Best Cash Advance Apps

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Cash advance apps can save you a lot of trouble should you find yourself out of money before your next paycheck arrives.

By getting a cash advance on your paycheck, you can avoid having to pay fees from missed payments when your bank balance is too low.

When it comes to choosing a cash advance app, there are many options to choose from. Each app tends to shine in one particular area. This might present the best deal for you.

What this means is that before choosing an app, take the time to understand what your requirements are and what you need the most to make sure you get the best deal and service possible.

11 Best Cash Advance Apps

Here are the 11 best paycheck cash advance apps you can use today:

  1. 🏆 Earnin: Best for Saving on Fees
  2. Dave: Best for Small Loan Amounts
  3. MoneyLion: Best to Help Improve Your Credit Score
  4. PayActiv: Best Employer Offered Cash Advance Option
  5. Branch: Runner-up Employer Offered Cash Advance Option
  6. Brigit: Best for Keeping Tabs on Your Money
  7. Possible: Best for Fast Cash
  8. Vola: Best for Irregular Work Hours
  9. Even: Best Employer Offered to Manage Finances
  10. Varo: Best for 2 Day Early Pay Advance
  11. FlexWage: Best Employer Offered for Catering Industry


Earnin app lets you take out as much as $100 per day on the money you have already earned.

This means that half-way through your pay cycle, you can only take out as much as half of your paycheck.

There are no fees or interest rates on the advance, but you can add a small tip to keep the app alive and make sure it is still around next time you need an advance.

Earnin App Features:

  • Overdraft protection
  • Cashback Rewards
  • HealthAid
  • Balance shield

Cashback rewards is my favorite as it allows you to earn 1-10% in cashback rewards in participating restaurants and stores!

To be able to enjoy these rewards, you need to link your debit or credit card to your Earnin account and run it as a credit card.


  • No fees
  • Can help you save on medical bills with HealthAid


  • Advance limited to $100 a day
  • Can take up to 2 business days to receive funds


For a fee of $1.00 payable every month, Dave lets you borrow up to $100. There is no interest; however, you can leave a tip to support the app.

While there are some requirements that need to be met to be eligible, they do not do credit checks. This can make it a viable option if your credit score is low, and you’re having some difficulties meeting your financial commitments before your paycheck comes through.

It can take up to 3 business days to receive the funds. If this seems too long, you can choose the Express payment option, but this comes at a fee.

Using the express option, you can get your cash advance the very same day. Do make sure that the fee is lower than any penalties incurred for any late payments for which you’re borrowing the money.

Dave App Features

  • Automatic budgeting
  • Rent payments reporting
  • Side hustles that fit your schedule


  • No fees
  • Helps you build your credit score


  • Can take up to 3 business days to receive funds
  • The maximum advance amount is set at $100


With MoneyLion, you can get cash advances of as much as $250. They also offer a quick turnaround that can see you get the money as early as that very same day.

MoneyLion does not run any credit checks, but there are some criteria you need to meet to be eligible. While there is no APR on cash advances, there is a membership fee that needs to be paid every month. This costs $19.99.

For the payable fee, you get a few additional services that can help you improve your credit score and online banking features. There’s an investment feature (that works very much like an investment account), too.

The app promises early paychecks, no hidden fees, and debit card rewards, among other features. You also get price protection where you’ll get a refund of up to $250 if you find a lower price for something you bought within 90 days.

MoneyLion Notable Features

  • Credit Builder loans
  • Checking account
  • FDIC insured
  • Zero-fee managed investing


  • No fee payday advance
  • Loan payments reported to credit bureaus
  • Allows you to transfer money from a savings account into a portfolio of ETFs


  • $19.99 monthly membership fee
  • Mandatory MoneyLion checking account


Unlike many of the other apps listed here, PayActiv is a facility offered by employers to their employees. Unlike some of the other apps reviewed, this app refers to cash advance as EWA, which stands for Earned Wage Access.

You can borrow up to 50% of the wage you have earned in the pay period you make the request in. There is a $500 borrowing maximum, which cannot be exceeded.

You can expect to be charged a fee for every EWA given, which ranges between $0 and $5. The actual fee will depend on the program your employer is subscribed to.

While the app is beneficial to employees, employers also see a number of benefits, including less turnover and greater employee satisfaction.

Employees Features To Look Forward To

  • Free credit counseling
  • Auto bill payment
  • Budgeting tools


  • $500 borrowing maximum
  • Financial coaching


  • Only offered through employers
  • You may be charged a fee


Like PayActiv, Branch is a financial wellbeing app that employers can choose to offer to their employees.

To use their cash advance feature, you must have two deposits from your employers with a value of $40 or more for each one. The amount you can get as an advance on your paycheck will depend on how much you spend in relation to your earnings and the history of direct deposits into your bank account.

While Branch does not charge any interest, you may have to pay a fee. This depends on how you request the money. Advances paid to your Branch debit card or to your bank account using the standard transfer are free.

Express payments to your bank account will incur a fee. The fee goes up to a maximum of $4.99, depending on the requested amount.

Branch Features

  • Branch Debit Card
  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Budgeting tools


  • Fee-free checking account
  • No membership fees


  • Not available to remote workers
  • Fees applicable for instant payment to your bank account


Brigit offers pay advances that range from $80 to $250 per pay period.

There are two membership plans to choose from; Basic and Plus.

Basic is free but misses out on some of the features that are exclusively available to Plus members. These include instant transfers, overdraft protection, flexible repayments, and a few others.

A plus membership will set you back $9.99 per month.

All advances offered by Brigit are interest-free. There are no hidden fees, and Brigit does not ask for a tip.

Depending on the plan you’re on, funds should reach your account on the same day or up to 2 business days. There are a few eligibility criteria you need to meet, but a credit check is not one of them.

Brigit Extra Features

  • Side gig opportunities
  • Advance extension
  • Financial dashboard


  • Overdraft protection
  • Interest-free paycheck advances


  • Most features are only available to Plus members
  • Limited financial tools


Technically speaking, Possible offers payday loans, which is how they promote the advances they offer on their website. These loans tend to be different than personal loans with usually much higher APRs (Annual Percentage Rates).

You can borrow as much as $500 with the repayable amount depending on how much you borrow and the state you live in. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you check how much you need to repay before taking out the loan.

On the bright side, Possible states that you can have the money within minutes.

There are no membership fees to pay, and the company will report your repayments to three credit bureaus. This can help you build up your credit score if it has suffered in the past and is holding you back from achieving financial freedom.

Possible Payday Loan Benefits and Features:

  • Bad or no credit score is accepted
  • Receive cash in minutes
  • Helps you build your credit history


  • Borrow up to $500
  • Quick turnaround


  • Relatively high fees
  • Not available in all states


Vola offers cash advances of up to $300. In most cases, you should be able to receive the money with 24 business hours.

It is worth mentioning from the outset that there is an applicable membership fee to use any of the services Vola offers.

Available plans start at $4.99 per month. For the money you pay, you get a few features to help you manage your finances better.

Getting an advance through the Vola app is super easy and can be completed in 3 simple steps.

The app also features a proprietary algorithm that breaks down your spending habits in such a way that it allows you to be smarter with your money.

The app also comes with something called a Vola Score. The score, which can range from 0 to 100, grows to offer you lower subscription fees and bigger advances.

Vola Extra Features

  • Vola Plaid to securely connect your bank account
  • Helps you avoid overdraft fees
  • Smart alerts


  • You don’t need to work regular hours
  • Low balance notifications


  • Membership fees are applicable
  • You must keep an average account balance of $150


Even is a financial app offered by employers to their employees. The employer may choose to offer the app for free, subsidized is, or ask you to pay for it.

If you have to pay for it yourself, the membership plan will set you back $2 per week. Even cash advances are offered through their Instapay feature. This gives you access to earned wages at no additional cost.

One way Even differs from other apps is that if you don’t use it for two months, the company will stop charging you while still giving you access to any savings you might have with them.

Aside from Instapay, your Even membership plan gives you access to a number of other tools that aim to provide you with control over your finances while planning for the future.

Even Tools Available

  • Shift and pay tracking
  • Savings tools
  • Smart spending assistant


  • Quick advance turnaround
  • Tools to help you manage your finances


  • Only available through participating employers
  • Advance amount limited to earned wages


Varo does not offer cash advances but gives you early access to your wages. You need to open an online checking account with them with wages transferred with direct deposit accessible up to 2 days earlier.

There are no monthly fees, and Varo promises no hidden fees when using any of the services that come with a Varo account.

There are some qualification criteria that need to be met to qualify for overdraft fees waivers.

These include making five purchases using your Varo Visa Debit Card every month and receiving $1,000 in wages or government direct deposits in the same period.

Varo Additional Features

  • Save your change
  • Save your pay
  • Visa Zero Liability


  • FDIC insured
  • Automatic account alerts


  • No early wage access (EWA)
  • Overdrafts limited to $50 on any transaction


FlexWage is an employer-offered app that offers more than just cash advances. You can borrow up to the limit set by your employer through the OnDemand Pay feature.

Another FlexWage feature is Flex Pay. This allows employees to receive any tips earned during their shift at closeout directly to their pay card. Tips can also be transferred to a bank account via ACH. It can take up to two business days to process.

FlexWage also allows you to link any financial accounts you may hold, giving you a wider view of your financial situation. You can easily make a budget within seconds, providing you with some direction to manage your financial situation better.

FlexWage Also Offers

  • Daily tips and challenges
  • Financial wellness coaching
  • Online community


  • Cash-out tips at closeout
  • Pay Card to replace paper checks


  • Only offered through an employer
  • The advance amount might be limited

What Is A Cash Advance App?

Cash advance apps are used as an advance on your wage that can help you get through a tough spot should you find yourself short of cash before your paycheck.

Different apps do this differently, so there is no one best app for everyone. The best app is the one that best addresses your financial needs and requirements, which is why we have prepared this guide to the best cash advance apps for you.

Most apps are available on both Android and iOS devices, but checking device compatibility is always worth your time.

You can check this from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, depending on your device. This can be especially true if you have an older device that is no longer supported by newer apps since it can limit which apps you can install and use.

Generally, these kinds of apps do not charge interest rates, but this is not always the case. Some apps charge a membership fee, while others might ask for a tip to help keep the app up and running.

Having said this, some apps do charge interest, which means you need to take the time to understand what you will have to pay back come next payday.

When To Use A Cash Advance App

Cash Advance apps can be used when you do not quite make it till your next due paycheck. Generally speaking, there is no interest on the advance these apps offer, but it is always wise to check.

Some apps do charge fees, including late fees, which are important to take note of so that you can plan your next budget accordingly.

Is A Cash Advance App Best For You?

Getting a cash advance can save you from a lot of trouble and fees if you don’t have an emergency fund to tap into.

Most apps require some advance planning, but once you’re all set up, you can receive your cash relatively quickly, with some of the apps reviewed offering instant cash turnaround.

You don’t need good credit to apply for a cash advance using some of these apps, which is a relief if your credit is poor.

An advance on your paycheck can be a great short-term solution for quick cash, but it is equally important to plan for the long term. Short-term loans tend to have higher interest rates, which means that you need to use them wisely.

You should only ever apply for these quick short-term loans if you know you’ll have money to pay back quickly. Otherwise, you could find yourself in trouble.

A few of these loan apps offer planning and saving tools – making use of these can help you make sure you start planning your personal finances better for a brighter future.

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