How to Get Paid to Leave Your Computer Running

As you get older, it can become increasingly difficult to stay in the grind. You may decide you want to spend more time with your family or find you have less energy than you did in your younger years. 

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to prevent this from happening. But what you can do is find ways to bring in money on a passive basis. Believe it or not, one way to do that is by simply deciding to leave your computer running.

Best Ways to Get Paid to Leave Your Computer Running

There are a number of ways you can make money by using your computing power to complete computing tasks while you’re doing something else. All you need is a hard drive and an internet connection. With that in mind, here are some options to explore to make money online with your computer processor.

  1. Kryptex
  2. LoadTeam
  3. MQL5

1. Kryptex 

Cryptocurrency gets created using distributed computer networks. Cryptocurrency miners use computers to “mine” for coins. 

Your computer can take part in cryptocurrency mining using a platform like Kryptex. All you have to do is download a Microsoft Windows app and let miners access your computer’s processing power at various times. 

The amount you bring in depends largely on your setup. If you have a powerful gaming PC, you can bring in roughly $95 each month according to Kryptex. A mining rig with an Intel Celeron G3930 processor and 8X AMD RX 5700 GPU mining rig will generate about $615 per month. And a mining farm consisting of 36 rigs with 8X AMD RX 480s will bring in about $13,570 per month. Not too shabby! 

Kryptex pays in Bitcoin or U.S. dollars and comes with a minimum withdrawal amount of $0.50. 

You can start earning money the same day you begin mining. 

2. LoadTeam

LoadTeam is a similar type of mining operation that lets you use your computer to mine coins via a Windows app that lets you make money by harvesting processing power. 

LoadTeam lets you transfer money from their app to a PayPal account when your balance reaches $1. You can run it on as many computers as you like, and how much you earn depends on how often you run the software. 

At the time of writing, LoadTeam claims to have a network of almost 52,000 users across 163 countries. 

3. MQL5

Another way to sell your computer’s CPU is through the MQL5 Cloud Network, which lets other users access your computer’s resources in exchange for payments. 

To access this network and make money, simply download and install the MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent to get started.

According to MQL5, its programs are safe, as they work in their own sandbox.

These are just a few of the many examples on the market. You should also look into using Golem, Slicify, and MyCashware. These are all similar services that pay you to rent your processing power. If this idea sounds like something that interests you, explore the various options and pick one that you’ll feel comfortable using.

Tips for Making Money with Your Computer Running

Watch out for electricity costs

If you’re just running one or two computers throughout the day, you shouldn’t worry too much about the cost of electricity. However, if you’re selling processing power at scale or running computers around the clock, you could notice a spike in your electricity bill. 

Keep an eye on your electricity consumption so that you don’t wind up spending more than you are bringing in on a monthly basis, negating the reason for doing this in the first place.

Consider using a dedicated computer 

You should also keep in mind that running these types of programs can degrade your computer over time. 

Most of the time, you use a small amount of processing power throughout the day if you’re just using programs like Microsoft Office or browsing the internet. The above-mentioned programs use a lot more processing power at once, which can take its toll on your machine over time. Consumer-grade motherboards are not meant to handle continuous workloads and could fail. So you may want to spring for a higher-end machine that can handle the increased capacity. 

Consider buying a computer and using it solely for processing power, so that you don’t destroy your main system. You should also avoid installing this on a work computer unless you have explicit permission to do so.

Be careful about what you download 

The internet is full of scams and viruses — many of which look like legitimate programs. 

Be sure to thoroughly research software and get a variety of opinions before you move forward with any options. The last thing you want to do is give a third-party program access to your operating system without understanding who is running it and their reputation. 

Making matters more complicated, anti-malware programs can sometimes identify mining software as malware. So, it’s not always cut and dried. 

Poke around, ask tech-savvy friends about their opinions, and read peer reviews so that you don’t make a mistake and download a program that damages your computer. 

Additional Ways to Make Money with Your Computer

Develop apps

If you’re computer savvy, you should consider building apps and selling them to businesses. 

Right now, there is a massive need for workplace productivity apps that can help companies streamline operations. For example, a construction company may be able to use an app to track equipment or daily workflows. 

Recent advancements in no-code app design make it easy to design solutions without any coding experience. All you need to do is make one app, and then you could potentially use that as a template to share with other companies. This could be a great way to launch a side hustle.

Provide technical support 

Another way to make money using your home computer and phone is to launch a tech support service — using tools like remote monitoring to log in and help people solve basic troubleshooting issues from your own system. This is another great money-making opportunity for tech-savvy individuals who are looking to increase their cash flow. 

Just remember that half of a tech support technician’s job is providing customer service and working with other people. Even if you know a lot about computers, you still need strong people skills in this line of work. 

Take surveys

Taking surveys is a perfectly legit way to bring in extra money on the side. Companies like Swagbucks can pay you to sit on your sofa and answer questions. You could also take part in focus groups and get paid to do basic online activities like watch movies or play games. 

Offer social media support

Small businesses are often looking for individuals to help them with their social media initiatives. If you know how to craft great social posts or attract followers, you should consider doing this. 

To get started, simply poke around and try to find local businesses with a limited social media presence. Put together a social media audit and share a plan with the business to help improve their channel. Taking the time to put together this type of report should be enough to get a sit-down meeting with management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to sell your computer’s processing power?

Selling your computer’s processing power is generally unobtrusive and happens in the background. If you think about it, you give your processing power away all the time using programs like Chrome that drain a significant amount of capacity. In this light, using a program to get paid for processing power isn’t all that different. 

Just make sure you research the programs that you’re using and steer clear of software that does not have a strong reputation for being trustworthy and secure. 

Should I start a side hustle?

Starting a side hustle is a great way to bring in extra money. You can use a side hustle to put money aside for retirement, pay down debt, or fund short- to medium-term investments. 

Just remember that a side hustle can be tiring — especially if you’re working a full-time job. Part of what makes selling processing power so appealing is because it allows you to make money without doing anything. This is passive income, which is something everyone should strive to achieve.

Do you have to leave your computer on to make money?

These programs can only work if your computer is on. The longer you keep your device running, the more money you make.

Some people like to do this throughout the day when they’re working while others like to do it day and night. It largely depends on the type of computer you’re using and how much you want to earn.

Is LoadTeam malware?

The company acknowledges that their software sometimes gets flagged as malware by antivirus software. However, the company asserts that they are not a virus, malware, or spyware.

Do you need a desktop to sell processing power?

Not necessarily. Most of these programs work with desktops and laptops. Just make sure the laptop stays plugged in. You’ll also want to check your laptop from time to time to prevent it from overheating, which could damage the machine.

What is passive income?

As the name suggests, passive income involves making money by doing little to no ongoing work. For example, a rental property may produce passive income. Or you may take a picture and post it on a photosharing site where you receive payouts every time someone downloads the content.

In short, passive income enables you to make money on assets that you already own, saving you time and effort in your quest to bring in more money. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to make extra cash, you can sell your computer power to others using third-party software. It’s a relatively safe way to make money and it takes virtually no time at all. 

The only thing you’ll have to do is find the right program, go through a brief setup process, and make sure the computer stays on. Some programs pay in BTC while others pay in dollars. 

If you decide to go this route, you should strongly consider buying a dedicated computer that you just use for processing power so that you don’t slow down your regular machine or damage it in any way. You’ll need to think of this as an investment, though, and make sure that you’re making more than you spend. Also, keep your eye on your electricity bill so you don’t spend too much money on utilities and cancel out any gains that you make by selling your processing power. 

Ultimately, if you’re thinking of selling your processing power, you already have the right mindset in place. Start thinking of other things you can rent to make money as well — like putting your car on Turo or your house on Airbnb. 

The journey to financial freedom is a long one filled with many twists and turns. The more ways you can figure out how to generate income, the better off you’ll be. 

Here’s to unlocking new revenue streams!

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