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As a generation that shops predominantly online, we know that you never have to settle for the full price.

We have a wealth of online tools to help us save money, including cashback sites and coupon scanners. It’s hard to know which one is better than another.

Meet BeFrugal. Not only does it earn you cashback, but BeFrugal can also help you save with online and in-store coupons for thousands of retailers.

They also have several features that can help you compare prices and save money.

Is BeFrugal the right cashback site for you? Check out our review below to find out.

What is BeFrugal?

Headquartered in Boston, BeFrugal is a site that allows you to stretch your hard-earned money by receiving cashback on purchases that you make every day.

They are partnered with over 5,000 retailers, including big names like Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

In addition to cashback, BeFrugal also offers you select deals, tools to help you save, and printable coupons for restaurants, stores, and groceries.

How Does BeFrugal Work?

BeFrugal has several features that can help save you money. Here’s how BeFrugal works to get you cash back and save money:

BeFrugal Extension

If you don’t want to navigate through BeFrugal’s site for every purchase, their browser extension is the way to go.

BeFrugal’s browser extension alerts you when there is a cashback opportunity on a site and applies coupons at checkout. The extension works with Chrome and Firefox.

If there is an opportunity for cash back, BeFrugal will alert you with a button to activate your rewards. Browser extensions are one of the easiest ways to add cashback tools to your routine.

BeFrugal App

Available through the App Store and Google, the BeFrugal app lets you earn the same cashback rewards by shopping on your phone.

By shopping through this cashback app, you can earn cash back on any purchases that you make through your mobile phone.

If you are out and about, the app can also help you scan any coupons that are active for a partner store.

Even though you won’t earn cashback for in-store purchases, you can still save through their coupon scanner.

Fly or Drive Calculator

Have you ever had a destination that was a little too far to drive but a little too close to justify a flight?

BeFrugal’s Fly or Drive calculator can help you determine once and for all, which is more cost-effective.

You just need to enter your starting point, your destination, number of travelers, budget, and any other information that is relevant to your decision.

From there, the calculator will let you know which is more convenient and/or cheaper.

Electric Car Calculator

Electric cars are the wave of the future, but will it fit into your budget?

The Electric Car calculator can help you determine if it’s worth it for you to purchase an electric car over a traditional car.

This feature outlines possible expenses, gas prices, and more to help you determine if you can afford an electric car.

BeFrugal Cashback Features

Much like other cashback sites, BeFrugal is completely free to use. But how much can you stand to earn by using it?

BeFrugal Retail Partners

BeFrugal offers up to 40% cashback on any purchases made at their retail partners’ stores or sites.

The amount of cashback you receive will vary based on the store and the items purchased. You can see on BeFrugal’s website how much cashback you qualify for at a particular store.

BeFrugal Hot Deals

They also offer hot deals when cashback is higher than normal for a limited period of time. Following BeFrugal on their social media accounts or checking the site regularly can help you take advantage of these.

When Can You Redeem Your BeFrugal Cashback?

Cashback sites typically have a minimum withdrawal amount, and BeFrugal is no different.

You can receive your cashback earnings in a variety of ways.

BeFrugal Offers Payouts Through:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Checks
  • E-Gift Cards

In order to make a withdrawal through PayPal, direct deposit, or a check, you must have accrued at least $25.

If you would like to withdraw your earnings in the form of a gift card, the accrual minimums will vary. It should take approximately 10 days to receive your funds after you make the withdrawal.

BeFrugal Best Cashback Match Guarantee

BeFrugal has a Best Cashback Match Guarantee, they want to make sure that you earn the most cashback through their site.

If you find that you would have received a better cashback rate through a competitor site, BeFrugal will match the rate at 125%!

For you to receive this match, there are a few conditions:

  • The purchase must be for a store that is eligible through BeFrugal.
  • The cashback rate being matched cannot be through a credit card rewards program or paid membership.
  • Your purchase must be at least $25.
  • Your cashback request must be made within 24 hours of your purchase.

If you meet all of these requirements, you can contact BeFrugal for your matched cashback.

They will request the receipt, the store name, the link for the competitor cashback site, and the rate offered by the competitor.

Once BeFrugal confirms everything, you should see the matched balance show up in your account balance.

Getting Started: BeFrugal Sign Up Bonus!

One of the best things about BeFrugal is that you get an automatic $10 on your cashback balance just by signing up. This is a great incentive to sign up and keep using the site. So how exactly do you sign up and get started on BeFrugal?

Creating an account on BeFrugal could not be easier. All you need to do is provide your email, confirm a test email, and create a password. That’s it!

Once you have created your account, you are able to start earning cashback. You can shop by retailer, coupons, hot deals, or bonus cashback opportunities.

Once you decide where you would like to shop, BeFrugal will redirect you to the site. If you would prefer not to navigate through BeFrugal’s site, you can always download the browser extension to save you the extra step.

From the retailer’s site, you can continue to shop like normal. After you make a purchase, BeFrugal will track your purchase through cookies and award the cashback to your pending balance.

BeFrugal allows 60 to 90 days for you to make a return to the retailer. Once the retailer pays BeFrugal their commission, you will see the funds move from ‘Pending’ to ‘Available’. You’ll be able to access the funds when you reach their minimum accrual amount.

BeFrugal Promotions, Bonuses, and Coupons

Many cashback sites are pretty singular when it comes to the ways that you can save. Luckily, BeFrugal offers several tools to help you save the most on your purchases.

If any of BeFrugal’s partner stores are running specials, BeFrugal will let you know through their weekly ad page.

There is a page dedicated to any specials that are happening so that you can stay up to date on all the best deals. You can visit the sites by clicking the link, and you can make a purchase that can earn you cashback. This page is updated weekly, so it’s best to check it every week to see if there is something you’re interested in.

As if cashback weren’t good enough, BeFrugal’s coupon scanning feature can help you save through coupon codes.

The CouponoMatic scans any eligible coupons for your purchase and applies the one that saves you the most money. If you already have the best price, BeFrugal will let you know.

Finally, you can maximize your earnings on BeFrugal through their referral program.

Everytime you refer a friend that signs up, you earn $10 in your account balance. They will also earn $10 when they sign up. It’s a win-win for everybody!

befrugal refer a friend

Is BeFrugal Safe?

Whenever you have a website that is potentially linked to your bank account, it’s important to know that the site is secure. While no transactions over the internet are ever 100% secure, BeFrugal does what they can to protect your information.

McAfee Secure, an online security company operated by TrustedSite, has deemed that BeFrugal is a secure site. In their comprehensive evaluation, McAfee Secure found that there were no malware, phishing, or malicious links detected on the site. They also determined that BeFrugal has a valid SSL certificate, meaning that any data that moves through the site is encrypted in accordance with industry standards.

Finally, BeFrugal conducts regular perimeter scanning on their site, which means that they regularly check for any weaknesses that could potentially be exploited by hackers. They want to be certain that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to online security.

Despite this, it’s important to know that there have been complaints about malware, popups, and viruses that have occurred through BeFrugal’s site. While the above is currently in place, it’s important to understand the whole truth about their cybersecurity history.

Customer Support

If you experience a crash or notice some cashback missing from your balance, you are likely to turn to a customer support specialist. What does BeFrugal offer in the way of customer support?

BeFrugal offers live chat support from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm EST Monday through Friday. You are also able to send an email and submit a support ticket. According to BeFrugal, all emails receive a response within the same business day.

BeFrugal is unique in that they have social media accounts that you can receive assistance from. You can contact BeFrugal through their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is a surefire way to make sure that your complaint is noticed and handled.

Pros and Cons of BeFrugal

No site is ever perfect. BeFrugal is no different. There are places where they shine and areas where they struggle.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using BeFrugal:


  • Available Worldwide: International shoppers, rejoice! BeFrugal will reward people from any country as long as you are able to make a purchase at one of their partner retailers. If you can make a purchase with one of their retailers in your country, you are eligible to earn BeFrugal cashback.
  • Maximum Cashback Guarantee: With so many cashback sites out there, it can be hard to know which one is giving you the best deal. BeFrugal is serious about competition, and their Maximum Cashback Guarantee can prove it. If you find a better cashback deal on another site, BeFrugal will match it at 125%. Just make sure that it meets all the requirements listed above.
  • Over 5,000 retail partners: BeFrugal has one of the largest networks of any cashback site. This means that you are likely to earn more through BeFrugal than any other cashback site. If variety is important to you, BeFrugal is the site to use.


  • Long time to credit your account: Many cashback sites wait 30 to 45 days to credit your account. This gives you the opportunity to make returns to the retailer. BeFrugal has one of the longest waiting periods out there at 60 to 90 days. Luckily, you can see exactly where your cashback is in the process through the app and their site.
  • No cashback for in-store purchases: Unlike Rakuten, BeFrugal does not give you the opportunity to link up a card or activate in-store cashback rewards. This can significantly lower your cashback potential if you’re the kind of person that prefers the retail experience to online shopping.
  • Spam emails: This was a common complaint from BeFrugal users. When you sign up, be prepared to get a lot of emails about deals and coupons, some of which may not even be active by the time you get around to the email.

BeFrugal FAQs

How does BeFrugal make money?

Many people are confused about how a site can operate based on a business model that gives away money. It may be a strange notion, but this is a completely legitimate business model.

BeFrugal and other cashback sites operate through affiliate marketing in which companies pay third parties to facilitate sales, similar to when you see influencers online say, “use my code to earn X% off your purchase.” They earn a commission when you make a purchase.

Instead of offering a code, BeFrugal uses cookies to track your presence on their partnering retailers’ sites. When you make a purchase, cookies track you as a BeFrugal buyer. BeFrugal chooses to split some of their earnings with you as an incentive to use them.

Is BeFrugal better than Rakuten?

Rakuten, formerly known as eBates, is frequently compared to BeFrugal. But how do the two sites measure up?

Both sites offer a maximum of 40% cashback on any of your purchases. In this regard, both sites offer the same cashback benefit. However, BeFrugal has about twice as many retail partners as Rakuten. This gives you more opportunities to get cash back.

BeFrugal also gives you flexibility about when you receive your money. Rakuten only issues payouts every quarter. Plus, you need to meet their minimum accrual amount to be eligible for payout. If you don’t, you’ll need to wait until next quarter’s payout day.

BeFrugal allows you to cash out whenever you meet the reward-specific minimums. This gives you the opportunity to get your money as soon as you’ve earned it.

Lastly, Rakuten’s app is far superior to BeFrugal’s app. Rakuten’s app allows you to earn cash back on the go by activating in-store rewards and linking up your card. Unfortunately, BeFrugal’s app can only help you find active coupons for the stores that you are shopping at.

If you are interested in earning rewards at the most locations, BeFrugal is your best choice. If you are interested in earning cash back when you are shopping in stores, you are better off siding with Rakuten. Cashback sites are all unique, so it’s important to choose the best one that fits your needs.

Alternatives to BeFrugal

Cashback sites aren’t a one-size-fits-all tool. Some sites may offer better in-store rewards or better referral rates. Here are some other sites to consider if you are looking to pad your wallet with cashback.

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks is another iteration of shopping gamification, but it’s not just for shopping. While Swagbucks allows you to earn cashback at 1,500+ retailers, they also let you earn by taking surveys, searching the web, or watching videos. Swagbucks works off of a point system, so you are rewarded in points that you can redeem for gift cards. Even though points systems can be a little confusing, this site allows you to earn in more ways than one.
  • TopCashBack: TopCashBack is another cashback site that offers a wide variety of retailers. You can shop at over 4,000 retailers through their site, and they also make a point to partner with small to mid-sized retailers. This means that you can earn cashback while supporting small businesses. Unfortunately, TopCashBack requires that you navigate through their site in order to earn cashback. Aside from this, it’s a great option for people looking to earn cashback at retailers that are not represented by other sites.

Is BeFrugal Legit?

BeFrugal is a legit site, but it is not a way to make consistent income.

Cashback sites are a way for you to earn a small percentage back on your purchases. Don’t overspend trying to chase cashback rewards.

The extra tools and calculators give BeFrugal an advantage over other cashback sites. However, the app misses out on the opportunity to earn users in-store credit.

BeFrugal’s referral system isn’t as good as other cashback sites. They only payout $15 per referral, whereas Rakuten pays about $25 per referral. But hey, who says you can’t make referrals to both?

Overall, BeFrugal is another player in the cashback game. As long as you aren’t overspending to pad your BeFrugal account, this definitely a site to consider.

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