11 Best Stock Research Websites of 2024

The internet has hundreds of stock research websites, all promising the best and most up-to-date data, so how do you choose?

I’ve narrowed down the best stock research websites and their features to help determine which is right.

11 Best Stock Research Websites

Here are the best websites to research stocks right now:

  1. Motley Fool
  2. Seeking Alpha
  3. Stock Rover
  4. Morningstar
  5. Zacks Investment Research
  6. Benzinga Pro
  7. Tradestation Analytics
  8. Trade Ideas
  9. Trading View
  10. Google Finance
  11. Yahoo! Finance

1. Motley Fool

Cost: $199 – $299/year

Motley Fool is a household name when it comes to analyzing stocks. Tom and David Gardner founded Motley Fool, providing stock analysis and research for investors.

While anyone can browse their website and educational material, the real benefits come from their newsletters – Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Motley Fool Rule Breakers.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is for the investor looking for a buy-and-hold strategy. The stocks recommended in this service should be held for five years, and the stocks chosen are the top stocks set to beat the market with steady returns.

Stock Advisor’s picks over the last 15 years have had a steady return of 332% versus the S&P 500’s return of 110%.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisors service offers the following:

  • Stocks to create your portfolio
  • Two new stock picks monthly
  • 10 stocks to buy now, which are picked from the 300 stocks they follow
  • Plenty of educational resources

Motley Fool Rule Breakers

Motley Fool Rule Breakers is for aggressive investors looking to break into emerging markets and competitive company stocks. They focus on growth stocks that are on the mark to beat the competitors and set industry records.

Overall, Rule Breakers has had a 177% return since its inception compared to the S&P 500’s return of 94%. Moreover, their recommendations have beat many of the most successful Wall Street investors.

The Motley Fool Rule Breaker’s service offers the following:

  • Stocks to start your portfolio with
  • One new stock recommendation with complete analysis and explanation on the second and fourth Thursday of each month
  • Five stocks to buy now, which are previously recommended stocks that Rule Breakers still feels are a good fit on the third Thursday of each month

Best For

Motley Fool’s services are great for any investor. So whether you’re starting your portfolio and want guidance to set up a steady and profitable portfolio or are ready to break into growth stocks and emerging markets, there is a newsletter for you.

Why Choose

Motley Fool has been around for many years and has proven that both services beat the S&P 500 regularly. So it can be a good option if you’re looking for a service that picks your stocks for you while also providing analyses to understand why they were chosen.

2. Seeking Alpha

Cost: Free – $2,400/year

Seeking Alpha is another stock analysis website that’s been around for many years. They offer a free service that anyone can use, as well as a Premium and Pro service.

Seeking Alpha comprises 16,000+ contributors providing their opinion and stock analysis. In-house editors edit all content before being published, and you’ll also have access to real-time updates, breaking news, market data, and crowdsourced debates.

Seeking Alpha Basic and Premium members have access to the website’s content, analyses, and a large pool of investors to bounce ideas off of or to learn from. Alpha Picks is for the investor who wants data-driven stock picks sent to them monthly rather than perusing the website and its information themselves.

Seeking Alpha Picks: $449/year

Seeking Alpha Picks is a data-driven stock recommendation service. You’ll receive two stock picks monthly based on in-depth data analysis, not just what’s trending. Seeking Alpha Pro regularly beat the S&P 500 by 180 points.

The picks have strict criteria, including:

  • Must have a stock price higher than $10
  • Must have a high Quant rating for 75 days
  • Must be a large-cap stock and not recommended in the last year

Seeking Alpha Premium: $189/year + 7 day free trial

Seeking Alpha Premium is a stock analysis website and recommendation service. You’ll receive help managing your portfolio and have a large pool of professional investors who can help you evaluate your portfolio or get new investment ideas.

You get to see the ratings of the authors writing content and have exclusive access to expert analyses.

Seeking Alpha Premium includes access to stock screeners, financial statements and call transcripts, and dividend earnings forecasts.

Best For

Seeking Alpha is for the advanced investor looking to level up from their starter portfolio. It provides a lot of fundamental and technical information, so it’s best for the DIY investor who wants to learn more about investing and leveling up their portfolio.

Why Choose

Seeking Alpha should do the trick if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all the information you need to make good stock selections. The Premium service offers the most benefits because you can find the information you need and then do what you want with it. You also get access to thousands of professionals to help with your decisions.

3. Stock Rover

Cost: $7.99 – $17.99/month

Stock Rover is a powerful website for analyzing stocks. It provides fundamental analysis, which is great for DIY investors. Stock Rover also tracks and manages your portfolios in one place to help you understand where you stand and which investment decisions to make.

Stock Rover makes hard-to-understand stock data simple with user-friendly reports, charts, and tables. You can view them online or download them to your device to review later. Stock Rover also offers powerful backtesting, portfolio analyses, and stock screeners.

The largest benefit of Stock Rover is its portfolio analyses. You connect your brokerage accounts, and in read-only format, you’ll receive real-time analyses. This can help you decide how to reach your financial goals.

The service also provides real-time alerts using a stock screener and texting to alert you of any stocks trading low that could be a good buy.

Subscribers also receive the following:

  • Performance reports via email
  • Rebalancing tools
  • Trade planning and correlation tools

Best For

Stock Rover is best for investors looking for fundamental analyses, especially due to its stock screener capabilities.

Why Choose

If you’re looking for a portfolio analysis website and information personalized to your needs, you’ll find it with Stock Rover. Depending on the plan, you can get data from 5 to 10 years ago to help with your decisions, along with hundreds of financial metrics and detailed analytics.

4. Morningstar

Cost: $34.95/month

Morningstar has been a top-rated stock analysis website for years, and many of its services are free, including stock research tools and in-depth reporting on the economy and stock markets.

You’ll also find plenty of educational articles to help beginners start, and experts level up their portfolios. In addition, news feeds, charts, and company data help investors around the country create their portfolios.

Like most stock analysis websites, Morningstar has a premium version offering stock picks and other financial tools.

On Morningstar, investors can do the following:

  • Use stock screeners for stock research
  • Get access to premium data and stock ratings
  • Use Portfolio X-Ray to get a 360-degree view of your portfolio and what you should rebalance and/or change

Best For

Morningstar is best for investors looking for fundamental analyses. There’s little technical analysis, so you’d be disappointed if you’re a more advanced/technical investor. It’s meant for investors looking for hard data to create profitable portfolios.

Why Choose

Morningstar is user-friendly. All their data is sorted by top stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs based on the proprietary data so investors can choose the right investments for their goals. Morningstar also offers premium tools, including tax planning, retirement, and personal finance tools.

Many free stock investing apps use Morningstar data to push out to their audience, so that tells you how reliable the information is, but to get the full effect, a premium membership is best.

5. Zacks Investment Research

Cost: $249 per year

Zacks Investment Research is a great stock research website offering a premium service. However, the free content is past content to show potential customers how worthy and reliable their content is, so you’ll want to subscribe.

Investors get access to all premium tools with a Zacks Premium membership. There aren’t any newsletters sent, though. Instead, you must log into the website and view the tools yourself, or you can research individual stocks. In addition, each of the lists offered in the Premium subscription is exclusive and private, giving you access to top-notch information to help you build your portfolio.

Also, you get free access to general market and economic data. Free viewers can also access daily picks for two bear and two bull stocks.

But the premium membership offers much more, including:

  • Zacks #1 Rank List
  • Industry Rank List
  • Premium stock screening
  • Focus list of the top 50 stocks selected by Morningstar professionals
  • Style scores that help you choose the stocks that fit your needs
  • A list of the best earnings surprise stocks

Best For

Zacks Investment Research is best for investors who rely heavily on research to make investing decisions. Investors highly covet Zacks ranking systems

Why Choose

Zacks Research offers everything you need if you like to do your research but want powerful information at your fingertips to help. You don’t have to worry about daily or weekly newsletters. Instead, you log into the platform when ready to research your way, which is a great option for many DIY investors.

6. Benzinga Pro

Cost: $27 – $177/month

Benzinga Pro provides access to breaking news before it affects the market. The service covers thousands of public companies to give day and swing traders the information they need to make swift decisions.

You can customize your newsfeed to get the most important information about your portfolio in real-time.

Benzinga Pro is an intuitive and fast-moving dashboard that provides all the information day and swing traders need in one place. It’s the fastest newsfeed available, and you can set up custom filters or do keyword searches to get your hands on the necessary information.

Other Features Include:

  • Insider Trading Tracker – Learn what the ‘insiders’ aka company owners and executives, are doing with company stock so you can make decisions too
  • Calendar – Have access to earnings and dividend report releases, IPOs, and economic data updates
  • Audio Squawk – Get audio access to breaking news
  • Charting – Chart stocks for a better view of your portfolio’s performance
  • Stock scanner – Get updates in real-time for your chosen stocks

Best For

Benzinga Pro is best for day and swing traders or anyone who needs breaking news fast to make swift decisions.

Why Choose

Choose Benzinga Pro if you’re tired of being the last to hear the news and it affects your portfolio. You’ll have real-time information that allows you to make investment decisions in seconds.

7. TradeStation Analytics

Cost: Free with a brokerage account

TradeStation Analytics is a trading platform with powerful analytic tools. If you use their brokerage services, you get access to the analytics for free.

The website can analyze stocks, ETFs, futures, and options. The platform also includes access to tools like backtesting, charting, and intraday data.

All TradeStation analytics tools are on their desktop platform. They include:

  • RadarScreen to take advantage of investment opportunities in real-time
  • Matrix for advice on when to get in and out of investments
  • OptionStation Pro to help with trading options
  • EasyLanguage to create custom indicators
  • Portfolio Maestro for backtesting
  • TradeStation Scanner for advanced stock screening

Best For

TradeStation Analytics is good for any investor but makes the most sense for TradeStation investors. The platform is great for beginners or experienced investors and offers many tools.

Why Choose

If you want a brokerage and analytics program in one, TradeStation is the right choice. You’ll get everything you need to analyze your decisions while making decisions in real-time.

8. Trade Ideas

Cost: $84 to $167 a month

Trade Ideas uses artificial intelligence to provide stock research. The AI assistant, Holly, looks at all aspects of a trade, including the technical, fundamental, and earnings data. All recommendations are in real-time, and the AI assistant runs 1 million+ trades nightly to provide investors with opportunities as the market opens.

Trade Ideas also offers a simulated trading room in real-time, allowing you to test your strategies without risking real money.

In addition to the AI assistant and virtual trading room, you get access to price alerts which provides five trade ideas weekly. You’ll also receive a weekly newsletter highlighting the trade of the week that the AI assistant chose for subscribers.

Best For

Trade Ideas does more than give you data, like other websites. Instead, they give you the tools to make decisions you wouldn’t get elsewhere. You can try the ideas out on a practice platform before going live. Then, if all goes as planned, you can execute the trades in real time. If you have a brokerage account with E*TRADE, TD Ameritrade, or Interactive Brokers, you can connect directly through them and automatically make the trade.

Why Choose

Trade Ideas, as the name suggests, provides subscribers with ideas for trades you might not find elsewhere. They look for unusual trade activity to make their suggestions. You can use their suggestions or put your twist on them to make the selections your own.

9. Trading View

Cost: $14.95 – $59.95/month

TradingView is a technical analysis website for stock investors. They offer over 50 data feeds for advanced investors to make significant investment decisions. It has all the features you’d expect from a website for stock analysis, including real-time data, complex charts, stock screeners, and indicators.

The interface moves at lightning speeds and is reliable, helping day, and swing traders make fast decisions.

TradingView has 30 million investors who collaborate, using the charting and screeners from TradingView to develop trade ideas.

You’ll receive the following:

  • Access to hundreds of pre-built studies
  • Access to over 50 drawing tools
  • Access to volume profile indicators
  • Analyses over multiple timeframes
  • 12+ alert conditions in real-time
  • Ability to create your indicators and strategies

Best For

TradingView is best for advanced investors, especially for day and swing traders. Its fast data gives you the information you need to make split-second decisions.

Why Choose

If you’re a day trader looking for real-time, fast data and the ability to collaborate with thousands of other investors, TradingView is a good option. You can research from anywhere and execute your trades in real-time.

10. Google Finance

Cost: Free

What’s not to love about something from Google, right? For starters, it’s free, so that’s a positive. Second, it’s a good way for new or experienced investors looking to DIY their portfolios to get their feet wet.

Not surprisingly, you’ll have access to a large amount of financial data, including breaking news and stock updates.

You won’t fancy tools or even stock screeners on Google Finance. However, you will find financial news, worldwide stock indices, and currency data. You can also create a watchlist with your chosen assets.

Best For

Google Finance is best for investors trying to decide if a stock analysis subscription is for them. Since it’s free, the tools are somewhat limited but robust enough to decide if you want to upgrade to another service.

Why Choose

Choose Google Finance as your first option when evaluating your portfolio. It will help you determine if you’ll use real-time news and stock updates to make investing decisions.

11. Yahoo! Finance

Cost: $20.83 – $29.16/month

Yahoo! Finance has always been a powerful stock analysis website that offers a plethora of information. In addition, the site offers many free features and a premium service, helping beginning and experienced investors get helpful information.

The premium version includes the following:

  • Research reports from Morningstar
  • Historical charting and patterns
  • Robust charting
  • Trade ideas
  • Stock analysis
  • Community insights

Best For

Yahoo! Finance is good for any investor. They offer breaking news, advanced data charting, and stock screeners. Even the free version is a good stepping stone for new investors.

Why Choose

Choose Yahoo! Finance if you want a robust option for stock analysis, but want it in a user-friendly manner. Yahoo! Finance is great for beginners and experienced investors who want a little bit of everything in one place.

What Is a Stock Analysis and Investing Website?

A stock analysis and investing website breaks down information to help you research investments and build a profitable portfolio. Research is integral to your investing success, but it can be time-consuming.

A stock analysis website provides everything in one place, so you know what to expect.

Types of Analysis

Stock analysis websites have two types of analysis – technical and fundamental. Here’s how they differ.

  1. Technical: Technical analysis looks at a stock’s trading patterns and historical information. This analysis believes past trading activity can indicate what’s to come.
  2. Fundamental: Fundamental analysis looks at how a company operates and its growth potential. It focuses on a stock’s value and how it fits into the economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top stock analysis websites will help you make important decisions with your portfolio. Still have questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why Is Stock Market Research Important for Your Investments?

No one should invest blindly. Stock market research ensures you make informed decisions based on the market and individual company’s performance, using both past and present information.

Is There a Best Way to Research Stocks?

The best way to research stocks is the way you’ll use them consistently. Most people prefer a service that does it for them, providing everything in an easy-to-read format.

Why Should Someone Start Investing?

Investing helps you reach your financial goals. The earlier you invest, the more time your money has to grow. Investing helps you increase your income passively, allowing you to enjoy your free time while reaching short and long-term goals.

How to Pick the Best Stock Research Website?

Choose the stock analysis website that resonates with you the most. Think about the type of investor you are and the type of data you’d use. Don’t pay for a service that offers services you won’t use, but also don’t undercut yourself and pay for a service that doesn’t provide everything you need.

Which Stock Website Is the Best Out of Them All?

Motley Fool is the most popular stock website, and it has two options for conservative and aggressive investors. First, it’s affordable and helps you build a portfolio based on your risk tolerance.

Which Website Is Best for Stock Market News?

Seeking Alpha provides the most robust and up-to-the-minute stock market news.

How Can I Find the Best Stock?

A stock research website will help you find the best stock. Since the ‘best stock’ changes daily and sometimes multiple times a day, use real-time research to make your decision.

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