers with a limited time $325 bonus for opening a new consumer checking account.

The account can be opened in a few easy steps online, which is a bonus if you prefer an online experience over visiting a bank branch.

The account does come with a $10 monthly service fee, which can be avoided if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • Qualifying direct deposits totaling $500
  • Have a $500 minimum daily balance
  • Have a linked Wells Fargo Campus Debit Card or Campus ATM
  • Must be 17 to 24 years old

How To Qualify:

To qualify for the Wells Fargo Bonus Offer, you will need to open an account with at least $25. You will also need to receive a total of $1,000 or more in qualifying direct deposits within 90 days of opening your account.

7. Discover Online Savings Account – $200 Bonus

Discover is one of the best online banks. If you’re looking for a solid national bank to store your cash, the Discover Online Savings account is a great place to do so. Plus you’ll get access to 60,000 ATMs. This is an interest-earning account at 4.25% APY.

You can get a $200 bonus just by signing up and completing the offer requirements listed below.

How To Qualify:

Learn about the Discover Savings Bonus, click “Apply Now” and use promocode GBPP324.You will have 30 days to transfer a total minimum amount of $15,000 in new money to earn $150 or $25,000 to earn $200.

Offer ends 06/13/2024

8. Bank of America – $200 Bonus

If you’re looking for a no-fuss way to qualify for a sign-up bonus, Bank of America offers just that.

Open a new checking account with promo code TWT200CIS by May 31, 2024, and set up + receive at least two qualifying direct deposits of $2,000 or more within the first 90 days of account opening. And – voila – the $200 bonus is yours!

The offer is only valid to new Bank of America checking account customers, so if you already have a checking account with the bank, you won’t qualify.

How To Qualify:

To qualify, open a Bank of America Advantage Banking account by January 31, 2024, and set up and receive two or more qualifying direct deposits of $2,000 or more within the first 90 days of account opening

9. Citi Enhanced Direct Deposit – $300 Bonus

Earn $300 from Citi® when you open a new Enhanced Direct Deposits checking account with required activities.

First, open a new eligible Citi Checking account with Enhanced Direct Deposits.

Then, within 90 days, complete at least 2 Enhanced Deposits directly into your new checking account totaling $1,500 or more. (Deposit your way from recurring paychecks, retirement payments, pensions, and more)

Once the required activities have been completed, the bonus will be deposited within 30 days.

Pretty simple right?

10. U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking – up to $700 Bonus

You can earn up to $700 when you open a new U.S. Bank Smartly®  Checking account and a Standard Savings account and complete qualifying activities. Subject to certain terms and limitations. Offer valid through June 27, 2024. Member FDIC.

Earn up to $500 with a new U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking account.

Complete the following within 90 days of account opening:

  • Make two or more direct deposit(s) totaling $3,000 to $4,999.99 to earn $100, $5,000 to $9,999.99 to earn $300 or $10,000 or more to earn $500
  • Enroll in online banking or the U.S. Bank Mobile App

Earn up to $200 with a new Standard Savings account.

  • Make new money deposit(s) totaling $15,000 or more by July 17, 2024
  • Maintain that balance until October 31, 2024

Offer may not be available if you live outside the U.S. Bank footprint or are not an existing client of U.S. Bank or State Farm.

U.S. Bank frequently has signup bonuses, and this one is on par compared to previous ones.

How to Choose the Best Bank Promotion For You

Checking and savings account offers aside, the bank you choose should tick more than just the new account bonus box.

There are so many options to choose from that finding the one bank that is the absolute best option for your financial needs is becoming more difficult.

However, it’s not impossible! Make sure you do your research and look beyond the sign-up bonus. And be sure to make sure you can qualify for the bonus. Sometimes the direct deposit requirements are pretty high.

There’s so much more to get excited about when you’re thinking about switching banks — things like excellent interest rates, no monthly maintenance fees, or quick and free access to thousands of ATMs.

Think about what’s important to you:

  • Being able to bank on the go with a top-rated app?
  • Ability to speak to a representative face-to-face when you have questions?
  • You’d like to only use one financial institution for all your financial needs – such as a checking account, a savings account, and perhaps even investments?
  • Maybe you want a bank with ATMs everywhere you go?

Thinking about the features that are important to you will help make sure you pick the bank provider that’s right for you. That way, you’ll be making sure that the work you put in earns you not just the bonus – but also a solid banking experience in the long run.

Online Banks and Credit Unions

Your best option for a bank may not be a national bank. More and more online banks have personal checking accounts which could give an online bank the muscle you need in an everyday bank.

Online banks tend to have high-yield savings accounts and money market accounts that pay higher rates of return on your savings.

Finding an ATM will be harder with most online-only banks, but several banks reimburse ATM fees when you need to use another bank’s machine. Be sure to find out how many reimbursements you can get during each statement cycle.

Account holders at many online banks like to have accounts at a local national bank or credit union, too. This way you could connect your local and online banks, making transfers more seamless.

For example, you could make a cash deposit through your local bank or credit union and then transfer the money into your online savings account.

Of course, make sure any bank — local or online — has FDIC protections in place.

Didn’t See a Bonus Offer For You? These Banks Run Frequent Bonuses

Not all of these banks run bank offers all the time, so they may not appear on my list above right now.

But if you’d like to shop for bonuses before opening a deposit account, you may be able to find bonuses with these banks:

  • CIT Bank Promotions – I especially like the CD laddering you can get any time at this online bank.
  • Citibank Promotions – Not connected to CIT Bank; a huge financial institution with branches and ATMs everywhere. Look for the Citi Priority Account Package account promotion.
  • Chase Bank Promotions – A full-service bank with branches and ATMs all over.
  • US Bank Promotions – US Bank is the 5th largest bank in the US.
  • Bank of America Promotions – BOA offers numerous promotions and extra perks for account holders.
  • TD Bank Promotions – Checking and savings accounts often come with a nice sign-up bonus.
  • PNC Bank – Virtual Wallet helped pioneer online banking way back when. Look for bonuses when you open a Performance Spend or Performance Select checking account.
  • Huntington Bank – the Huntington 5 checking offers come up once in a while. Anyone can open an account, but the bank’s footprint covers states like Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Indiana.
  • (Truist) SunTrust – Another bank with a regional footprint (in Florida, Texas, and other Sun Belt states). The Essential Checking Account runs bonus offers from time to time. SunTrust and BB&T have merged to become Truist.
  • American Express – It’s not just a credit card anymore. American Express Bank is great for online savings.
  • Discover Bank – Another staple of the credit card industry with a solid online bank.
  • Fifth Third Bank – great for business checking accounts.
  • BMO Harris – a good combination online/in-person options in states with locations that include Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Florida, and Wisconsin.
  • Chime – a simple option for millennials.
  • Ally – full-service but online.
  • Citizens Bank – An East Coast option that also excels with private student loans.

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