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FreeCash is a fun way to diversify your income, though it may take a while for your earnings to add up.


  • Easy to use
  • Pays instantly
  • Large number of rewards


  • Takes time for earnings to grow
  • Sharing private information logo

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FreeCash is a get-paid-to-site that may sound a little gimmicky, but in fact, they’re a legit app with over 11 million users worldwide. They were founded in 2020 by their parent company, Almedia Online LLC, and pay an average of $12.87 daily.

Check out my Freecash review for more details and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What Is FreeCash?

FreeCash is a site that pays you for small tasks like answering surveys, testing apps, and playing games. When you complete a task, Freecash pays you coins you can redeem for PayPal, cryptocurrency, or gift cards to brands like Amazon, Apple, Netflix, or Visa.

FreeCash is transparent about how many coins you’ll earn for each task and clearly states the instructions so you know what’s required to earn the designated coins.

Is FreeCash Legit Or A Scam?

FreeCash is a legit site that pays its members. They have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot with other 75.6k reviews. Most reviewers have nothing but good things to say about it, including that withdrawals are easy and the app is easy to use.

Like any get-paid-to-site, you must do your own due diligence with each offer you accept. Games and surveys are pretty self-explanatory, but if you accept offers, such as signing up for a service for a month, ensure the service is legit and is something you want to try, remembering that you must cancel your free trial if you don’t want to get charged.

Who Can Join FreeCash?

Almost anyone can join the fun on FreeCash, as long as you are 13 years or older and want to play games, answer surveys, or take advantage of great offers. The site is available globally and works on Apple and Android phones.

How FreeCash Works

FreeCash is pretty self-explanatory. In fact, the ‘how to’ videos are 15 to 30 seconds long if that tells you how easy it is to use the site.

Here’s how FreeCash works and its best features.

Sign Up for an Account

Like any get-paid-to-site, the first step is to sign up for an account. Simply find the ‘sign up’ button on the top-right side and enter your email and created password. FreeCash also allows you to sign up with either Google or Steam if you already have accounts.

That’s it! You’re ready to start earning! Just head to the Earn page and see what offers are available.

Signing Up for
Signing Up for

Browse Offers

After signing up, you can browse and choose the best offers. Select the first offer you want to try, and click the ‘Start’ or ‘Play and Earn’ button.

Offers for Earning on
Offers for Earning on

If you select an offer versus playing a game or answering a survey, you may be prompted to scan a QR code to download an app and register.

QR code on freecash to start playing a game to earn

Again, be sure you’re comfortable with the offers and what you must do to earn money.

Complete the Steps and Get Paid

After completing the steps, FreeCash credits your account with the stated amount. You can then head to the Cash Out page to choose your reward. Depending on the method chosen, you may get your money in seconds, especially if you choose PayPal.

ways to cash out on

FreeCash Features

FreeCash offers many ways to make money; here are its top features.

Answer Surveys

FreeCash partners with market research companies who need surveys answered. While I was using FreeCash, I didn’t find a ton of available surveys, but that can change often. If you like getting paid to provide your opinion, check back often for new offers.

Building a great profile is key to getting access to many surveys. Provide as many details as possible about yourself, and you’ll have access to more surveys. Like most tasks on FreeCash, you’ll see the time needed and the pay upfront to determine if it’s worth it.

Like most survey companies, you’ll face a screener first. These are a few simple questions to see if you meet the required demographic. The downside is if you don’t qualify, you don’t get paid,

Persistence pays off, though. The more surveys you answer, the better your chances of getting higher-paid survey opportunities.

Complete Offer Wall Tasks

Completing offer wall tasks is the most lucrative way to make money on FreeCash. But it’s also the riskiest.

Most offers on the offer wall are programs to sign up for, usually with a credit card. While they pay the best on FreeCash, you must be diligent about canceling your free trial, or you’ll see new charges on your credit card monthly.

A few examples of what they’re currently offering include Rocket Money, Credit Sesame, WorkWell, and Revolut. Fortunately, FreeCash is 100% transparent with its offers, so when you select one, you’ll see what it entails to decide if it’s the right choice.

After completing all required steps (read the fine print), you’ll receive your payout in your FreeCash account.


If you love playing games, you can get paid to do what you love on FreeCash. It’s easy to start, and you’ll find some of your favorite games like Yahtzee, Monopoly GO, Bingo, Word Farm, and so much more.

Like offers, you’ll see all the details required to earn the coins. Just watch out for any in-app purchase requirements before playing the games.

Refer Your Friends

FreeCash makes money when you refer friends; they return the favor by paying you a portion of the earnings. The person you referred gets sign-up bonuses, which are free coins (value varies), and you begin earning 5% of your referral’s earnings.

All referrers start at Tier 1. However, as you earn more points and become more active, you climb the tiers and can eventually earn as much as 30% of your referral’s earnings.

Win Leaderboard Contests

FreeCash keeps track of the leaders and rewards them well. They pay many leaders, sometimes up to 1,000, so don’t give up! They have weekly and monthly rewards, so there’s always a fresh chance to win.

Enter Promo Codes

Don’t forget to follow FreeCash on their social channels. They often run exclusive promo codes for their followers, which give access to free coins. These promotions usually aren’t for a ton of coins, but anything free is worth it, right?

They are on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

How Much Money Can You Make on FreeCash?

According to FreeCash and the top 100 earners on their Leaderboard, the average member earns $12.87 daily. How much you earn depends on the offers you accept, how often you log in and do tasks, and if you complete them as required.

As with any GPT (get-paid-to) site, FreeCash is a fun way to earn supplemental money, but it won’t pay the bills. It would take many hours and a lot of dedication to make much more than a little pocket money.

While this can be fun to play around with in the car when you are board on a long road trip or standing in the checkout line at the store, to make extra cash to really pad your bank account, I recommend checking out more legit side hustles.

How To Get Paid on FreeCash

FreeCash offers some of the best cash-out options, and getting credit for your tasks doesn’t take forever. In fact, they have 30+ ways to redeem your coins.

In my experience, they were great about crediting my account quickly after completing tasks. Keep in mind that 1,000 coins equals $1, so it can take a while to reach a sizeable amount. Your coins accumulate in your dashboard and can cash out when you meet the minimum thresholds.

What Is the Minimum Payout Threshold?

The minimum payout threshold varies by reward. Crypto rewards start at $0.50, and Stake rewards start at $0.25. Typically, you need $5 (5,000 coins) for any other rewards, including PayPal.

How Long Does FreeCash Take To Pay?

Here’s the most exciting part of the FreeCash review! Payouts are instant! Not too many other get-paid-to-sites can say they pay instantly. That means as soon as you have enough PayPal cash, you can cash out and have your cash in your account almost instantly.

Tips on Earning More on FreeCash

To make the most money on FreeCash, here are some quick tips:

  • Take featured offers: FreeCash has featured offers at the top of their site. Browse them first and take advantage of any that you can. Other users recommend these offers, which means they are usually easy and pay well.
  • Complete your profile: if you want to get paid to take surveys, complete your profile as much as possible. This increases the number of surveys you may receive.
  • Browse the offer wall: Always check the offer wall for great options. You never know when a service you’ve wanted to try will show up, paying you to try it. To make it the easiest to browse, filter your results from highest to lowest-paying so you don’t waste time trying to find the best offers.

Pros and Cons

Every get-paid-to-site has pros and cons. Here’s what to consider.


  • Easy to use
  • Pays instantly
  • Has a low cashout threshold
  • Offers a large number of rewards


  • Takes a while for earnings to add up
  • Offers are the best way to earn, which means sharing private information, including your credit card info

FreeCash User Reviews and Ratings

FreeCash has been around for a while, and its users are mostly happy with the results. Here’s what they have to say.

I've had a positive experience with, having earned $39.00 effortlessly through engaging games and a variety of offer walls. The platform offers a seamless way to make money, and the response times from customer support are crazy fast.
Cody Trustpilot

The games are real and payments also real, if u want to earn some cash while you play games, I will advise you download freecash and download your games through them.
Samuel Trustpilot

So far this has been the best app to play for money however once task are complete it's in pending status for what feels like foreverrrrrrrr other then that this is my new favorite app.
Debra Mosley Trustpilot

FreeCash Alternatives

FreeCash isn’t the only get-paid-to-site available. I always recommend that you sign up for as many sites as you can to diversify your efforts in making money on the side.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular get-paid-to-sites. They pay in ‘Swagbucks,’ which, like FreeCash, you can redeem for rewards. They’ve paid over $570 million so far to members who do things like answer surveys, shop online and in-store, play games, and search the internet. Their cashout thresholds are low ($1), and there are many ways to redeem your SBs, including PayPal and gift cards.


Clickworker offers micro jobs for members to do to earn money. The jobs include taking pictures at specific stores, answering surveys, or completing and documenting tasks around your house. After completing and uploading the work to the client, you get paid via PayPal. Clickworker sends payments weekly, and there are always new jobs to try.


InboxDollars is another one of the pioneer get-paid-to-sites. It began as a site that paid members to read emails (advertisements). Today, you can earn money by reading emails, watching videos, answering surveys, and shopping online. The downside is that InboxDollars has a $30 cash-out threshold, which can take a while to reach.


Is FreeCash Free To Join?

Yes, it is 100% free to join FreeCash. You can browse the tasks and offers and don’t have to pay anything. If you accept a job, you’ll earn money when you complete it as requested. You only pay for anything if you accept an offer and keep it beyond the free trial.

Is FreeCash Available Globally?

Yes! FreeCash is available globally, so you can join in the fun and earn extra cash no matter where you are.

Is Customer Support Available on FreeCash?

FreeCash has 24/7 customer support, which is rare in the get-paid-to industry. The only option is live chat, but that’s usually all you need to solve any issues with FreeCash.

Does Free Cash Have an App?

Yes, but only an Android app. You can access the FreeCash website through your standard browser if you have an iPhone.

Can You Get Banned From FreeCash?

Like any site, FreeCash can ban users who violate their terms of service.

How Is FreeCash Able To Pay Users?

FreeCash earns money from the companies that advertise with them. They share the commission they earn with members, but of course, they keep a portion to stay in business.

Is FreeCash Worth Signing Up For?

A get-paid-to-site like FreeCash is an excellent option if you want to diversify your earnings. While reviewing FreeCash, I found that it is not only legit but also a fun way to spend some free time while making extra cash.

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