Citibank Bonuses & Promotions for June 2024

CitiBank is the third-largest bank in the nation, with more than 2 million customers. To attract new accountholders, Citi consistently features promotions and bank bonuses.

Most account promotions have some required activities, like making a minimum deposit or maintaining an average monthly balance. Offers can also vary based on your ZIP code, so it’s important to understand the eligibility requirements for each offer.

Current CitiBank Promotions & Bonuses for June 2024

Citibank is currently offering a varied selection of promotions and bonuses aimed at different types of clients.

If you’re looking at opening a new Citi checking account or savings account, or you need a credit or debit card, you can make the most of it with these Citi offers:

  1. Citi® Checking Account Bonus: $300
  2. Citi® Savings Account Bonus: 4.45% APY
  3. Citi® Wealth Management Bonus: Up to $5,000 Cash Bonus
  4. Citi® Self Invest Bonus: Up to $500
  5. Citi® Mortgage with Relationship Pricing: $500
  6. Citi® Credit Card Promotions

1. Citi® Enhanced Direct Deposit Bonus: $300

New for 2024, Citi is offering what they call an Enhanced Direct Deposit Bonus.

Earn $300 from Citi® when you open a new Enhanced Direct Deposits checking account with required activities.

First, open a new eligible Citi Checking account with Enhanced Direct Deposits.

Then, within 90 days, complete at least 2 Enhanced Deposits directly into your new checking account totaling $1,500 or more. (Deposit your way from recurring paychecks, retirement payments, pensions, and more)

Once the required activities have been completed, the bonus will be deposited within 30 days.

2. Citi Savings Account Bonus: 4.45% APY

Citi isn’t currently offering any cash bonuses for opening a new Accelerate savings account, but it does have a high interest rate that’s worth considering.

While some of the best high-yield savings accounts from online banks offer higher APY than Citi’s ongoing rate, its savings bonus rate is very competitive.

3. Citi Wealth Management Bonus: Up to $5,000 Cash Bonus

In addition to its bank accounts, Citi offers a Personal Wealth Management membership. When you enroll, you get personalized guidance from a financial advisor, market data, commission-free ETF and equity trades, and access to Citi’s investing platform.

And for a limited time, Citi is offering a $5,000 cash bonus when you open and fund a new investing account. Here are the details:

  • Offer: You can earn a $500 to $5,000 bonus when you deposit at least $50,000, with tiered earnings based on your account balance.
  • Requirements: To earn the bonus, you must open a Citi Personal Wealth Management account, fund it with a minimum deposit of at least $50,000, enroll in paperless statements, and keep your balance according to Citi’s Maintain Funds deadlines outlined in the terms of the offer.
  • Monthly fee: The Personal Wealth Management Account doesn’t come with a monthly fee. Instead, Citi charges an assets under management (AUM) fee.

Here’s a breakdown of the bonus tiers for this offer:

Account Funds Bonus Amount
$50,000-$199,999 $500
$200,000-$499,999 $1,000
$500,000-$999,999 $2,000
$1,000,000-$1,999,999 $3,000
$2,000,000 and up $5,000

4. Citi Self Invest: Up to $500

As its name suggests, Citi Self Invest is a self-directed investing account. It has no commissions or account minimums and comes with a wealth of investing news and educational resources.

New and existing accountholders can earn up to $500 when they meet certain funding requirements.

  • Offer: You can earn a $100 to $500 bonus when you deposit at least $10,000 of New-to-Citibank funds into your Citi Self Invest Account. New-to-Citi funds must be deposited from external accounts.
  • Requirements: To earn the bonus, you must fund a Self Invest account with at least $10,000, enroll in paperless statements, and meet Citi’s Maintain Funds deadlines requirements, which are specified in the terms of the offer.
  • Monthly fee: Citi Self-Invest doesn’t come with any monthly service fees.
Account Funds Bonus Amount
$10,000-$49,999 $100
$50,000-$199,999 $200
$200,000 and up $500

5. Citi Mortgage with Relationship Pricing: $500 – up to 5/8% Off Interest Rate

Citi is also a popular mortgage lender. One of the perks of banking with Citi is getting exclusive savings offers on their other financial products.

With Relationship Pricing, current Citi Bank deposit accountholders can enjoy a closing cost credit or interest rate reduction when they take out a mortgage through Citi.

  • Offer: You can earn anywhere from $500 off closing costs up to a .625% discount on your Citi mortgage rate.
  • Requirements: To access this discount, you must have a Citi deposit account and automatically draft mortgage payments from one of your Citi accounts. Relationship Pricing is tiered, and the discount you’re eligible for is based on all balances in your Citi deposit and investing accounts.
  • Monthly fee: NA
Account Funds Relationship Pricing
$1-$49,999 $500 off closing
$50,000-$199,999 1/8% off mortgage rate
$200,000-$499,999 1/4% off mortgage rate
$500,000-$999,000 3/8% off mortgage rate
$1,000,000-$1,999,999 1/2% off mortgage rate
$2,000,000 and up 5/8% off mortgage rate

6. Citibank Credit Card Promotions

Citibank offers a number of competitive credit card offers, with bonuses that are easy to take advantage of.

Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®: 50,000 Bonus Miles

With this card, you can earn twice the AAdvantage miles for every dollar spent on eligible American Airlines purchases, enjoy a free checked bag for you and companions (up to 8) on domestic American Airlines flights, and get Admirals Club access.

  • Offer: You can earn 5,000 bonus miles when you open a new account and meet minimum requirements.
  • Requirements: To qualify, you need to spend $5,000 within 3 months of opening the account. You can also get 10,000 additional American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles when you spend $40,000 within a year.
  • Fee: $450 annual fee

Citi® Double Cash Card: 18 Months 0% APR on Balance Transfers

With the Double Cash Card, you can earn 1% cashback on purchases when you buy and earn another 1% cashback when you pay.

  • Offer: The card offers an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers for the first 18 months.
  • Requirements: The balance transfer has to be completed in the first four months of opening your account.
  • Fee: No annual fee

Citi Rewards+℠ Card: 20,000 Bonus Points

Citi Rewards+ offers two times the ThankYou points for the first $6,000 spent at supermarkets and gas stations per year, along with a solid bonus.

  • Offer: You can earn 20,000 bonus points, which can be redeemed for $200 of travel rewards or gift cards.
  • Requirements: To earn the bonus, you need to spend $1,500 on the card in the first three months.
  • Fee: No annual fee

CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard: 65,000 bonus miles

This card earns twice the AAdvantage miles for ever dollar spent on eligible purchases at American Airlines, telecomms, cable and satellite, car rentals, and gas stations.

You also get a free checked bag on American Airlines domestic flights and 25% savings on inflight American Airlines Wi-Fi.

  • Offer: With qualifying purchases, you get 65,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles.
  • Requirements: To be eligible, you need to make $4,000 in purchases within four months of opening the account.
  • Fee: Annual fee of $99 (free for the first year)

American Airlines AAdvantage MileUp Card: $50 statement credit + 10,000 bonus miles

With this AAdvantage card, you can earn double the AAdvantage miles for each dollar spent on groceries and eligible American Airlines purchases. You’ll also save 25% on American Airlines inflight food and beverage purchases.

  • Offer: You can get 10,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles and a $50 statement credit with qualifying
  • Requirements: To be eligible, you need to make $500 in purchases within three months of opening the account.
  • Fee: No annual fee

Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard: 50,000 bonus miles

This card offers twice the AAdvantage miles for every dollar spent on gas stations, restaurants, and American Airlines purchases and comes with perks like preferred boarding and a free checked bag on American Airlines flights.

You can also earn a $125 American Airlines Flight discount after spending $20,000 in a year and renewing your card.

  • Offer: You’ll earn 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles with qualifying
  • Requirements: To get the 50,000 bonus miles, you need to spend $2,500 within three months of opening the account.
  • Fee: $99 annual fee (free for the first year)

Tips for Citibank Promotions

By taking advantage of these sign-up bonuses and promotions, you could be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but you need to be smart about it.

  • Understand minimum requirements: Read the fine print to make sure you qualify for the bonus offer. Check for balance or spending requirements and funding deadlines.
  • Check the expiration date: While some offers are ongoing, many of Citi’s promotions run for a limited time. Make sure to open an account in time to reap the benefits.
  • Keep checking: CitiBank’s promotions change regularly. While Citi might not offer a business checking account bonus today, it has in the past and could tomorrow. Frequently check this guide and Citi’s website for new offers.
  • Enroll right: You aren’t guaranteed to get a bonus just because you open an account. Make sure to apply directly through a promo link or explicitly tell a banker if you’re signing up in-person or over the phone that you’re interested in the bonus.

About Citibank

Citibank is the retail banking arm of Citigroup and is considered the third-largest bank in the US, behind Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase.

The FDIC-insured financial institution is headquartered in New York. In addition to being a popular hub for personal banking, It’s also the world’s largest credit card issuer.

The bank offers many types of accounts – from personal checking to money market and investment accounts, with free accounts and some with account fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bank bonuses from Citi taxable?

Bank bonuses count as taxable income, so you should be sure to factor them into your tax planning. However, credit card bonuses are often excluded from taxes because you’re typically required to spend money to earn rewards.

How often can you get a Citi bonus?

Citi bonuses typically have a 2-year limit, meaning you can’t earn another welcome bonus if you’ve gotten one in that category in the last two years.

Is Citibank hard to get?

Citibank’s checking and savings accounts are easy to get approved for and open. That being said, its credit cards can be difficult to qualify for unless you have a good to excellent credit score.

Are Citibank Bonuses Best For You?

Citibank isn’t the only bank with ongoing bonuses and promotions. Others, such as Chase Bank and HSBC Bank, have their own promotions.

However, Citibank’s promotions and rates are some of the best on the market, making them worth your consideration.

If you’re a non-Citi customer, these promotions are the perfect opportunity to make the switch. Before you do, make sure you compare it to other banks.

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