13 Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies in 2024

Get paid to watch movies? That sounds like a film-buff fantasy. But believe it or not, there are many ways to make the dream come true.

If you love to watch movies, you could turn your passion into a full-time job or a side hustle. You could even make money by watching movies for just a few minutes a day.

In this guide, we’ll show you our favorite ways you can get paid to watch movies.

13 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies

Here are some great ways to get paid to watch movies today:

  1. 🏆 Watch Videos on MyPoints
  2. Watch Movies on Swagbucks
  3. Watch Movie Previews on InboxDollars
  4. Sign up for Nielsen’s Computer and Mobile Panel
  5. Watch Movies while House Sitting
  6. Write Movie Reviews
  7. Become a Netflix Tagger
  8. Start a YouTube Channel
  9. Do Movie Theater Checks
  10. Become a Film Critic
  11. Edit Movies
  12. Produce Movies
  13. Teach Film

1. Watch Videos on MyPoints

MyPoints gives you points in exchange for watching online videos. Sit through video playlists and earn up to 500 points per day. You can redeem points for gift cards, travel miles, and cash.

At the time of writing, MyPoints is giving new subscribers a $5 welcome bonus.

2. Watch Movies on Swagbucks

Swagbucks issues free gift cards for watching entertaining videos and sneak previews. It’s fun and it doesn’t take much of your time.

If you’re interested in learning more about survey sites, Swagbucks gives a signup bonus worth 1,000 points (about $10) when you spend at least $25 at a partnering retailer.

When you sign up with our link, you will also get a $10 welcome bonus! You can’t go wrong with Swagbucks!

3. Watch Movie Previews on InboxDollars

InboxDollars is just like Swagbucks except you earn direct cash rewards. You can make money watching short video clips on a variety of topics.

InboxDollars is currently offering a $5 signup bonus for new members.

4. Sign up for Nielsen’s Computer and Mobile Panel

If you’re like most people, you jump at the slightest opportunity to tell others what you’re watching. I’m looking at you, Manifest fans. Did you know that you can make money by sharing what you watch through the Nielsen Computer and Mobile program?

Nielsen is a trusted market research provider that collects information about demographics and media usage patterns. The company offers a $10,000 monthly sweepstakes, up to $50 per year in rewards points, and instant win games. And all you have to do is give the company access to your data.

Simply sign up, download Nielsen’s software, and earn rewards as you watch content. This site doesn’t pay much, but it’s very easy to use, and you never know when you might hit the sweepstakes.

5. House Sit

Working as a house-sitter is a pretty sweet deal. All you really have to do is make sure the house doesn’t burn down and water the plants. You may also get to play with dogs or cats.

Since there isn’t much to do as a housesitter, you can watch movies to pass the time. Look for house-sitting gigs on Care.com. Social media is also a great place to find work. Another cool site to check out is Nomador, which is an international sitter community.

The average salary for a house-sitter is $34,486.

6. Write Movie Reviews

Another option to get paid to watch movies is to link up with a site like Animation Arena, which pays $15 for reviews. Each review needs to be at least 550 words long.

Another option to consider is writing for a site like Vocal.media, which can lead to passive income. This site will pay money each time someone reads your story.

Either way, writing movie reviews is something you can do in your free time as a side hustle. You don’t need any qualifications or experience to start. If you know movies and can write quality content, this option is worth exploring.

7. Become a Netflix Tagger

You can watch Netflix and make money at the same time by working as an editorial analyst or “tagger” for the streaming service provider.

Netflix taggers watch movies and shows and assign specific metadata or descriptions. For example, this might entail watching a movie and entering the language, release date, or genre into a database.

To work as a tagger, you need to have expert knowledge of movies and an ability to accurately categorize video content.

Having a Netflix job as a tagger may seem like a dream come true. But as a word to the wise, this full-time job has the potential to become a slog.

Read the job description and make sure you’re comfortable with the role before quitting your day job to watch movies.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

Movie lovers live for hidden Easter eggs like Yoda breakdancing in Revenge of the Sith. And they depend on YouTubers like Mr. Sunday Movies to find them.

If you’re a true movie buff and comfortable on camera, why not consider launching your own movie channel? You can write movie reviews, talk about upcoming projects, offer predictions, and discuss characters or plot holes.

Of course, you’ll face stiff competition. But if you can produce high-quality content at a consistent level, you just may attract subscribers and start making some money.

Top movie reviewers make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just talking about films. How cool is that?

9. Do Theater Checks through Market Force

You could make money working as a theater checker by signing up as a certified field associate (CFA) through Market Force. This gig is a bit like mystery shopping, only you do it at the movies.

As a Market Force CFA, you can collect a paycheck just for going to a movie theater and reporting what you see. You’ll also get ticket and concession reimbursement.

This isn’t a complete walk in the park, though. Once you get to the movies, you’ll have to complete various tasks — like watching movie previews, counting patrons, or recording advertisements. You may also have to report on how the staff treats you and the quality of the popcorn.

If this sounds appealing, this part-time gig could help you make some extra cash.

10. Become a Film Critic

Think you have what it takes to become the next Roger Ebert? Consider taking your game to the next level by pursuing a career as a professional film critic.

It’s a good idea to land a degree in film to polish your skills and gain some expertise. You’ll also need advanced writing skills, a solid portfolio, and some entry-level experience before you start to make real inroads as a trusted film critic.

According to Glassdoor, movie critics can make on average around $62,000 base pay per year. How much you make depends on your skill and your ability to market yourself and create opportunities.

11. Edit Movies

Behind every great movie is a solid team of editors who dissect footage and splice it together to make an actual film. Editors work behind the scenes, pouring over raw video and transforming it into a final product.

As an editor, you can work independently or with a media or production company. This is a highly collaborative position — and one that requires strong creative and communication skills.

You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to become an editor, but it can help you learn the basics. That said, it’s more important to gain hands-on experience by taking internships and helping with professional projects.

If you’re interested in this line of work, focus on building a portfolio and improving your skills first and bigger jobs will follow as you progress.

The national average salary for a film editor is $65,728 per year.

12. Produce Movies

A movie producer is a bit like a general manager in sports. Producers plan and finance projects and hire creative professionals like directors, actors, and production specialists. They see projects through from initial planning to release.

Movie producers typically follow the same path as editors and critics at first, studying film, building connections, and gaining hands-on experience in the industry. This is not an overnight profession, and it takes a lot of hard work, a bit of luck, and usually a lot of cash to break through as a producer.

The average film producer’s salary is $70,000 per year. But you can easily earn double or triple this amount as you make a name for yourself.

13. Teach Film

As a disclaimer, making it in Hollywood is no easy task. People often waste decades trying to make it in the movie business only to wind up old, broke, and miserable. There’s no sugarcoating this experience.

For a safer path, you may want to pursue a life in academia. Spend a few years teaching undergraduate classes and work your way up to become a professor in a university. Play your cards right and you could wind up with an office, control over your curriculum, and the ability to watch movies and give lectures.

On average, film professors make $114,792 per year. You can also make more by selling books and pursuing speaking opportunities.

Plus, you’ll enjoy the same vacations that students get — like Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break, and summers off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a lot of money watching movies online?

It depends on what you’re doing. There’s a big difference between taking a full-time analyst position at Netflix and watching TV shows and advertisements through a survey site. You can earn a full-time salary if you land the right gig or earn substantially less.

How can I watch free movies online?

If you love to watch movies, you should consider ditching your subscriptions and saving money by using free streaming platforms. Crackle, Vudu, and Tubi offer a lot of free content.

If you’re willing to ditch some services, consider taking the money you save and putting it into an emergency fund or investment account. This way, you’ll cut down on spending, stockpile some money, and still have a way to watch the content you enjoy.

Are survey sites a legit way to get paid to watch movies?

Some survey sites are legit, while others are scams. Stick with sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollar and you’ll be fine. You won’t get rich, but you can use them to make money online by watching movie trailers, advertisements, and short clips.

Watch out for sites that lack online reviews or look shady. There are tons of scams online, and you have to be vigilant.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to get paid for watching movies. If you want to start earning extra cash immediately, your best bet is to use survey sites or write movie reviews. At the same time, you could get a house-sitting gig and make money watching movies while earning a paycheck.

The other option is to think long-term and pursue advanced opportunities as a critic, editor, producer, or professor.

At the end of the day, there are tons of ways to make quick money online, and using mobile apps to watch movies is just one example. You could also manage social media, work as a virtual assistant, sell unwanted items, and offer pet care.

The possibilities are endless. Poke around, explore your options, and you’re bound to find something that fits your interests and needs.

Here’s to getting paid to watch some flicks!

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