10 Best Stock Tracking Apps & Portfolio Trackers

Investing, tracking stocks, and managing your portfolio can be a lot of work, primarily if you use multiple apps. So why confuse yourself when you can use one app to do it all?

I’ve located the best stock tracking apps to help you manage your portfolios and do your research all in one place.

10 Best Stock Tracking Apps of 2024

Check out my list of the best stock tracking apps you can start using today:

  1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor
  2. Personal Capital
  3. Seeking Alpha
  4. Sharesight
  5. Kubera
  6. Stock Rover
  7. TradeStation
  8. SoFi
  9. Webull
  10. M1 Finance

1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is one of the most well-known stock tracking apps that helps ‘everyday investors’ create portfolios that beat the S&P 500.

Motley Fool offers stock picks and tracks every stock pick they suggest through the years. The information provided is easy to digest, and the information comes directly from the owners and service, so you know the information you’re receiving is from the experts.

Best Use

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is best for retail investors looking for a buy-and-hold strategy. You should hold the stocks for at least five years to receive the suggested returns.

Price and Fees

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is $199/year.


  • New monthly stock recommendations
  • List of stocks to start your portfolio
  • ‘Buy now’ stocks that are performing well and feel would be a good addition
  • Research and analyses, so you understand why to choose the stocks they suggest

Reasons to Subscribe

Investors receive suggestions for big-name companies that they recognize and have a track record of beating the market. If you invest at least $5,000 and listen to their foundational stock picks, plus the monthly stock recommendations of large-cap stocks, you’ll increase your chances of beating the S&P 500. The Stock Advisor’s track record is a return of 333% versus the S&P’s return of 109%.

2. Empower (formerly Personal Capital)

Empower, formerly Personal Capital, is a one-stop shop for tracking your personal finances and investments. You can track all banking and investment accounts in one place, giving you a bird’s eye view of your net worth in one dashboard.

Empower has a free and paid version, and the free version is relatively robust. You can track all your financial accounts, including checking, savings, credit cards, and investment accounts.

Other features include:

  • Investment Checkup Tool to check up on your portfolio, its performance, and how it relates to your goals
  • The Fee Analyzer helps you understand what you pay for investments and where you could save money
  • Savings planner to budget for your short and mid-term goals
  • Retirement planner to budget for your loan-term goals
  • Various financial calculators

Best Use

Empower is best for anyone looking for a free stock tracking app with features equivalent to most paid apps. You’ll have access to your net worth in one place and can track all financial accounts to see where you stand.

Price and Fees

Empower is free unless you use their Wealth Management services. These services provide an investment advisor experience, and the fees are based on your portfolio size. All fees are a percentage of your assets under management. The fees start at 0.89% for at least $100,000 balances and down to 0.49% for balances over $10 million.

Reasons to Subscribe

If you’re looking for a free portfolio tracker, Empower provides everything you can think of without any cost. Then if you decide to pay for advisory services, you can truly have everything in one place for the typical cost of advisory services but with many more conveniences.

3. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a more advanced portfolio tracker that provides stock tracking, research, and investment recommendations. You can learn from experts in the industry as well as fellow stock investors using the app.

Seeking Alpha aggregates opinions of investors around the country, providing insights for you to use in your investing decisions.

Best Use

Seeking Alpha is for experienced investors and, more specifically, day traders. You can access the information on-the-go, or on your computer for more in-depth research and investment decisions.

Price and Fees

Seeking Alpha offers limited services for free, but if you want exclusive access to all content and more advanced services, the premium plan costs $189/year + a 7 day free trial to get started.


Seeking Alpha provides extensive services, including:

  • Wall Street ratings for stocks (free)
  • Analyses provided via email (free)
  • Stock charts (free)
  • Exclusive content
  • Author ratings so you know the level of advice you’re receiving
  • Quant ratings
  • Dividend grades

Reasons to Subscribe

Seeking Alpha is for the busy investor who wants more in-depth information and research. Seeking Alpha does the research for you while giving you a chance to succeed at DIY investing. They offer a 7-day free trial to see if it’s right for you.

4. Sharesight

Sharesight is a stock tracking program that puts all your investments in one place so you can make informed decisions, track dividends, and handle tax reporting easily.

You can track stocks and ETFs from worldwide exchanges and in 75 currencies. The platform also tracks alternative investments, including investment properties. It provides a bird’s eye view of your entire portfolio in one place, so you don’t have to mess with multiple platforms.

Best Use

Sharesight is best for investors with a large number of dividend stocks. Its Taxable Income Report helps you track your dividend income, projects future dividends, and helps you understand your tax position and if you need to many any portfolio adjustments.

Price and Fees

Sharesight offers four pricing tiers.

The free tier allows one portfolio with ten assets and one custom group. Of course, you’ll get limited reporting too.

You can upgrade your tiers and get up to 10 portfolios, unlimited assets, up to five custom groups, and more advanced reporting.

The pricing goes from $0 – $23/month.


  • Track over 240,000 stocks, ETFs, and crypto
  • Track your cash accounts
  • Compare performance from all brokerage accounts and assets
  • Automated dividend tracking
  • Share tax reports

Reasons to Subscribe

Sharesight is great for investors concerned with their tax liabilities from dividend stocks. It’s also great for any investor who wants to track all their stocks from any brokerage in one place.

5. Kubera

Kubera is a wealth tracker for worldwide investments, including bank accounts. Investors can track stocks, ETFs, crypto, bank accounts, and physical investments, such as real estate, in one place.

Best Use

Kubera is for the modern investor looking for a simplified yet powerful platform that will aggregate investments from any platform. Their smart algorithm chooses the best connector for your database to give you the most up-to-date portfolio information.

Price and Fees

Plans start at $150/year; you must contact sales and discuss your personal situation to get a quote.


  • Track bank accounts at global banks and institutions
  • Track global stock portfolios
  • Track crypto
  • Track real estate investment values
  • Include values of your cars and other physical assets
  • Track values of metals and other commodities
  • Estimate value of domains
  • View your net worth in your currency

Reasons to Subscribe

Get information on your entire net worth in one place, whether you’ve invested domestically or globally. The information provided is simple to understand and manipulate, keeping every piece of your net worth in one place.

6. Stock Rover

Stock Rover excels at investment research, giving you all the important details in one place. The advanced research platform does all the legwork for you, providing you with essential information needed for investment decisions in one place.

Best Use

Stock Rover is best for investors looking for in-depth research for all investments in one place. You’ll find stocks and other investments that are a good buy now and will potentially beat the market without spending too much time chasing down the information.

Price and Fees

Stock Rover offers plans from $7.99 – $27.99 per month. The entry-level plan is perfect for the beginning investor as it still tracks 8,500 US stocks, 4,000 ETFs, and 40,000 funds. In addition, it provides hundreds of financial metrics and five years of financial history.

If you’re an advanced investor looking for more metrics, advanced alerts, or richer historical content, consider the higher-priced tiers.


  • Stock screeners
  • Asset comparisons
  • Research reports
  • Real-time portfolio metrics
  • Advanced charting

Reasons to Subscribe

Stock Rover provides everything any investor needs, from beginner to experienced. It works on computers and smartphones, connects with your brokerage accounts, and provides detailed performance information to help you make important investment decisions.

7. TradeStation

TradeStation is a trading platform that provides robust stock-tracking solutions to help you make investment decisions. Its analytical tools are great for beginners and experienced investors, and it’s nice to have everything in one place, from making trades to getting important trading information.

Best Use

TradeStation’s stock tracking features are best for investors using TradeStation for their trades. However, the trading platform itself is sophisticated, so it’s geared toward experienced investors.

Price and Fees

TradeStation’s stock tracking and research services come included with a brokerage account.


TradeStation is the king of historical data, with one of the most significant historical databases available today. They provide daily stock data going back 50 years, daily index data for 59 years, and futures for 69 years.

Reasons to Subscribe

Using TradeStation’s robust research and stock tracking services makes sense if you’re looking for a new trading platform or are already a TradeStation investor.

8. SoFi

SoFi helps you understand all your investments in one place, making it easy to manage your portfolios. In addition, SoFi focuses on tracking your entire net worth and retirement accounts to ensure you’re on track to meet your retirement goals.

Best Use

SoFi is also an investment platform, so it’s best used for investors already using it. Investors can also access advice from Certified Financial Planners on the platform free of charge.

Price and Fees

All stock tracking and research are included in your brokerage account on SoFi, and they don’t charge trading commissions or a platform fee.


  • Track all investments in one place
  • Track your net worth over the years
  • Track retirement progress
  • Link all investment and financial accounts to view your net worth in one place

Reasons to Subscribe

If you use SoFi as an investment platform, it makes sense to use its robust stock tracking and research features.

9. Webull

Webull is a platform for active investors that offers robust stock tracking and research for current investors. In addition, they don’t have an account minimum or charge trading fees, so it’s a great add-on to your brokerage services.

Best Use

Webull is an active trader’s platform, so its stock tracking capabilities are best for those already using or interested in using it.

Price and Fees

Webull is a free platform that doesn’t charge commissions on most trades. Their stock tracking and research features are included if you’re an investor.


  • Paper trading to practice your trading skills
  • Access to live market data
  • Charting
  • Technical indicators
  • Access to Level II market data ($1.99/month)
  • Real-time data tracking

Reasons to Subscribe

If you’re already a Webull investor, it makes sense to take advantage of their robust stock tracking features.

10. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a self-directed investing platform that lets you spend, borrow, and invest all in one app, tracking your net worth and ensuring your investments are on track to meet your financial goals.

Best Use

M1 Finance is excellent for beginners and experienced investors, letting you create your own portfolios (called pies) or choose from existing ones.

If you’re a DIY investor who also wants access to some expertly curated portfolios, M1 could be a good fit.

Price and Fees

M1’s basic membership is free, and there aren’t any trading commissions. For $10 per month, or $95 per year, M1 Plus offers perks like lower margin loan rates, higher credit card rewards, on-demand crypto trading, and custodial accounts.


  • Track your portfolio and all financial accounts in one place
  • Access to pre-generated portfolios with all research completed
  • Automated trades based on your portfolio sections

Reasons to Subscribe

If you’re ready to make your own investment decisions, M1 is a great way to have some hand-holding but be on your own. The platform is free unless you want a Plus membership, and all research and analytics are included.

What Are Stock Tracking Apps?

Stock tracking apps provide all the information and research retail investors need to make trading decisions. They track a stock’s performance and provide information on all factors related to the market and economy to help you make important investment decisions.

How Do I Use a Stock Tracking App?

Stock tracking apps link to your portfolios and financial accounts, providing you with all the information you need in one place. You can track your net worth, make important investment decisions, and decide how to switch things up when you aren’t reaching your goals.

Each stock tracking app works differently. For example, some link to outside brokerage accounts, and others are brokerage accounts with built-in stock tracking resources for investors.

Reasons for Using a Stock Tracking App

Why waste time tracking stocks and portfolios and confusing yourself with spreadsheets and multiple apps?

You can have everything in one place, and they typically don’t cost much. In addition, many of the stock tracking apps I suggest include other investments, such as commodities, futures, real estate, and even your bank accounts, so you have everything in one place.

Qualities of Stock Tracking Apps You Want

Before choosing a stock tracking app, consider the features that are most important to you.


Look for stock tracking apps that update in real-time. This allows you to make decisions as the market changes, not after the fact. In addition, you can usually opt-in to receive email or text alerts for the most significant changes.

Asset Classes

Consider what asset classes each stock tracking app monitors. Most track stocks, but many also track other assets, including real estate, bank accounts, options, and alternative assets.


Stock screeners are likely important to your decisions if you’re an advanced investor. So look for advanced stock trading apps that offer screeners that meet your needs so you don’t have to use another platform.

Analysis of Portfolios

Portfolio analysis tells you how your portfolio is doing compared to your goals. This allows you to make important decisions when needed, rather than finding out after-the-fact that your portfolio is off.

Analysis of Company News and Market

Company and market news is important to your investment decisions. If something big happens, you want alerts to make informed, and fast decisions for your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the importance of stock tracking apps and how they work, it’s time to choose your favorite!

How to choose a stock tracking app?

Find the stock tracking app that includes the features you need. If you’re a beginning investor, don’t choose an app that’s confusing or overwhelming. Instead, choose one that offers the information you need in a manner you can understand so you make great investing decisions.

Can you trade stocks with stock tracking apps?

Some stock tracking apps are built into trading platforms, and others are separate. Decide if you want one app for everything or if you don’t mind using one portfolio app and another for tracking your portfolio.

What are the most important things to look for in a stock tracking app?

A stock tracking app should offer real-time updates, different methods for alerts, screening options, and an overall view of your net worth.

Are tracking apps for portfolios free?

Some tracking apps for stocks are free, and others charge a fee. Those that charge a fee offer more robust research in one place, and it usually replaces research you would pay for individually on other apps.

What is the best portfolio management app?

Personal Capital is the best portfolio management app. It tracks all your investments in one place and is 100% free unless you use its wealth management services.

The Bottom Line

Find the stock tracking app that helps you make critical investing decisions. No two investors will have the same priorities when choosing the right app. Consider how much information you’ll use, what investments you want to be tracked, and how you want to receive the information to find the right app.

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