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Overall, Branded Surveys is a great, easy-to-use, and secure survey site to use in your spare time to earn points that you can redeem for cash or free gift cards.


  • Pays more than most other survey sites
  • Redeem points through direct deposit
  • Huge selection of gift cards available
  • Redeem points through PayPal


  • Can be difficult to qualify for paid surveys

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One of my favorite things to get paid for is my opinion. Many businesses care about their consumers’ views and conduct frequent market research. Not only do you get to express your opinion and influence a whole variety of products, features, and big business decisions – but you can also get paid for it.

Survey platforms are where the action is at. All you have to do is create an account, answer some questions about yourself, and complete surveys.

There are many online survey platforms these days with Branded Surveys being one of the most popular ones.

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is a platform that pays you for completing online surveys and other tasks. The company started out in 2012 as Mintvine and rebranded itself as Branded Surveys in 2017.

They are a marketing research company that pays you for your opinion through their user-friendly and easy-to-use website and a great number of surveys available.

Is Branded Surveys Legit?

Branded Surveys is a legitimate and reliable survey platform that has been around for quite some time now. Trustpilot has rated the company at 4.1 out of 5 with over 95.4k customer reviews.

The common trend of positive reviews focuses on the numerous survey options available. The common trend of negative reviews focuses on being kicked out of the surveys for filling up too quickly, which I did run into at times during our review.

But overall, I had a positive experience and confidence that you will as well.

How Does Branded Surveys Work?

Branded Surveys pays you for completing surveys, as you’ve probably already guessed.

This is their main feature, but they also offer other earning opportunities, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

How To Earn Points on Branded Surveys:

  • Online Surveys: Surveys take about 5-20 minutes to complete and can earn you up to 300 points
  • Survey Streak: Only available for Gold and Silver members. You can earn up to an additional 300 points by taking multiple surveys in a week
  • Daily Polls: Earn 5 to 10 points by completing polls. They are very quick and super easy
  • Poll Streak: Earn 25 to 100 points by taking one pole daily for ten days in a row
  • Leaderboard Bonuses: Are you a competitive person? You will enjoy the Leaderboard where you can track points earned by other survey takers and the top 10 earn an extra 10 points!
  • Refer a Friend: Available for Silver and Gold members only. Earn 50 points by sending your friends and family a referral link, then the first time they upgrade to a Silver badge, get your bonus points.

Branded Surveys Mobile App

New for 2023, Branded launched their Branded Surveys Mobile app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It functions almost identically to their desktop and mobile browser sites.

Instead of checking emails, you can receive survey notifications directly on your phone.

Also, if you are an Apple user, you can register and log in securely using your iCloud credentials.

Branded Elite Program

Branded Surveys also have badges that work like a loyalty program so that you can earn more points.

There are Three Badge Levels:

🥉  Bronze: Complete 2+ surveys within one month to get Bronze Badge Status.
🥈  Silver: To move from Bronze to Silver badge status, you will need to complete 10+ surveys within one month.
🥇  Gold: To move from Silver to Gold badge status, you will need complete 25+ surveys within one month.

You can move up the levels by collecting credits. The credits are collected after completing surveys and other tasks. Getting badges will unlock extra features and the ability to earn more points.

I think this was a great feature for MyPoints to add, it makes you feel rewarded beyond the points for doing more to bump up to silver or gold status.

Branded Surveys Branded Elite Program
Branded Surveys Branded Elite Program

How Much Are Branded Surveys Points Worth?

By completing surveys, you collect points, which can later be converted into cash or gift cards. 1 point is equal to 1 cent, so if you have 100 points, this will equal $1.

The minimum amount of points that can be redeemed is 500. Once you have enough points you can get a free gift card from a number of restaurants and retailers.

You can also withdraw cash through PayPal and Bank Transfer.

How To Cash Out

500 points on Branded Surveys translates to $5. This is the minimum amount of points you will need to be able to cash out.

One survey can earn you up to 300 points, and you can expect to get 1 or 2 surveys daily, so it is not difficult to collect 500 points.

You are given three payout options to redeem your Branded Survey points:

  1. Bank Transfer: If you want to get paid quickly, you can choose Bank Transfer and will receive your payout via direct deposit to your bank account within 48 hours.
  2. PayPal: If you prefer PayPal, you can now recieve payouts directly into your PayPal account.
  3. Free Gift Cards: Branded Surveys is partnered with numerous retailers to provide you with great free gift card options such as Amazon and Google Play just to name a few.
  4. Donations: If you do not really need the extra cash and are feeling like giving, you can choose a charity to donate your earnings.

Getting Started

Residents of the US, UK, and Canada can join Branded Surveys at and start earning money.

You can create an account using your Facebook account or an email address and it only takes a matter of seconds to start participating in surveys. Simply enter your name, gender, zip code, country, and birthdate, and you are done!

Once you have created your profile you will be rewarded with a 50-point sign-up bonus!

Once completed, your dashboard will have survey options available for you, a daily poll that you can participate in, and details on how to earn extra points by referring friends and family!

When you are ready you can take about 5 minutes to fill out your extended profile and you will get another 50 points for doing so!

My Experience Using Branded Surveys for 2.5 Hours

I want to be clear and say, you will not get rich by taking surveys.

Taking surveys is a great task to do in your spare time when you are watching TV or on a long car ride and scrolling on social media – why not participate in surveys and rack up points to trade in for cash or free gift cards?

So let’s get started – here is what I made after using Branded Surveys for 2.5 hours (not in one sitting – off and on for a couple of days).

1. Signed Up: 50 Points

So once I signed up – I immediately got 50 points. 🎉

Branded Surveys Sign-up Bonus
Branded Surveys Sign-up Bonus

2. Completed Extended Profile: 50 Points

Then I was prompted to fill out my extended profile and got another 50 points – easy $1 right there. 🎉

Branded Surveys Extended Profile Bonus Points
Branded Surveys Extended Profile Bonus Points

3. Start Completing Online Surveys: Points Varied

Once that was done, I was served “best surveys” and I could see how much each survey was worth and the time it might take me to finish.

Branded Surveys Best Surveys List
Branded Surveys Best Surveys List

In my experience, it never took me as long to take the survey as it said it would.

For instance, it might say it would take 16 minutes, but it might actually take me around 10 minutes, so don’t let a higher expected time deter you from participating in the survey.

In total, I clicked on 27 surveys to participate in, and out of those I did not qualify for 12 – though I was still given a couple of points just for clicking on the link – so not a total waste of time.

Branded Surveys - Did Not Qualify
Branded Surveys - Did Not Qualify

4. Participated in Daily Poll: 5 Points Daily

I was also prompted to participate in the daily poll, and earned 5 points, which is just a quick question that I was given 3 answers to choose from, here is an example daily poll question:

Branded Surveys Daily Poll Question
Branded Surveys Daily Poll Question

My Total Earnings: 712 Points or $7.12

So after about 2.5 hours of completing my profile, taking 15 surveys, and answering a couple of daily polls, I am ready to cash out $7.12.

Branded Surveys Earnings after 2.5 Hours
Branded Surveys Earnings after 2.5 Hours

Not a huge amount of money, but, I like to let my points add up and cash out as one larger gift card toward Amazon to go toward our purchases there.

A friend of mine uses several different survey platforms and lets them all stack up until November of each year when she cashes them out for amazon gift cards to go toward her kid’s Christmas gifts.

If you really want to dig in and see if Branded Surveys is really worth your time, you can view all your activities in your dashboard at any time and figure up how much you are making on average per survey, here’s a screenshot of my dashboard:

Branded Surveys My Points View
Branded Surveys My Points Dashboard


Branded Surveys value your security and take all steps possible to ensure your data is safe with them. They not only have firewalls but also use secure server software to protect data from unauthorized access or destruction.

If there is any data breach, Branded Surveys will inform you so you can take the necessary steps to protect your information.

If you have any concerns about your data security, you can find an easy-to-read privacy policy on Branded Surveys’ website or get in touch with their customer support team.

Customer Support

Branded Surveys offers a comprehensive FAQ page on their website. This is a help section where you can find a lot of information that can help you solve any issue you might come across.

If you’ve had no luck resolving your issue using the FAQ page, you can submit a request to their customer support team and they will get right to it.

Pros and Cons


  • Pays more than most other survey platforms
  • Can redeem points as cash through PayPal or Direct Deposit
  • A huge selection of gift cards is available
  • With three levels of badges, your earnings increase with time
  • User-friendly website


  • Can be difficult to qualify for paid surveys
  • PayPal transfers can take up to 3 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Branded Surveys be trusted?

Yes, Branded Surveys is a legitimate and trustworthy survey platform that has been around for quite some time now. Trustpilot has Branded Surveys rated at 4.1 out of 5 with over 92.5k customer reviews.

Does Branded Surveys actually pay you?

Yes, Branded Surveys rewards you with points for taking surveys and completing other tasks. Once you earn 500 points, you can start cashing out real money.

How much is 1,000 Branded Survey points worth?

1,000 Branded Survey points are worth $10.

Is Branded Surveys free?

Yes, Branded Surveys is free to sign-up for, and start taking surveys to earn points redeemable for PayPal Cash or free gift cards.

Is Branded Surveys a scam?

No, Branded Surveys is not a scam. They are a trusted survey site that you can use to earn some extra cash!


If you want to maximize your earnings by answering surveys on many different online survey sites, here are some other great options for you to try out.





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Is Branded Surveys Worth It?

Branded Surveys is a legit survey platform with a few different ways to earn money. They have competitive rewards and some cashout options making it worth your spare time.

It can be a great way to make extra money online without too much hassle.

If you prefer to earn money in different ways, such as getting paid to watch videos, play games, or read emails, then Branded Survey might not be the best option for you (but there are plenty of other alternatives).

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    I've been an elite member for a long time and never miss a day without completing a survey. A few times I've only done the poll. I know nothing about these streaks you're referring to. They have good payouts and it's not hard to redeem every 2-3 weeks. About the streak rewards? Don't believe all you read. Recently,they haven't been on the ball. Covid19 related?? I don't know but beginning to have issues that they refuse to help with. I'd give it a shot though. You will make out!