Best Places to DoorDash in 2024: Top DoorDash Cities

DoorDash can be a great way to earn side income in some areas. The key is to know the best places to DoorDash.

Like any side gig, there are both peak and slow times, but the places I’ve found with the highest earnings and most significant demand will help you reach your goals the fastest.

9 Best States to DoorDash

So where are the best places to DoorDash? Here are the top cities and states to help you determine if DoorDash is a good option where you live.

1. Arizona

The most popular Arizona city for DoorDash is Phoenix. There are 1,070 restaurants in this city, giving drivers plenty of opportunities to make money.

But it’s not just Phoenix that is bustling with DoorDash deliveries; Chandler, Mesa, and Tucson are busy cities too.

DoorDash has even opened a Dashmart in Tucscon, a DoorDash-owned convenience store with just about anything households need, providing more opportunities for drivers.

2. California

California is one of the United States’ most populated states, so it makes sense that it makes our list of the best places to DoorDash. The more people there are, the greater the demand for food deliveries!

Since DoorDash is a San Francisco-based company, it’s no surprise they have a hold on the market share in the state. According to Statista research, DoorDash holds 74% of the market share in San Francisco, and there are 3,425 restaurants for customers to consider.

Los Angeles has an impressive 4,600 restaurants, and Hollywood has 3,943.

3. Florida

While not as populous as California, Dashers in Florida’s larger cities can make a decent earning. Stick to Orlando, Miami, or Tampa, focus on the downtown areas, and determine the best hours for DoorDash in each area to maximize your earnings.

The most popular Florida cities have around 1,000 restaurants working with DoorDash, significantly lower than many others on the list. But, when you provide excellent customer service and know the best times to work, you can make a decent side income as a Dasher in Florida.

4. Georgia

Georgia is a great place for DoorDash drivers, especially if you live near Atlanta.

Currently, Georgia’s government is trying to pass a bill to make food delivery services fair for restaurants and customers, ensuring all legalities are covered, and customers’ safety and sanitation are protected, such as no animals or vaping in the vehicle while delivering food.

Unlike California and Arizona, though, cities in Georgia have 100 to 1,000 restaurants working with DoorDash, and Atlanta has 1,359 restaurants.

5. Illinois

Illinois is popular for DoorDash, especially in big cities like Chicago. However, there is a downside to this Midwest state. The City of Chicago put a cap on the fees third-party delivery services like DoorDash can charge, allowing a maximum fee of 15%.

This can be good for drivers because customers pay less in delivery fees and may tip more. However, DoorDash charges more for food in those areas, still hitting customers’ pockets. But many people are willing to tip more when it’s a percentage of their food bill, not a third-party delivery fee.

Despite its vast size, Chicago has 940 DoorDash restaurants, and popular suburbs outside the city have approximately 500 each. To make the most of your time Dashing in Illinois, determine which cities are the busiest when you can work.

6. Michigan

You might not initially think of Michigan as one of the best places to DoorDash, but since it’s one of the top ten most populated states, it naturally makes it a good choice for gig apps.

Sticking to the bigger cities in Michigan like Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing will provide you with the highest potential earnings, with 300 to 700+ restaurants working with DoorDash in each city.

7. New York

New York probably isn’t a surprise to see on the list of the best places to DoorDash; however, there’s a downside. Like Chicago, New York has a cap on how much third-party delivery services can charge, decreasing your DoorDash pay.

But there’s an unsurprising statistic to make up for it. In New York City alone, there are 7,219 DoorDash restaurants, so chances are you’ll never find a ‘slow time’ to deliver.

Like any state, though, there are smaller and slower cities, so be sure to research the demand before signing up to deliver for DoorDash in areas that might not be as profitable as the Big Apple.

8. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a good place for DoorDash, mostly if you live in or near Philadephia. With over half of the market share in this city with 1.567 million people, there’s always a need for Dashers.

However, in PA, DoorDash has a fierce competitor in Grubhub, always tailing its heels in market share. Sometimes it’s a good idea to drive for both and be active on the app. That’s the best when you can work.

9. Texas

With an estimated 30,5 million people, Texas is the second largest state, with plenty of room for more Dashers. You’ll have the most luck in larger cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Each city has approximately 1,000 restaurants working with DoorDash, so while smaller than California, the mass population has more opportunities to make money driving.

One benefit of driving for DoorDash in Texas is the lower gas prices and cost of living than other large states, especially California. Because of this, Texas Dashers may be able to support themselves working with DoorDash, whereas, in other states, it’s usually not possible.

11 Best Cities to DoorDash

According to the latest data from 2021, the following are the best cities for DoorDash:

  1. San Francisco, CA: This city in the most populated state in the country has 74% of the market share, with 3,454 restaurants in that city alone working with DoorDash.
  2. Houston, TX: In second place, Houston has 63% of the market share.
  3. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX: Carrying 56% of the market share, Dallas-Fort Worth is a great place to drive for DoorDash.
  4. Phoenix, AZ: With 993 restaurants, Phoenix, Arizona is one of the top places for Dashers.
  5. Washington DC: With 2,008 restaurants working with DoorDash in Washington DC, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best cities to DoorDash.
  6. Atlanta, GA: Tying with Washington, DC, with 45% of the market share.
  7. Los Angeles, CA: California is one of the largest states to DoorDash, and Los Angeles is one of the hotspots, next to San Francisco, with 41% of the market share.
  8. Chicago, IL: In Illinois, Chicago has 37% of the market share.
  9. New York City, NY: At 34% of the market share of New York, NYC is bustling, with over 6,000 restaurants partnering with DoorDash.
  10. Boston, MA: Boston has 33% of the food delivery service in MA and over 1,700 restaurants to deliver for within the eastern city.
  11. Miami, FL: It’s known for its bustling nightlife, but Miami is also a popular place for DoorDash, with 31% of Florida’s market share there.

Hotspots: Finding the Best DoorDash Locations Near Me

Choosing the best cities for DoorDash is only the start. To maximize your earnings, you should find hotspots, which DoorDash fortunately makes simple to do.

When you open the DoorDash app, you’ll see areas indicated as hotspots, aka areas with lots of orders. DoorDash suggests that drivers position themselves near the areas with hotspots to make the most money.

Keep in mind the hotspots will change daily and even throughout the day, so don’t assume the hotspot you found today will be the same tomorrow. Always check the app to see what’s hot.

But, DoorDash provides an even more detailed way to find the best places to dash. The flame icon indicates a historically busy area, while a highlighted area (in red) indicates the area is busy right now.

So you have options if you need to search DoorDash locations near me. Stick to your tried and true areas, or follow the highlighted areas to get in on the hottest action.


Knowing the best places to DoorDash is just the start of your journey as a gig economy worker. Here are more questions to consider.

Is DoorDash Available in All 50 States?

Yes! Since 2019, DoorDash has been available in all 50 states, which isn’t something most delivery apps can say.

How Many People Use DoorDash?

According to recent Rideshare Guy statistics, DoorDash has over 34 million active users and 15 million DashPass members, which are members paying a monthly fee to use DoorDash.

What Foods Sell Most on DoorDash?

The foods that sell the most on DoorDash may not be surprising. According to DoorDash’s 2023 Dash from the Past report, here are the five most popular foods on the app:

  • Fries
  • Chicken quesadillas
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Garlic naan
  • Spicy chicken sandwiches

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