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Can you really get paid to watch videos? Absolutely, it is entirely possible to make money by watching videos online. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to make money online, and if you watch TV or YouTube videos anyway, why not make some extra cash doing it?

There are many different ways to earn extra money in your spare time, including watching online videos on your iPhone on the train or a bus, for example!

From using dedicated video watching apps to writing reviews about TV shows and movies, you can make some good side money. Let’s see how.

25 Ways To Get Paid To Watch Videos

Here are 25 great ways to get paid to watch videos today:

  1. 🏆  InboxDollars
  2. National Consumer Panel
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Vindale Research
  5. MyPoints
  6. Nielsen Computer and Mobile
  7. Nielsen TV Family Ratings
  8. Nielsen Digital Voice
  9. Earnably
  10. iRazoo
  11. SuccessBux
  12. Slidejoy
  13. FusionCash
  14. CreationsRewards
  15. AdWallet
  16. Netflix Tagging
  17. Sponsored Posts
  18. TV-TWO
  19. Focus Groups
  20. Psychological Studies
  21. Reviewer
  22. Transcribe Subtitles
  23. Viggle
  24. Quick Rewards
  25. KashKick


InboxDollars gives members the opportunity to earn money by completing a variety of tasks, including watching videos or taking surveys. There are a few different categories available to help keep things interesting and entertaining while you earn cash.

InboxDollars has partnered with some of the biggest brands around including Netflix, Target, and Walmart, to name a few, to deliver one of the strongest platforms around.

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National Consumer Panel

The National Consumer Panel, also known as NCPOnline, is a Nielsen/IRI joint venture.

$10,000 is given away to users each month, so there’s plenty to go around – there’s also a sweepstake to help you earn even more. All rewards are in the form of ‘gifts.’

You can also use the app for cashback by scanning barcodes of items you’ve bought as long as you give information about the shop you purchased it from and how much the item costs. There are also ‘special studies’ that provide the opportunity to earn more.

You earn points for completing tasks that you can exchange for merchandise. There are also sweepstakes every quarter with $5,000 in cash up for grabs.


Swagbucks offers different ways to earn money, including watching videos. There are a few different playlists to choose from that include food, fashion, and a number of others. Video length varies from video to video.

You earn points by watching the available playlists. Points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. At the moment, there’s also a $10 sign up bonus for new members to get you started.

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Vindale Research

With Vindale Research, you need to qualify to earn money watching videos. To find out if you’re eligible, look out for a Videos tab in the Surveys page of your Vindale Research account. If you find it there, congratulations! You can now start watching videos and get paid for it.

Vindale Research works on any device, and they payout earnings directly in cash.

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MyPoints offer video playlists that you need to watch all the way through to earn points. Points can be converted to cash, gift cards, or even travel points, giving you flexibility in how you get paid. They also have a special app called MyPoints TV that allows you to earn points on the go.

Sign up with MyPoints today to receive a $10 gift card.

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Nielsen Computer and Mobile

Sign up with Nielsen Computer and Mobile to get $50 a year for watching the videos you usually watch. There are no playlists to play through. Instead, you will be sharing your browsing data with the company, which they’ll use to see the kind of videos you like to watch.

Nielsen TV Family Ratings

Nielsen TV Family Rating is an invitation-only program that pays you for watching traditional TV. With no application or sign-up process available, you just need to wait for an invite with participants selected at random. February, May, July, and November tend to see more invites sent out.

Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice represents Nielsen’s efforts to understand consumers’ watching habits on the internet. You earn rewards for watching videos with automatic entry to monthly sweepstakes with $10,000 up for grabs every single month.


Earnably works with to earn you points for watching videos and commercials. You need to create accounts on both platforms and then link them together. Points earned on need to be transferred to Earnably before they can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

To make even more money, you can refer friends with a unique link. One they join and start earning points, you’ll automatically get 10% of whatever they make.


iRazoo offers members daily videos that include movie trailers, short films, and reviews. Watching videos earns you points that you can redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards. Sign up today for 100 bonus points to start on the right foot.


SuccessBux offers members an easy way to get paid to watch online ads. There are other ways to make money on this platform, including referring new users to earn commissions. The standard account is completely free, but you can upgrade your account to earn even higher commission rates from referrals purchases and earnings.


Slidejoy uses a somewhat unique system to get paid for watching videos using its free app. Through its swiping mechanism, you can slide videos right to get more info or left to dismiss it. You get the same number of points whichever way you slide the video so that you can only watch the videos that you like.

Points earned can be redeemed for gift cards or good old cash.


FusionCash works on the same lines as many of the other apps discussed here. One reason why you may want to choose this app is that it offers a number of different cash out options, including checks and direct deposit to your bank account, among others.

If you become an active contributor on the platform, you can earn as much as $3.00 extra per month as a nice little perk. There’s also a sign-up bonus offering $5 in bonus cash.


To earn money with CreationsRewards, you need to watch videos from start to finish. You won’t know how many points you’ll earn until the video has finished playing, but you can watch as many videos as you like since there are no limits to how much you can earn.

For your account to remain active, you need to earn at least 100 points every 6 months, and referring family and friends can see you earn 10% of what they do in commissions.


AdWallet pays anything between $0.50 and $3.00 for each video you watch on their platform. You need at least $10.00 to cash out, which you can do via bank transfer, gift cards, PayPal, or as a charitable donation.

You can increase the amount of money you make by referring family and friends. You’ll earn $1 for each successful referral.

Netflix Tagging

Netflix is one of the biggest video streaming companies in the world, with lots of positions within its ranks. One such position is known as Netflix Tagger. As a Netflix Tagger, you get to watch videos on Netflix and add the appropriate tags.

You can apply to become a Netflix Tagger when such positions become available, although it requires you to be employed by Netflix working on-site in their offices.

Sponsored Posts

If you have enough followers on your social media accounts, you can get paid for sponsoring video posts. The more followers you have, the more money you can charge companies looking to get their video content in front of potential customers.

This is one of the ways online influencers make money. You can reach out to the marketing department of companies you’re interested in promoting to see if there is room for collaboration.


Watching videos on TV-TWO can earn you cryptocurrency. You earn TTV Tokens for videos you watch with cash out starting at 50,000 tokens. Tokens can be exchanged for TTV Ethereum tokens, which can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

The TV-TWO smartphone apps can be downloaded from their respective store, such as Google Play, for Android devices.

Focus Groups

Good old fashion consumer focus groups are generally held offline. You get to watch videos and discuss them with other participants and the facilitators. When participating in a focus group, you will be required to provide an in-depth analysis of the video and take part in discussion groups.

Psychological Studies

Psychological studies are studies carried out by universities and other organizations that aim to study the psychological effect of different stimuli. Videos tend to feature as one of the stimuli with emotional and mentally challenging videos used to assess your reactions.

Most programs look for volunteers, but more often than not, there is some form of monetary compensation involved, which can go as high as $100 or more.


As a reviewer, you will be reviewing videos and films where you get to write about the videos you watch. You will need to have a strong command of the written word and be able to write in an engaging and informative way.

As a reviewer or critic, you will need to make a name for yourself before you can start earning the big bucks. Internships are one way you can get your foot through the door, or you can decide to go freelance.

Transcribe Subtitles

Video creators looking to be more inclusive will often look for transcribers to write subtitles for the videos they create. It can be quite a time-consuming task, but it will give you film-related experience, which can be particularly useful if you’re looking to break into the industry.

Many freelance platforms offer such jobs with pay varying from one project to the next.


Viggle is an app that works on Android and iOS mobile devices. You will need to tap the app when watching your favorite shows to start earning points. Watch out for video content that can earn you ten times the usual number of points to boost your earnings effortlessly.


QuickRewards offers a number of different ways to make money, including watching videos. Complete tasks to earn points that can be exchanged for cash through PayPal or vouchers from a number of stores and restaurants.


KashKick offers members different missions to complete that include watching videos online. For each completed mission, you will earn cash rewards with cashout possible from just $5.00. There is no limit to how many missions you can complete with the entire process being very straightforward and easy to understand.

Earn Extra Cash In Your Spare Time Watching Videos

Making money by simply watching videos online in your free time can earn you real money. You can also make money by reading emails, writing reviews, or even just leaving your computer running.

If you want to make this your full-time gig, being a reviewer or a tagger might help you make more decent money.

Either way, watching videos can be a great side hustle with easy money watching the content you enjoy.

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