FEB 2017 BLOG INCOME: $23,130

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February was an absolutely insane month and a good improvement over my January blogging income. I broke 200,000 monthly page views for the first time and my affiliate revenue made a massive jump. A vast majority of this growth is from the CNBC feature articles and the syndication of one of those articles on Yahoo finance.

I received over 400 emails in the last week of February and I am still digging out. If you emailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you, I’m sorry, I will do my best.

If you haven’t started a blog yet and are on the fence, I definitely recommend everyone start a blog and start exploring building an online business. Here’s how you can easily start a blog in less than 10 minutes.

Here is a direct breakdown of my February 2017 blog income.

February 2017 Millennial Money Blog Income

February 2017 Blog Income


Wow, my affiliate income more than quadrupled in February. The primary reasons are the increase in traffic and in early February I launched a Tools & Resources page that’s been getting a lot of traffic. On my “recommends” page I’ve added other companies and products that I use, so I was able to significantly diversify my affiliate income and got sign-ups from all except for two on that page. If you haven’t yet built out you own tools and resources or recommends page, I recommend it.

The largest affiliate revenue sources include Bluehost, Lend Edu, SEM Rush, ThemeForestPersonal Capital, Betterment, Simply Wall St, and Amazon. My biggest gainer was actually Personal Capital affiliate revenue, which was $5,100 (that means I got 51 signups!).


I sold fewer SEO projects in February but still made $11,000 from new and existing engagements. I could have sold more, but needed to cap my own time. This was as many projects as I could handle. If you are a blogger and haven’t yet checked it out, visit my 67 Best SEO Tips for Bloggers – which is still my most shared post ever. My SEO projects range from $500 – $2,000 per month depending on the size of the website.

Recently I’ve been spending more of my time helping bloggers (and other sites) convert from HTTP to HTTPS or adapt to Google’s mobile-first index.

I was also lucky in February to start working on SEO for one of the top 10 personal finance bloggers in the world. I worked closely with him to adjust over 30 areas of his website to get more traffic. I also learned a lot in the process (from a personal finance blog angle) to help grow my own Millennial Money traffic. For anyone working with SEO I recommend you check out SEM Rush – it’s one of the tools I use for Millennial Money and with my client engagements. While there is a free version the paid is totally worth it.


In February I worked with 2 entrepreneurs and 3 people who wanted advice on their personal finances. I really enjoyed working with all of them. While working directly with readers isn’t the most profitable use of my time, it’s a great opportunity to go deeper and I learn a lot too helping them out. I will keep offering personal coaching as long as I have the time and enjoy it. I get about 20-30 emails a month now from readers who express interest in working with me but pick those I feel like I can help the most. If you do reach out to me, please be as detailed as you can in your request. All coaching starts at $500 per hour.


FYI – Even though I made $23,130 from the blog – it’s not the profit. I actually spent a ton of money on the blog in February from upgraded hosting to custom development, a Pinterest consultant, and a few targeted ads for my site. I don’t have the exact P&L, but I spent at least $2,500 on the blog in February and I am finding that the more I am investing in it the more profitable it can become.

One of my 2017 blogging goals is to make $100,000 directly from the blog in 2017. So far this year I have made $40,680 and it’s only 2 months into the year! Millennial Money is proving to be an incredibly valuable side hustle so far in 2017. I am most surprised by the amount of SEO consulting work I have been able to sell through the platform, but I am most excited that my affiliate revenue is starting to pick up.

Now back to regularly scheduled money blogging. See you next month for the March report. The month is off to a strong start so far, but I doubt I’ll beat February. I can’t wait to see.

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    […] Millennial Money – $23,130 […]

  • Comment Author image blank Olivavest says:

    This is really impressive and especially for everyone who just started blogging a great inspiration and motivation. Thanks for sharing.

  • Comment Author image blank Tony tra says:

    Wow, this is really impressive to me!
    I’m a newbie on Internet Marketing. I’m working as an affiliate Marketer on Jvzoo. To be honest, It’s not easy :x, but I’ll try me best :D.
    By the way, this is the first time I visit your website, I’ll visit more often!
    Thank you

  • Comment Author image blank Chris @ DigitPedia says:

    Hey Grant, I just stumbled across your blog from an article on CNBC. It’s great that you share the figures like this, and big congrats on the growth in figures, they’re awesome results!

  • Comment Author image blank Jim says:

    Nice work, I love finding blogs that share their income so keep it coming 🙂 Your site looks great, very clean and easy to navigate.

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Jim. I built the website myself and it’s always evolving. I appreciate the kind words.

  • Comment Author image blank Graham @ Reverse the Crush says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog income for February, Grant.
    Great job on the month. Reaching over 20 thousand in a month from blogging is quite the accomplishment. I had my highest month for blog income ever in February and it was still about 100 times less than your February haha. Even though mine was a lot less, I’m still happy with the progress. Hopefully one day my income will resemble something even remotely close to this. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Graham. My blog income grew really fast once I got some big media exposure. I was at $200 less than 6 months ago, so a lot can happen. I don’t know how sustainable my affiliate income growth it. The SEO work is consistent, but that’s referrals through the website and definitely not passive! I’m trying to build more sustainable passive income. Keep it up man. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Comment Author image blank Sundeep says:

    Crushing it is an understatement, and to think there’s room to grow with more investment in marketing is great, congrats Grant!

  • Comment Author image blank Peter says:

    Congrats Grant. This blew my mind again. Reading these reports month by month still amazes me. Good to see your incredible results and still you let us feel the massive amount of work lies behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing this and keep us motivated.

  • Comment Author image blank Ms. Montana says:

    Wow, February was a crazy month for you! Way to go on those features. Such a good way to find your ideal readers. It’s been fun following along with your blogging journey!

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Ms Montana. I like following your blogging journey as well! Every time I read your blog I picture myself back in Kalispell heading into Glacier.

  • Comment Author image blank Mrs. Farmhouse Finance says:

    Whoa! This is seriously impressive! I just started blogging, so no income yet, but I hope it can turn into a side hustle. You’re definitely an inspiration.

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Mrs. Farmhouse Finance. I just checked out your blog and look forward to following your journey!

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