16 Best Passive Income Apps To Make Money

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Earning passive income is one of the best ways to improve your finances without having to actually do much.

The investment can come in many different forms – from a financial investment (in most cases, this is very little) to turning everyday tasks such as shopping and watching videos online into side hustles that can earn you extra money.

In this article, I’ll be looking at the 16 best passive income apps to help you choose the ones that best fit your lifestyle and financial goals.

These mobile apps provide some of the best opportunities around to get extra income without having to invest much time.

How Do Passive Income Apps Work?

Passive income is a side hustle that you set up once and forget. Through several different technologies, including Robo-investors and algorithms, the app works for you, allowing you to focus on other things as you earn passive income.

Some apps will take a cut of the income they’re able to generate for you. Others might offer a premium account with the chance of making even more money. This will differ from one app to the next.

16 Best Passive Income Apps

Here are the 16 best apps you can use today to give your income a boost without having to invest much of your time:

  1. 🏆 Fundrise: Best Overall
  2. M1 Finance
  3. Public
  4. Robinhood
  5. InboxDollars
  6. Trim
  7. Capital One Shopping
  8. Swagbucks
  9. Drop App
  10. Dosh
  11. Paribus
  12. Acorns
  13. Rakuten
  14. Airbnb
  15. Neighbor
  16. Seated


Fundrise is definitely one of the best passive income apps. Originally an iOS app (i.e., for your iPhone), it has just become available on Android.

Fundrise allows you to invest in real estate projects with little to no work on your part – and is an excellent choice if your goal is to earn big bucks. You will need an initial investment that you can use to build a diversified portfolio. Fundrise promises low fees thanks to proprietary software, which works hard to save you money.

This can allow you to build better returns.  There are different account levels available, and you can choose the kind of investment strategy that best fits your goals.

  • Real estate investments
  • Select your strategy
  • Low fees

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M1 Finance

M1 Finance allows you to build your very own investment portfolio of stocks and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). You can also buy fractional shares which allow you to invest in big-name stocks without the big tag pricing.

M1 Finance also features a number of automation tools, to help you turn the usually-intensive job of investing into a passive income stream.

  • Over 80 investment portfolios to choose from
  • Automation tools
  • Fractional shares available

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Public.com not only offers the opportunity to invest in a variety of stocks but also lets you connect with other like-minded investors as you would do on social media.

It has themed bundles where you can invest in several companies that have something in common. Such themes include women entrepreneurs and environmentally friendly companies.

You can also buy fractional shares if you want to invest in big companies without shelling out the cash to buy an entire stock.

  • Interact with more experienced traders
  • Investing themes for a diversified portfolio
  • Start investing with any amount of money

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Robinhood is an investment app designed to give the average American the right tools to build an investment portfolio. The basic entry-level account costs $0, and there is no account minimum.

The app features an award-winning design and allows you to invest in many ways, including cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and stocks that are listed on the US Stock Exchange.

  • The award-winning design makes it easy to use
  • The basic account is free
  • No account minimum

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InboxDollars offers subscribers cashback on shopping, and cash for doing everyday activities that you’re probably going to do anyway. Watching TV, taking online surveys, and searching the web are all fair game rewarding users with cash offers.

With a $5.00 bonus up for grabs just for signing up, there’s also a top-rated app for your smartphone to make money while you are out and about.

  • Earn money for everyday activities
  • Sign-up bonus
  • Cashback on shopping

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Trim App

Trim looks at your expenses and suggests ways to save money by trimming down bills. It works in the background and requires no input from you.

It is also free to use but takes a percentage of any savings it can get you. Trim makes it very easy to save money, and while it’s not income, it is still more money in your pocket.

  • Works in the background to save you money
  • Free to use
  • Takes a percentage of savings

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Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping (formerly Wikibuy) offers excellent offers and deals when making online and local purchases. There’s also a browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes when checking out at participating outlets – helping you save money as you make your usual purchases.

There are many stores and products to choose from, allowing you to save money on many different things.

  • Wide range of stores and products
  • Local offers
  • Chrome extension applies coupon code at checkout

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Swagbucks offers its users many ways to make money doing everyday tasks without breaking a sweat. From playing games and watching videos to taking online surveys and more.

There’s a welcome bonus just for signing up as well as a referral bonus that allows you to earn even more money if you refer new people to Swagbucks.

  • Earn money by completing everyday tasks
  • Bonus on sign-up
  • A referral program is available to earn even more money.

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Drop App

Drop App allows users to earn rewards for shopping on a variety of things – from your morning latte to the late-night takeaway order after a busy day.

With every purchase done through the website, you will earn points that you can redeem at many stores and apps, including Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Starbucks.

  • Earn points on eligible purchases
  • Redeem at a number of brands and outlets
  • Earn points easily

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Dosh earns you cashback rewards when shopping at any of the participating outlets. There is no points system here – you collect hard cash when making purchases.

You can then cash out using PayPal or directly to your bank account with a bank transfer. You can also link your cards so that every time you make an eligible purchase, including dining out, you’ll earn cash.

  • Link your cards for automatic cash back
  • Over 1000 participating restaurants and stores
  • Referral bonus

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Paribus syncs with your email to scan for any recent purchases you might have made online. It will then compare the price you paid with current prices and help negotiate a refund where possible.

If successful, the difference in price will be sent to you. They track over 25 of the biggest retailers around, including Target, and Best Buy.

  • Checks if you are eligible for a refund
  • Can get compensation for late deliveries
  • Tracks return windows for you

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Acorns is an app with two missions – micro-savings and micro-investments. It automatically rounds off purchases you make to the nearest dollar.

The extra money is saved and then invested by a Robo-advisor. You will also earn a bonus investment when making a purchase from any of the 350+ participating outlets.

  • Saves and invests your spare change
  • Bonus investment cash backs
  • Strong security with 256-bit encryption

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Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten offers up to 40% cash back on purchases at over 2,500 stores. You will need to follow Rakuten’s link to the store of your choice to get cash back on eligible purchases.

There is a sign-up bonus of $10, which is one of the highest offered by such programs, and you can get paid via PayPal or check.

  • Up to 40% cash back
  • Over 2,500 stores to choose from
  • $10 sign up bonus

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When it comes to passive income, Airbnb has the most potential in terms of the extra cash it is able to generate for you. You can rent out a spare room or an entire apartment or house for short or long durations.

Of course, you’ll need to have the space to accommodate guests, but it can provide a good source of income, which you can then invest for an even higher return.

  • Rent out your property or spare room
  • Database with millions of users
  • You get to meet new people

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Neighbor lets you rent out any additional space you might have to neighbors for storage. As a P2P (Peer to Peer) storage platform, the app boasts an average of 50% savings on renting out storage space while being 14x safer. This has the potential of making it a popular alternative to commercial space leasing.

There is also a $1 million host guarantee and a $25,000 renter guarantee. Payments are automatic and secure, and the app users are verified for added safety, making Neighbor a good app to earn some additional income.

  • Rent out space for storage
  • Offers host and renter guarantees
  • You can make over $1,500 from renting out your garage


If you enjoy dining out and earning passive income, Seated might very well be the app you’re looking for. Making a reservation at any of the eligible restaurants will earn you gift cards.

You can also get as much as 30% cash back when dining in. There are over 1,500 participating bars and restaurants and you can choose by price, location, or cuisine.

  • Get cash back when dining out
  • Choose from over 1,500 restaurants and bars
  • Redeem rewards on Uber, Amazon, Delta, and other brands

Are Passive Income Apps Safe?

The answer to this question depends on many factors – but most apps will take the necessary steps to prevent fraud and protect the data, privacy, and money of their users. There are many apps promising passive income out there – and it’s important to be selective, which is why I’ve put together this list for you.

Some of them are very safe and even score high points with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Other apps might promise you something which they are simply unable to deliver. It’s also always a good idea to take the time to understand the app thoroughly and be sure to check out reviews like ours to know what to expect. This will not only help you stay safe but allow you to plan better and avoid disappointments.

Use Passive Income Apps to Make Money Online

No matter what your personal circumstances are, there is an app (and more than one!) that can earn you passive income. From watching videos and dining out to renting out your apartment (or even just your empty shed), you can very easily use whatever resources you have at your disposal to passive earn income on the side.

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