How to Get Rich Quick

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When you first get introduced to the money world, you set a clear resolution: get rich — and fast.

Now for the hard part: actually making it happen.

Let’s explore how you can start raking in cash and have enough money to live a life of financial abundance.

How to Get Rich Quick

It’s a lot easier to get rich quick if you have a roadmap to follow.

Here are my 9 best tips for getting rich quick.

  1. Set Clear Goals
  2. Discover Your True Value
  3. Start a Side Hustle
  4. Minimize Expenses
  5. Make Smart Investments
  6. Seek Residual Income
  7. Get Laser-focused
  8. Be Shrewd with Taxes
  9. Beware of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Set Clear Goals

Spend some time thinking about your personal situation. Instead of deciding that you want to get rich, set specific financial goals. For example, maybe you want to get out of debt in five years. Or maybe you want to reach a personal goal of having $500,000 stocked away by a specific date.

By setting goals, you can identify your priorities and form a plan to meet your objectives. Something to think about at this stage is your risk tolerance, i.e., your ability to take financial risks and absorb potential losses that you encounter along the way.

If you’re young with decades of life ahead of you, there might be more leeway to take risks that can help you make money more quickly. If you’re already approaching retirement age, you may want to take a more conservative approach.

Discover Your True Value

Not too many people get rich quickly simply by working a 9-to-5 job (although there are some jobs that can make you rich). Even if you are making a decent salary, it will most likely take years of slow growth to accumulate a significant amount of wealth.

Take a hard look at yourself and identify your true value. Think about your personal characteristics that you can use to start bringing in more money. For example, maybe you are extremely personable and would make a great salesperson. Or maybe you are a creative whiz and suited for advertising or consulting.

Once you identify your true calling in life, you’ll need to determine how you can start maximizing your skills to make money. For example, if you know how to draw, take your ideas from your sketch pad to coffee mugs or t-shirts and start an online business. If you are an author, learn how to write a bestseller.

Start a Side Hustle

You don’t need to be especially talented to start making extra money on the side. All you need is a work ethic. If you know how to drive, launch a side hustle driving for Uber or Lyft. Or get a job tending bar after hours — anything to start bringing in extra cash to build your nest egg and increase your net worth (what you own versus what you owe).

There are also infinite ways to make money online, using social media, Amazon, or Google. For example, you could use Amazon Web Services to design an app if you’re technically savvy. Or you could become a social media influencer and take up affiliate marketing or start a podcast and sell advertising space.

Minimize Expenses

Chances are you can do more with what you already have by cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Certain activities like ordering delivery, binging Netflix, and going on vacation can be replaced with low-cost alternatives that can save you money, allowing your cash to grow much faster.

Instead of draining your account every month, you can put your money to work for you in high-yield savings and investment accounts.

Living a low-cost lifestyle probably won’t make you rich. But it can help get you there faster. Over time, your savings is bound to increase, and it will get easier to recognize frivolous spending habits.

Make Smart Investments

If you’re in a position to take some risk, look into investing in the stock market. Start figuring out how to identify in great companies that look likely to continue their growth into the future. Making just a few intelligent investments now can significantly improve your chances of getting rich down the road.

Just ask people who recognized the potential and bought Amazon stock back when it was just an online bookseller. But those who look at their stocks like lottery tickets are probably just throwing their money away.

If you’re willing to take on a far bigger risk, you might want to consider investing in something like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and risky, but every investor should at least know how it works and make a personal decision on whether to invest in it or not.

While Bitcoin isn’t for everyone, it has some significant upside and explosive growth potential. That said, Bitcoin is also known to plummet just as fast as it rises, so caveat emptor.

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Seek Residual Income

If you want to get rich quickly, every dollar counts.

One of the best ways to make money is with residual income where you don’t have to consistently work to earn it. For example, when a music artist makes an album, they receive a slice every time someone purchases it. The same thing happens when you write a book and sell it online using a service like Amazon Kindle Direct, or if you sell a photo through a service like Shutterstock.

Bringing in residual income is like supercharging your finances. It allows you to bring in money while you focus the majority of your time and energy on more lucrative opportunities.

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Get Laser-focused

Residual income is helpful. But there’s no easy way around it: Getting rich quickly requires plenty of hard work and discipline. You need to become laser-focused about making money and be prepared to devote a significant portion of your week to the cause. The more you work and the less you spend, the sooner you’ll get rich.

To start, focus on building a money mindset. Read and learn about money, and develop sound financial habits. This can keep you motivated on your journey toward financial independence.

Be Shrewd with Taxes

Take a look at just about any wealthy person and you’ll find they are very shrewd about paying taxes. In other words, they look for ways to reduce their taxable income and grow their money on a tax-deferred basis.

Consider working with a tax advisor to reduce risk and complexity as you look for ways to reduce your personal taxes. Most people would agree that taxes can be very complicated.

Beware of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Be very careful about get-rich-quick schemes. There are plenty of scams out there and pitfalls to avoid when making money. Steer clear of opportunities that seem too good to be true or are overly risky.

In general, it’s much safer and more lucrative to spend the majority of your time trying to get rich slowly and enjoying the journey along the way. Warren Buffett got rich over decades, and plenty of other famous investors have as well. Make sound investments in index funds and mutual funds and take calculated risks where it makes sense.

The Benefits of Getting Rich Quick

First, it’s a good idea to outline what it means to actually be rich. After all, everyone has their own personal ideal of what constitutes a lot of money. For some people, saving $1 million or more might make you rich. For others, just getting out of debt and having the freedom to enjoy the simple things in life is a dream come true.

Ultimately, anyone who wants to get rich is after the same thing: true financial freedom.

Getting rich is all about becoming financially independent and putting yourself in a position to do what you want.

From having a big savings account to never worrying about credit card bills, getting rich comes with a slew of benefits, which we’ll examine next.

Reduce Stress

Financial pressure is one of the top stressors that people face in life. By getting rich, you can stop worrying about money and start enjoying life more. It’s a way to prioritize yourself, save money, and start living life on your own terms.

Prepare for Emergencies

If the global pandemic proved one thing, it’s that everyone needs to have an emergency fund. Emergencies can come when you least expect them, making life extremely difficult.

By getting rich, you can set money aside so that you have enough on hand to pay for daily expenses should you get sick or lose your job.

Set Yourself Up for Retirement

By getting rich, you can also have an easier time putting money aside in savings and investing in the stock market, where it can grow tax-free until you reach retirement age. Getting rich now can let you plan more aggressively for when you decide to stop working later in life. If you put together a robust portfolio, you can generate dividends every quarter, which is almost like free money.

TIP: Never put more money in the stock market than you’re not willing to lose. If you’re not into taking financial risks, the bulk of your cash reserves might be best left in your bank account.

Take Care of Your Family

If you’re like most people, chances are you want to have a family of your own someday. You may even have one now.

Families are very expensive and require advanced planning for healthcare, college, routine living expenses, and more. The richer you get, the more comfortable and well-off your family will be — and there’s nothing better to spend your money on than family.

As you can see, getting rich can change your life. Next, we’ll show you how you can get there quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can real estate get you rich quickly?

It depends on several factors including the property you purchase, your intent (flipping, renting, selling, or living in it), and your resources and personal network.

For example, if you get a great deal on a house at a bargain price and have a team of contractors or the time and ability to fix it yourself, and the timing is right, you can make a lot of money flipping houses. You’ll notice that’s a lot of ifs. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could wind up with a financial nightmare on your hands.

Do your research and make sure you are purchasing a sound investment that will yield a strong return before you purchase any real estate outright. You can also look to become a real estate investor by buying real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the stock market.

How much do you need to be rich?

This is a question only you can answer. It depends on your age, your financial goals, and your lifestyle and spending habits.

Determine a personal figure that will make you feel rich and then set a budget to help get yourself there. This may be $1 million — or it could be $20 million or more.

The trick is to maintain the same lifestyle and budget as you bring in more money. Plenty of people make millions of dollars but live outside of their means and wind up deeply unhappy as a result.

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Can you get rich with debt?

You can get rich with credit card debt or student loans. But it’s probably going to take a lot longer. Bad debt can take years or even decades to get out of. At the same time, a poor credit score makes it harder to secure loans with competitive interest rates when shopping for a car or house — meaning you’ll wind up paying much more in the long run.

If you are in debt, make it a priority to escape as quickly as possible. And if you have no debt, do your best to pay your balances off in full each month to keep it that way.

Is investing risky?

Investing is risky. But avoiding investing is even riskier.

When entering the stock market, you are bound to experience ups and downs, but the long-term march is upward. The key is how you respond to those short-term movements. If you panic and sell a great company when it drops 5% in a single day, you could be missing out on wealth-creating returns.

And remember that the one thing that you will never be able to get back is time.

The earlier you start investing in life, the more risk you will be able to take — and the more you will generate in compound returns. Diversify your holdings, make sound investments, and you will build wealth over time. It’s really that simple.

The Bottom Line

Deciding that you want to be rich is one of the most important aspects of your personal finance journey. It’s very important to set a goal and steadily work toward achieving it — even if it’s not easy.

While it’s almost impossible to get rich overnight, you can get there in a few years if you make the right choices today. Making money is all about making the right decisions and letting time do the trick. And the more time you are willing to devote to the process, the more cash you’ll be able to stockpile.

Here’s to getting rich as fast as you can — and making smart decisions to maintain and grow your wealth!

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