19 Best Stock News Apps & Sites

Timing is the key to successful investing. One missed snippet of news, and you could lose out on a great investment or lose money on an investment you already own. The best stock news apps and sites push through data in real-time, so you’re always on top of the latest news.

Every investor has different needs for news, with some needing information the minute it happens, while others prefer to access it on their own time.

Here are the top stock news apps and sites to help you make informed investing decisions.

19 Best Stock News Apps & Sites

I’ve chosen the top stock news apps to help you understand what they offer and how they work.

Of course, no two investors have the same needs, so determine what type of information you want, including the format, and choose from the options below.

  1. Motley Fool Stock Advisors
  2. Motley Fool Rule Breakers
  3. Seeking Alpha Premium
  4. Robinhood
  5. Webull
  6. CNBC
  7. Yahoo! Finance
  8. MarketWatch
  9. StockTwits
  10. Barron’s
  11. The Wall Street Journal
  12. E*Trade
  13. Bloomberg
  14. Forbes
  15. TheStreet
  16. Fox Business
  17. MorningStar
  18. Trade Ideas
  19. Benzinga

1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

  • Availability: Motley Fool is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: $99 per year or $39 per month
  • Best Used For: Motley Fool Stock Advisor is best for the conservative investor with long-term goals. Of course, you won’t see fast gains, as you might with Rule Breakers, but if you buy and hold, you’ll be able to take advantage of Stock Advisor’s market-beating record.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is also a stock-picking service for the conservative buy-and-hold investor. David and Tom Gardner expect investors to use this stock-picking service to hold onto their portfolio for three to five years.

The Stock Advisor picks have beat the market for 19 years consecutively and are a great way to start a buy-and-hold portfolio.

With your stock picks, Motley Fool provides news, financial analysis, and crucial data to help you understand why you should invest in each stock recommendation.

What To Expect

A Motley Fool Stock Advisor starts with a list of starter stocks they feel every investor should have. They also provide two new stock picks monthly (one every other week) and 10 ‘Best Buys Now’ chosen out of their list of 300 stocks.

Subscribers also have access to a large community of like-minded investors and a library of educational material to help them find the right investing resources.

2. Motley Fool Rule Breakers

  • Availability: Motley Fool is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: $99 per year or $39 per month
  • Best Used For: Motley Fool Rule Breakers is best for aggressive investors who want to invest in new and emerging companies. It is not for the conservative, buy-and-hold investor.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers focuses on growth and emerging stocks, giving investors a chance to invest in ‘the next big thing.’ David and Tom Gardner, the founders, do extensive research on the stocks they recommend using historical data, fundamental analysis, and market research to suggest stocks.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers is a stock-picking service, but you’ll receive rationale and data to help you understand why they chose those stocks.

What To Expect

Motley Fool sends weekly newsletters with the latest stock picks. Twice a month (every other week), subscribers receive a new stock pick. In the remaining weeks, you’ll receive a list of ‘Best Buy Now Stocks’ that they choose from a list of 200 stocks.

They also provide a list of starter stocks to set the foundation for your portfolio.

Many of the ‘Best Buy Now’ stocks are repeats from before, and a second chance to invest in them if you didn’t when they first recommended them.

3. Seeking Alpha Premium

  • Availability: Seeking Alpha is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: $189/year + 7 day free trial
  • Best Used For: If you’re a DIY investor who wants all their investment research and data in one place, Seeking Alpha provides it. It’s meant as a research service. However, they also provide a list of top-rated stocks daily based on their research, Wall Street ratings, and author ratings to give investors a new perspective on the best stocks to buy daily.

Seeking Alpha is a stock news app that other investors curate. They have a free and premium version, but they save the most important content for subscribers.

Seeking Alpha is a great resource for stock and market news and crowdsourced investing ideas. You can sign up for alerts on specific stocks.

Seeking Alpha offers advanced tools and exclusive analyses to help you make informed investing decisions.

They publish 300+ articles daily, written by various investors. As a premium member, you’ll have access to the author ratings, so you know the type of investor they are and SA’s quant ratings.

What To Expect

As a premium member, you’ll receive the following:

  • Stock analysis alerts via email
  • Stock alerts in real-time
  • Advanced stock charts
  • Wall Street ratings
  • Access to all premium content
  • Access to each author’s ratings and past performance
  • Quant ratings
  • Dividend grades

4. Robinhood

  • Availability: You can sign up for Robinhood or access their news and educational material without signing up here.
  • Cost: Free
  • Best Used For: Robinhood is best for beginning investors. You’ll get all your educational and analytical information in one place and be able to place trades immediately in the app.

Robinhood is a robo-advisor offering incredible stock news and alerts. Aside from being a commission-free investment app, investors have access to exclusive educational and research content, as they get their news data from several resources, providing it in a single place.

Robinhood is free to use, so anyone can sign up and use it. Many of their trades are commission-free too.

What To Expect

Robinhood is available on the desktop or their mobile app. If you’re looking for news and information, it might be more user-friendly on your computer. You can use the app to trade stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto or use their investment research to help you make your next move.

5. Webull

  • Availability: New subscribers can sign up for Webull here.
  • Cost: Free
  • Best Used For: Webull is best for the technical investor. Beginners can find enough user-friendly content to not be overwhelmed, and advanced investors won’t easily get bored as the content includes advanced topics.

Webull is another commission-free trading app for the more advanced investor. But, again, the in-depth analyses and news aggregation make it a one-stop shop for advanced investors.

Investors can set up real-time alerts for specific stocks and receive technical analyses on thousands of stocks. Investors also have access to the Webull investment community, news stories, and resources to conduct technical analyses.

What To Expect

Investors can invest in stocks, options, and crypto for free on the Webull app. Along with trading capabilities, investors have access to advanced technical analyses, stock tracking and charting, Wall Street research summaries, and a DIY approach to investing.

Webull also offers a free three-month subscription to NASDAQ TotalView Level 2 Advanced quotes, an in-depth look into standard stock quotes. After three months, it costs $1.99/month.


  • Availability: The CNBC app is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: Free (but does have in-app purchase options)
  • Best Used For: The CNBC app is great for anyone who wants to supplement their trading or current news app with authentic market information.

Everyone knows and loves CNBC, and it’s a great resource for stock news. You can use the app as you want or sign up for push-through alerts even when you aren’t using the app to get the latest breaking stock news alerts.

What To Expect

CNBC users can expect to receive the following:

  • Real-time market data
  • Business news from around the world
  • Real-time stock quotes
  • Stock charts
  • Stock futures information
  • Customized watch list for real-time alerts
  • Access to CNBC exclusive shows

7. Yahoo! Finance

  • Availability: Yahoo! Finance is available on the iOS and Google Play stores.
  • Cost: Free (but does have in-app purchase options)
  • Best Used For: Yahoo! Finance is a great all-around app for any investor, especially those looking for in-depth research on assets other than stocks.

Yahoo! Finance is another standby app that’s been around for many years. It follows the market and economy and quickly pushes out the most necessary information to subscribers. You can read the general information provided for everyone or customize your alerts to meet your investing needs.

What To Expect

The Yahoo! Finance app is completely personalizable, so you can get the information you need. You can track your portfolio or set up alerts for specific securities you want to follow. Some of the information provided includes:

  • Historical financials
  • ESG ratings
  • Ratings and information on commodities, equities, futures, and currencies
  • Stock charting

8. MarketWatch

  • Availability: The MarketWatch app is available in iOS and the Google Play store.
  • Cost: Free (but has in-app purchase options)
  • Best Used For: MarketWatch is great for any investor who wants access to worldwide investing news on the go.

The MarketWatch app is an extension of the MarketWatch website, allowing investors to get real-time information on the go. Investors can access breaking news, real-time market data, and market-moving alerts.

The market data includes information on stocks, currencies, commodities, and stock charts from all over the world. In addition, investors can track stock market data from most regions and for specific date ranges.

The MarketWatch app for iPhone and iPad delivers the latest business news, financial information, and market data to your fingertips.

What To Expect

Subscribers can expect the following:

  • The latest news and analytics
  • News from all areas that might affect investments, including technology, politics, energy, and retail
  • Tools for personal finance and retirement planning
  • Top stories with access to other news channels within the app
  • Ability to track your stock picks and get real-time alerts
  • Ability to share and save articles

9. Stocktwits

  • Availability: StockTwits is available in iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: Free (in-app purchase options)
  • Best Used For: If you want small bits of information from investors worldwide, you can use the information to dive deeper and make investment decisions.

Stocktwits is ‘Twitter for investors.’ The only topic on the app is investing. The two million+ members offer tidbits of information in easy-to-digest formats so investors can investigate the information further if it interests them.

What To Expect

Subscribers have access to information in real-time from investors worldwide on stocks, futures, forex, and crypto.

10. Barron’s

  • Availability: Barron’s is available on the iOS and Google Play stores.
  • Cost: $19.99 plus tax per month
  • Best Used For: The Barron app is best for serious investors who use worldwide information and breaking news to make their investing decisions.

Barron’s is a long-standing stock news and analysis website with an app to give you access to the information on the go. Subscribers have access to global market news and insights, daily commentary, and investment strategies.

What To Expect

  • Exclusive articles and news
  • Investment analyses
  • Investment ideas
  • Ability to download and save articles
  • Real-time stock quotes with interactive charts and breaking news
  • Full access to Barron’s Saturday print edition
  • Full access to previous print editions

11. The Wall Street Journal

  • Availability: The WSJ app is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: $1 per week for the first year, then $38.99 plus tax per month thereafter
  • Best If Used For: If you enjoy the printed version of the WSJ and want more of the same information on the go, the WSJ app is a must-have.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the oldest and most trustworthy newspapers for investors, and now it’s available as an app for easier access.

The app provides instant access to the WSJ coverage on the stock markets and all business-related information worldwide.

The app is user-friendly and provides the most breaking information necessary to make important investing decisions. While its focus is on investing, it also offers content on politics, world news, lifestyle, the economy, and lifestyle.

What To Expect

  • Access to the full printed version of the WSJ on the app
  • Insights from experts
  • Real-time stock quotes
  • Breaking news worldwide
  • Real-time newsfeed
  • Print, save, and share articles
  • Personalized real-time alerts

12. E*Trade

  • Availability: E*Trade is available in the iOS and Google Play stores.
  • Cost: Free
  • Best Used For: E*Trade is best for beginning investors looking for hand-holding and extensive educational content to learn how to invest.

E*Trade was one of the first apps to offer commission-free trades, and that continues today. While it costs nothing to use the platform, they offer a robust educational and news section to help investors with their decisions.

The E*Trade app offers investing, banking, and research all in one app. Investors can trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options in a professionally built portfolio while receiving the most important investing information.

What To Expect

  • Commission-free stock, ETF, and options trades
  • Streaming quotes
  • Stock charts
  • Exclusive and extensive research
  • Stock screeners
  • Advanced tools
  • Personalized watchlists and alerts
  • Live Bloomberg video
  • Banking tools

13. Bloomberg

  • Availability: Bloomberg is available on iOS and the Google Play store.
  • Cost: $34.99 per month or $299 per year
  • Best Used For: Bloomberg is best for investors interested in the latest worldwide news that might affect their investment decisions.

Bloomberg offers the latest breaking news in stocks, investments, and world finance. Their journalism helps investors understand individual investments and global financial and economic news.

Investors can customize the app to monitor their watchlist or individual portfolio while having up-to-the-minute information on the economy, markets, and oil prices.

What To Expect

  • Breaking news from around the world in business, politics, markets, technology, and foreign affairs
  • Access to market data in real-time
  • Receive push notifications on breaking news
  • Create a watchlist and receive the latest personalized news
  • Access to video and audio Bloomberg TV and Radio
  • Access to the latest Businessweek edition

14. Forbes

  • Availability: The Forbes app is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: The app is free to download, but it only offers access to limited content. Subscriptions are as follows:
    • Single issue $5.99
    • A monthly subscription for one month is $2.99
    • 12-month subscription $29.99
  • Best Used For: Forbes is best for investors who want background information on companies to make informed decisions. It’s not necessarily a magazine with breaking market information, but instead, background information that advanced investors can use.

If you enjoy Forbes magazine, you can get it on the go with the Forbes mobile app. Meant for investors who want behind-the-scenes business information, subscribers can read and share stories they find interesting on the app.

You’ll find exclusive interviews and company presentations, breaking company news, and information on market leaders to give investors new ideas for companies to follow.

The app is free to download, but it has some limitations in terms of content accessibility. If you plan to use it consistently, you should opt for a paid subscription ($2.99 per month or $29.99 per year). However, remember that app subscriptions do not include access to subscription-only content on Forbes’ website.

What To Expect

Subscribers have access to the latest editions on the app versus print. In addition, the user-friendly platform provides access to breaking news, recent posts, trending videos, and written content.

Subscribers have access to all current and previous editions of the app.

15. TheStreet

  • Availability: TheStreet is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: Free to download but offers in-app purchases.
  • Best Used For: TheStreet’s information is basic and meant for the new investor versus those looking for more technical analyses.

TheStreet offers basic financial news and market data to help investors make basic investing decisions. It includes commentary and information from Wall Street experts and provides real-time data to help with stock trading ideas.

What To Expect

  • Real-time market information
  • Breaking news
  • Commentary services from TheStreet’s journalists
  • Create and monitor your watchlist
  • Push notifications for breaking news
  • Trade alerts and strategies

16. Fox Business

  • Availability: The Fox Business app is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: Free
  • Best Used For: The Fox Business app is great for anyone looking for the latest market and business news information.

Fox is an influential media outlet that provides top business stories to help your investing decisions. It’s a similar service to CNBC but has more curated and exclusive content to give investors more insights.

What To Expect

Subscribers can expect the latest news from the Fox Business Channel pushed through in real-time. Never miss the most exclusive financial market coverage or news alerts again. In addition, you can track stocks in your watchlist and, with a live TV subscription, have access to Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

17. MorningStar

  • Availability: Morningstar is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: $34.95 per month or $249 per year
  • Best Used For: Morningstar provides the most exclusive and reliable content for investors, from beginners to advanced investors, so everyone can benefit.

Morningstar is one of the most popular stock investment resources with real-time updates on the market, individual stocks, and financial stories. In addition, many third-party apps pull from Morningstar’s data to provide breaking news.

The Morningstar app covers stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and closed-end funds. In addition, subscribers receive written content, news videos, and commentary from professional investors.

What To Expect

  • Real-time data on a variety of assets
  • Professional Research
  • Index performance
  • Lists of top (and bottom) securities
  • Tools for portfolio monitoring
  • Curated news and commentary

18. Trade Ideas

  • Availability: Sign up for Trade Ideas here.
  • Cost: $84 per month for the standard plan when purchased annually OR $167 per month for the premium plan when purchased annually.
  • Best Used For: Trade Ideas benefits beginners, but it’s best for advanced investors who want fundamental and technical analyses handled.

Trade Ideas is an AI assistant that analyzes all aspects of a stock, including technical and fundamental analyses, to provide stock recommendations.

Trade Ideas isn’t a trading platform; it provides you with all the information needed to make investing decisions. Trade Ideas doesn’t push out news information but uses thousands of data points daily to provide investment suggestions.

In addition, Trading Ideas has a simulation room where you can try out new strategies using real data to determine if it’s a good option.

What To Expect

  • Trading ideas pushed out in real-time
  • AI virtual-assisted research and analytics
  • Backtesting
  • Price alerts
  • Advanced charting

19. Benzinga

  • Availability: Benzinga is available on iOS and Google Play.
  • Cost: There is a free plan, but when purchased annually, plans range from $27 – $281 per month
  • Best Used For: Advanced investors who need fast and real-time information benefit from Benzinga’s fast feed.

Benzinga Pro offers real-time streaming for all stock research and analysis. In addition, they provide the latest updates on market-affecting stories, stock audio updates, and real-time stock alerts.

The news feed offered is the fastest in the industry and offers exclusive content you won’t find elsewhere. Benzinga has a free option, but the real benefits come from Benzinga Pro.

Benzinga Pro tops the list because of the depth and breadth of its offering. The app is a premium real-time news service that its team describes as “the fastest newsfeed in the game.”

What To Expect

Benzinga Pro is 100% customizable, so each investor has a different experience. You’ll find features including:

  • Insider interviews
  • Live audio and video streams
  • Fast alerts
  • Fundamental analyses
  • Customized watchlists

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right stock news app is a personal decision. Be sure to assess your needs to determine what works best.

How does an app find stock picks?

Apps find stock picks through technical and fundamental analyses using the most up-to-date news and market data.

Which app or apps are truly the best for stock news?

Most stock news apps are a good option, but the best one is the one that suits your investing style and provides information in a manner you can understand.

Which app or apps are truly the best sources for stock information?

All stock apps provide information in their manner. Choose the one that provides the information you need and can understand to help you make important investing decisions.

Where can someone invest $1,000 immediately?

You can invest $1,000 in stocks, bonds, crowdfunded real estate, REITs, or even a CD if you want to keep it conservative. It depends on your risk tolerance, goals, and timeline.

The Bottom Line

Use my roundup to choose the best stock news app for your investing experience and investing style.

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