How to Get Paid to Sleep

If you’ve ever spent restless nights worrying about money, this guide is for you. In it, we’ll disclose the best ways to get paid to sleep. 

So whether your dream job is professional napping or testing sleep products, read on! 

6 Ways to Get Paid to Sleep

Here are 6 legit ways to get paid to sleep:

  1. Mystery Shop at Hotels
  2. Overnight Caregiver
  3. Overnight Pet Sitter
  4. Overnight House Sitter
  5. Be a Pro Napper
  6. Mattress Tester

1. Mystery Shop at Hotels

Coyle is a market research company that provides consumer feedback to its hospitality clients. As a Coyle Mystery Shopping Evaluator, you can get paid to sleep by staying at hotels and reviewing them. 

You’ll have to share detailed feedback about your experience such as how comfortable your mattress was and whether or not the staff was friendly.

To work with Coyle, simply sign up and wait for opportunities in your area. The company will pay you for your time and reimburse your expenses. You can also get paid to be a mystery shopper at restaurants, cruises, spas, health care institutions, and luxury retail shops.

2. Overnight Caregiver is the number one site for landing babysitting and pet care gigs. You can also find house-sitting gigs and opportunities to care for older folks. 

Look for overnight gigs to maximize your paid sleep earnings with For example, if a child’s parents are going on vacation, you can get paid to watch their kids at home, including when everyone is sleeping. 

Many pet owners prefer to board their pets at home when they go on vacation rather than at a kennel. As such, you can get paid to sleep at these pet owners’ houses while their year-old pup sleeps in his crate. 

Never forget that time is money. So even if the person or pet you’re caring for is sleeping, you should still be getting paid for those hours. 

3. Overnight Pet Sitter

As an overnight pet sitter, people pay you to sleep at your home and take care of their furry friend. 

Simply create a profile on as an overnight pet sitter. Pet owners will pay you to stay with their pets while they are gone – this could be for a day or a week! Charging around $25 per night per pet – you could bring in some serious extra cash! 

4. Overnight House Sitter

As an overnight house sitter, people pay you to sleep at their home and make sure their house is safe and secure.

Simply create a profile on to promote your services as an overnight house sitter – you can then connect with those who are looking for a house sitter while they are out of town.

Common tasks that house sitters will take care of are watering plants, gardens, and light cleaning and dusting while the family is away (basically cleaning up after yourself). 

5. Be a Pro Napper

EachNight is a popular website that focuses on sleep research and mattress reviews. 

Recently, the company hired five nap reviewers to participate in a variety of sleep experiments. This study’s goals included determining optimal nap durations, understanding the effects of napping on fatigue levels, and finding out how sleep affects memory, productivity, and motivation. 

Participants were eligible to receive $1,500 at the end of the testing period.

Unfortunately, the deadline for applications ended on June 30. Be sure to check in with the company for updates, because another study could pop up soon.

6. Work as a Mattress Tester

Sleep Junkie is a leading online resource for people who love sleep. The company offers mattress guides, sleep product reviews, and occasional paid opportunities. 

In June 2021, the company was searching for one lucky Sleeping Beauty to test and critique top-rated mattress companies. 

Here’s How it Worked: The company sent the lucky candidate three mattresses over a two-month period. Sleeping Beauty’s job was to test all three of them and provide insights about sleep quality and comfort level, among other things.

At the end of the testing period, the Sleeping Beauty was able to keep one of the mattresses (a $1,500 value) and receive $3,000. Talk about a dream job. 

If this opportunity sounds awesome, it might be worth proactively contacting Sleep Junkie to see if they plan to run the program again. The requirements were straightforward: You need to be a self-starter, available to work immediately, and have strong English writing skills. Of course, it also helps to love sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about getting paid to sleep.

Can you make a lot of money by sleeping?

Not really. While some of the above opportunities pay in the thousands, it’s extremely competitive to get those roles. You can earn a few thousand if you are very lucky, but most people will only make a few hundred at best. If you really want to make money while you sleep, you need to generate passive income.  

Are paid sleep studies safe?

Sleep studies are usually safe. However, you need to be careful about looking for sleep studies on Craigslist because you never know whom you’re really dealing with until you get to the location.

The Bottom Line

If you love hitting the snooze button more than anything else in life, getting paid to sleep may be the perfect side hustle. 

You won’t make enough to earn a full-time income, but a few hundred extra bucks here and there never hurt anyone, that’s for sure. 

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