70+ Easy Cash Jobs

When you need cash immediately, you might not have time to wait for payday. These easy cash jobs earn you money under the table and fast. You’ll have the cash you need and can relieve the stress of not having enough money for an emergency or sometimes to make ends meet.

Gig Economy Jobs vs. Cash Jobs

Gig economy jobs usually go through a third-party platform. For example, Uber is a gig economy app. You secure jobs through the app, and they pay you weekly. There are hundreds of examples of gig economy jobs.

Cash jobs are those I call ‘under the table.’ These are jobs where clients pay you cash, and no one knows about the job. So, for example, if you’re an electrician but do some work on the side for friends who pay you cash, you’re working ‘under the table.’

How to Find Easy Cash Jobs

The best way to find easy cash jobs is to make it known what you do. Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertisement, as it gets the word out fast.

Other ways to advertise your cash jobs include:

  • Social media posts
  • Craigslist
  • Flyers in your area
  • Flyers at the library
  • Friends and family

70+ Easy Jobs That Pay Cash

  1. Food Driver and Deliverer
  2. Driver
  3. Removal of Snow and Leaves
  4. Exterior Houses Painter
  5. Cleaning Gutters
  6. Lawn Maintenance
  7. Gardening
  8. Walking Dogs
  9. Street Entertainment
  10. Scrap Metal Restoration
  11. Junk Removal
  12. Mover

Outdoor Easy Cash Job Options

Outdoor easy cash jobs are great because you get exercise, Vitamin D, and be outside – what could be better?

Here are the top ways to earn cash working outside.

1. Food Driver and Deliverer

Food delivery is a big business. You can work for gig apps like UberEats and DoorDash and make a flat fee from the service plus 100% of customer tips. You don’t have to handle taking orders or payments.

Everything goes through the delivery apps. Your job is to accept the order, pick it up and deliver it with a smile. The better customer service you provide, the more you’ll earn.

2. Driver

You can also get paid to drive people. Again, apps like Uber and Lyft arrange the orders; you just have to accept them when available.

Like DoorDash, Uber and Lyft pay drivers a flat fee, and then you keep 100% of the customer tips. In addition, they sometimes run challenges or promotions to help you earn more money, especially if you drive during peak times when they need help.

3. Removal of Snow and Leaves

All you need is a shovel or rake, and you can make money helping homeowners maintain their yards. Clean up snow or leaves, and you can make $50+ per job. If you want to do more snow removal jobs fast, consider using a snowblower, even if you have to rent it. You’ll make much more than the cost of renting, putting more money in your pocket.

4. Exterior Houses Painter

If you’re good with a paintbrush, consider painting home exteriors. All you need is a ladder and paint supplies; you can make good money on one house. Of course, you’ll likely only be able to do a couple of houses a week, depending on their size, but the price you can charge is high enough to make the work worth it.

5. Cleaning Gutters

Not everyone loves the idea of climbing a ladder. If you have a tall ladder and no fear of heights, offer gutter cleaning services in your area. Depending on the size and amount of leaves, you can charge $50 to $100 per house and can likely knock out several homes in one day.

6. Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is an easy way to make cash fast. You can cut lawns, maintain landscaping, and even plant new landscaping. You can charge around $50 a lawn to mow and several hundred dollars for landscaping maintenance. You can make decent money fast if you have several clients in the area.

7. Gardening

If you have a green thumb, offer your services to those in the area who don’t. Whether you care for gardens while owners are away or plant and maintain a few gardens all summer, you can make good money. Spending time outdoors with plants is also great for your mental health.

8. Walking Dogs

Getting paid to walk dogs is like getting paid to exercise and have fun with animals. You can walk one dog at a time, or if several dogs are in the same area, walk them together and maximize your earnings per hour.

9. Street Entertainment

If you have a special talent, such as playing an instrument, singing, or acting, consider performing in crowded areas. Check out local entertainment schedules and see if you can set up a corner nearby and entertain the crowds. Of course, this way to earn cash relies on tips or what people feel like giving you, so make sure you pick a crowded area and have an act that will make people feel generous.

10. Scrap Metal Restoration

If you work full-time with metal or have access to a large amount of scrap metal, consider turning it into a local recycling plant. They often pay for scrap metal, and the more you bring, the more you earn. You typically get paid per pound, and copper pays the most, but you can also collect aluminum cans, stainless steel, and even car batteries.

11. Junk Removal

Consider a junk removal service if you have a large truck that can hold a large amount of junk. You must pull up to the house and load up the junk they say they want to go. You can charge by the hour or by the load. Depending on the size of the jobs, you may be able to take on several jobs a day.

12. Mover

Work as a mover ‘on the side’ and earn cash. All you need is a truck and muscles to move the items. You can move entire households or just offer jobs moving things like appliances or furniture. Movers usually charge per hour, but you can decide how you want to handle it per job or hour.

13. Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaners scrape pool bottoms and sometimes handle the chemicals to keep the pool safe. You’ll need to know a little about pools if you’ll be handling the chem14icals, but if you’re good at what you do, you can clean several pools a day and make a decent amount of cash.

14. Pressure Washing

You’ll need a pressure washer, but it’s well worth the investment because you can charge $100+ per job, depending on its size. Pressure washing is exhilarating, and it makes you money. You can clean siding, patios, driveways, and garages. Homeowners pay a decent fee for this service because most people don’t want to own a pressure washer themselves.

15. Pharmacy Driver and Deliverer

Pharmacy delivery drivers are always needed, especially for the elderly who can’t drive. You can sign up with a service or advertise your services yourself. Use social media and flyers in areas that might need the service, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

16. Sign Twirling

Companies pay good money for people to stand outside with signs advertising their business. Depending on who you hold signs for, you can earn $50 – $100 per day holding a sign. Make sure to dress for the weather, and you’ll make good money for a mindless job.

17. Personal Golf Caddy

Golf caddies make good money from the tips golfers pay. You’ll carry the golf clubs and fetch the golf balls as a golf caddy. You’re like the golfer’s assistant but can earn good money doing it, especially when the golfer has a good game. Since you can only caddy for one golfer at a time, you may want to do this several days a week so your earnings add up.

18. Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are like shopping with someone else’s money. It can be a lot of fun if shopping is your thing.

There are many ways you can be a personal shopper. For example, you can shop a client’s list, buying what they need and earn a flat fee, or find items that fit your client’s tastes or what they need for gifts and get paid a commission.

The sky’s the limit with how you work this gig, and since most people who hire personal shoppers have a lot of money, it can be a fun way to earn cash.

19. Small Job Engine Repair

If you’re good with cars, consider working as a small engine repair mechanic. You can offer your services on the side, even if you work full-time as a mechanic and make decent money. Most people want to avoid the high cost of auto shops, so they’ll pay a mechanic on the side. You can make hundreds of dollars fixing engines if you have a car lift and the necessary tools.

20. Mechanic

If you’re handy with any engine or vehicle, consider offering your services to boat, RV, and ATV owners. Any vehicle that has an engine that needs fixing, you can make money on the side repairing for their owners.

Indoor Easy Cash Jobs

Indoor jobs are plentiful, whether you work at home or at someone else’s house or business. You can work with people, animals, or computers and make good money.

21. Surveys

Surveys are a great way to make cash in your free time. Anyone can do it; you just need to sign up with market research groups. The most popular sites for survey-taking are:

You’ll make a couple of bucks per survey, but they add up, especially if you diversify on many sites.

22. Caregiver

Consider offering caregiving services if you’re good with the elderly or sick. You can come in and visit with your clients, spend time with them, clean their houses, and help with basic grooming needs.

You might even do their shopping, cook, or play games with them so that they have a companion.

Caregivers earn around the same salary as babysitters, as their services are highly needed.

23. Organizer

If you have a knack for organizing, help those who don’t. Organizers often help people declutter and then learn how to organize what they have. For example, you might organize pantries, closets, or entire rooms. You can make good money as an organizer, charging by the hour or job, depending on how much work you must do.

24. Household/Mother’s Helper

Busy moms sometimes need an extra set of hands at home. You aren’t babysitting, but instead, help moms handle the kids, clean the house, or do other miscellaneous chores. Often, moms need mother’s helpers when they work from home and need someone to occupy the kids. Mother’s helpers usually get paid by the hour.

25. House Sitting

Housesitters get paid to watch over people’s homes while they are away. You can visit the home periodically, grabbing the mail and watering plants, or they may pay you to stay at the home, especially if they have pets.

26. Petsitting

Petsitting is a fun job that gives pet owners peace of mind while away. You can either have the pets at your home or go to them. Some pet owners just need you to check in periodically, giving fresh food and water and others require their pets to have 24/7 care, which means keeping them at your house or staying at the pet owner’s house with the pets.

27. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is a fun way to make cash quickly. You help owners wash their pets, clip their nails, and brush them. This job can be a little tricky because pets are often shy around people they don’t know, especially when it comes to touching them.

It’s a good idea to work with pets you know or to give them time to warm up to you before using your grooming skills so they are most comfortable with you.

28. Personal Training

Personal trainers help others get fit. You can help them with an exercise or weight lifting plan and even how to eat healthily. Personal trainers usually work in person with their clients, but you can also work via Zoom if you have long-distance clients. Personal trainers make good money, usually $100+ per session that lasts one hour.

29. Yoga and Fitness Instructing

Teaching yoga or fitness classes are a fun way to earn cash. You can teach the classes at a local park district or at your house. Some teachers host classes outside when it’s nice out, such as yoga in the park.

You can charge $20 to $30 per participant, so a one-hour class can be profitable if you have a good turnout.

30. Tutoring/Teaching

Tutors are always in demand. You can tutor elementary students or older kids as high as college. Depending on the subject, tutors make $50+ an hour and can take on many clients per week since the sessions are short. You can tutor in person at your house, the clients’, or a local library or coffee shop. Some tutors even offer their services online via Zoom.

31. Computer Repair

If you’re great with computers, consider offering computer repair services. For example, you might help people whose computers have a virus, are running slow, or need to be crashed. If you’re also good with hardware, you can make money fixing or replacing computer parts.

32. Photography and Videography

If you love to be behind the camera, consider offering photography or videography services. For example, you can work weddings, as a family photographer, or special events. Photographers and videographers usually charge by the session, but you can also charge by the hour if you’re doing an all-day job.

33. Cleaner

Consider making quick cash cleaning offices or homes if you’re a clean freak. You decide what you’ll clean, how often, and what you’ll charge. Many home and business owners pay $150+ per home or office cleaning, depending on the size and the services offered.

34. Background Performer

Background performers or ‘extras’ are actors in a movie that you see standing in crowds, restaurants, or other scenes where they need other people. You probably won’t have a speaking part, and much of your time is spent waiting, but they can pay a good amount of cash, and you get a small claim to fame.

35. Party Performer

Party performers are a fun way to earn cash fast. You can be a clown, musician, or even a DJ at parties. Think about the skills you have that could help people have parties. Consider all types of parties, too, from kids’ parties to office parties and anything else you have in mind. You’ll typically get paid a flat fee but can make hundreds of dollars from one party.

36. Musician

If you sing or play an instrument, get the word out to local restaurants, coffee shops, and even libraries. The more organizations that know of your services, the higher your chances of getting hired. You may even consider singing or playing for free at a few events so others can see what you can do.

37. Voiceovers

If you have a voice everyone loves to listen to, consider making money in voiceovers. You can read books, do videos, or ads. It doesn’t take a lot of skill. You just need to be able to read and use inflection in your voice to make the content interesting.

38. Masseuse

Massage therapists are in high demand, but you’ll need to be certified to do this job. If you are good at what you do, you can make a couple of hundred dollars per appointment. However, it adds up fast if you have several appointments a week.

39. Floral and Homegrown Produce

Consider selling your flowers and produce at a farmstand if you love gardening. You can create your own at the end of your driveway or join local farmer’s markets, selling your flowers and vegetables to customers.

40. Interior House Painter

If you love painting, consider offering interior painting services. All you need is a ladder, painting supplies, and a tarp, and you’re ready to make money painting. You can paint single rooms or entire homes. Painters make a good hourly wage, so you can make good cash painting whether you do it full-time or on the weekends when you’re off.

41. Coaching and Instructing

If you have a skill you teach others, consider getting paid for it. For example, you might be a coach for a sport, a health coach, or a life coach. Think about how you can help people improve their lives, and you can get paid for it. Coaches make $150+ per hour, so you can make quick cash for your skills.

42. Refurbish Upholstery and Carpet

Are you great at removing stains or repairing damaged furniture? Consider a refurbishing side business. People always need help fixing old furniture or getting stains out of the carpet. It’s cheaper for them to fix what they have, and you can make good money helping them.

43. Appliance Repairs

If you’re good with your hands, consider appliance repairs on the side. For example, you can repair dishwashers, refrigerators, and washers/dryers. Homeowners like to keep their appliances as long as they can, so if you have these skills, you can make good money helping homeowners.

44. Chef/Baker/Caterer

If you love cooking or baking, consider starting a business as a personal chef, baker, or caterer. People often hire private parties to handle the food at their gatherings, so you could make good money whether you cater the party in person or supply the food but don’t stay.

45. Hair and Makeup

Beauticians make good money helping people with their hair and makeup. If you’re a hair stylist, you can have clients at your house or go to their house to offer your services. You can also offer special occasion hair and makeup services for weddings, proms, and other special occasions.

46. Barber

You can make money doing hair on the side if you’re a licensed barber. You can do this if you work full-time at a barber shop or just want something to do on the side in your free time from your full-time gig.

47. Esthetician

You must be licensed to be an esthetician, but once you are, you can offer services yourself; you don’t have to work at a salon. This can be a fun way to make cash quickly as you help people look and feel their best.

48. Crafting

Consider selling your creations online or in person at craft fairs if you’re crafty. You can make good money selling items you make, as many people prefer homemade items versus commercialized, mass produced products.

49. DJ

If you love music and are good at creating fun moods at parties, consider offering DJ services. You can DJ home and office parties, as well as at weddings. DJs make good money per hour and have a lot of fun with their job since it’s your job to keep the mood up at parties.

50. Personal Assisting

A personal assistant is a jack-of-all-trades. You might be asked to do the shopping, help organize, or to clean. The sky’s the limit, but you decide what services you’ll offer. Personal assistants usually charge per hour, but you can decide what works best.

Work From Home Easy Cash Jobs

You can do many easy cash jobs from home and in your free time. For example, if you have a full-time job, you can do some of these jobs at night or early in the morning.

51. Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are in high demand, especially with many people starting their own businesses. You can create logos, flyers, email templates, business cards, and websites from home, earning quick cash. Graphic designers charge hundreds of dollars per job, which can be a great way to earn money.

52. Blogging

Bloggers make money by monetizing their blogs. First, though, you need a blog with a focus on gaining an audience. Then, once you have the audience, you can add sponsored ads, posts, and affiliate links to your blog to monetize it.

53. Video Editing

Video editors are also in high demand because of the large amount of online video content today. Video editors make smooth transitions, edit out unnecessary content, and add background music to make videos pleasing. In addition, video editors make good money per job because it’s an intricate and specialized task.

54. Blog or Product Affiliate

Brands will pay you for sponsored posts if you have a blog that you can affiliate with certain products. You write a post about the product, providing your opinion, and convincing others to buy it too. Brands pay good money for sponsored posts because it’s an effective and affordable way for them to market.

55. Website and App Testing

Website and app testers are key to designers. You can get paid to test apps and websites before they go live. It takes about 10 minutes, and you must provide a report regarding any bugs or issues you found. It’s a fun way to make quick cash and help designers.

56. Social Media Content Creator

If you’re great with social media, help companies have a better social media presence by managing their content. You can create the content or just moderate their page, answering comments and keeping up the interaction. Social media content creators make good money because their services are vital to a business’s success.

57. Virtual Assisting

Virtual assistants do almost anything a company owner needs but from home. For example, you might answer emails, schedule appointments, answer questions, write content, or manage social media. You can work on your schedule and even have multiple clients to increase your income.

58. Facebook Advertising

If you’re good at marketing and designing, consider creating Facebook ads. You can charge per hour or per design and make money helping companies advertise.

59. Laundry Services

You can offer pick-up and drop-off laundry services. You can do the laundry at home or the local laundromat, paying per load, per hour, or however, you want to charge. People often pay for convenience because they don’t have time to do it.

60. Etsy Shop

If you’re crafty or have a collection of antiques, consider starting an Etsy Shop. It’s free to start, but Etsy will keep a portion of your sales in exchange for using their platform. A favorite way of mine to make money on Etsy is by creating digital products. This way, you don’t have any inventory or anything to ship and can make passive income.

61. Sell Your Own Stuff

If you have stuff you don’t use, sell it. Use sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Poshmark to market your items. You can also use Facebook Marketplace. See what others are asking for similar items and price your items competitively to make extra cash.

62. Seamstress

If you’re good with a needle and thread, you have to get the word out in your neighborhood that you are a seamstress and will have more work than you can handle. Seamstresses are in high demand, and when the services can be local, it’s an even highly sought-after service.

63. Freelance Writing

If you love writing, consider getting paid for it. You can write for small to large businesses, keeping up their blogs, website content, or even email campaigns.

A great way to get started is to advertise your gig on Fiverr. You choose what you’ll offer and charge; if customers want to use your services, they’ll buy a gig. Everything goes through Fiverr; they keep a percentage of your sales in exchange for using their platform.

64. Website Building and Design

Website designers make great money on the side. Whether you work as a website designer full-time or it’s just something you like to do, you can make hundreds of dollars per website you build.

65. Refurbish Furniture and Sell Online

Refurbishing furniture is trendy right now, so if you have the skills to do it, you can make great money. You can sell your refurbished furniture online, but be careful with shipping costs. Sometimes it’s best to keep your services local and have your clients pick up the work themselves.

66. Event Planning

If you love planning parties, consider being an event planner. You can plan weddings, kids’ parties, office parties, or anything else. You decide what services you’ll offer and how you’ll charge, but most party planners charge per hour.

67. Data Entry

Consider data entry if you’re looking for a mindless way to make cash. You must be able to type quickly and accurately but can make $15 or so an hour to enter data for companies. You can start a gig on Fiverr for data entry or see what ads companies place on sites like Indeed.

68. Copywriting

Copywriters are like content writers, except the content they write is to help a company sell its products. You might still write blog posts or emails with a call to action to get people to buy the products you wrote about.

69. Baby Sitter/Nanny

Babysitters and nannies make good money, especially when there’s more than one child. You set your per-hour or per-day rate, but make sure they’re in line with the average in your area. According to Urban Sitter, the average hourly rate for one child is $20.57, and for two children, it’s $23.25.

See how those rates add up to what others in your area charge, and then charge what you feel you’re worth, knowing what others make around you.

70. Focus Groups and Research Studies

Focus groups are like surveys, except they are in person. You’ll spend a couple of hours answering questions and discussing products or services. In exchange for your time, you can make $100+ depending on the length of the group. Most focus groups are in person, so look for market research companies in your area.

71. Proofreading and Editing

You can make money proofreading and editing if you’re great at grammar and cleaning up written content. You can edit blog posts, articles, books, and research papers. You can charge per hour or job, depending on how you want to get paid.

72. Drop Shipping

Drop shippers are marketers. You have a website that markets and sells the products, but you don’t have to carry the inventory. Instead, you work with a drop shipping company that holds the inventory and fulfills the orders. This is a great gig for anyone good at marketing.

73. Renting/AirBnB

If you have a spare room or your home will be empty for a while, you can make money renting on Airbnb. All you have to do is list your space for rent, how much it costs, and when it’s available. All payment goes through Airbnb, and if you provide good customer service, they might leave a review which can lead to future rentals.

74. Amazon E-Books

If you love writing, make yourself a published author with Amazon eBooks. You can write on almost any subject, but always check your competition and make sure the market isn’t already saturated with books on the same topic.

75. Tax Preparation

If you are licensed to prepare taxes, you can offer your skills on the side, making a couple of hundred dollars per tax return you prepare.

Frequently Asked Questions

There you have it – well over 70 ways to make cash quickly. Whether you’re having an emergency or just want extra cash, these ways will help.

Do I Need to Report My Cash Income?

While you might not receive a 1099 for your cash income, it’s always best to report all earned income on your taxes. Always consult with your tax advisor about it.

How Do I Report or Prove My Cash Income?

Keep a careful record of your income via a spreadsheet or a free app. This makes it much easier to report your cash at tax time.

How Do I Find Easy Cash Jobs Near Me?

Word-of-mouth is the best way to find cash jobs near you. For example, let your neighbors and friends know if you cut lawns. They can then share the information with people they know, and it snowballs from there.

What Is the Highest Paying Side Hustle?

There are many high-paying side hustles; usually, those that require special skills pay the most, like graphic design, computer repair, or tutoring.

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

Bloggers make money when readers click on affiliate links and make a purchase. Therefore, you can naturally include links within the content or in a sponsored post if you make it known that the post is sponsored.

Is It Illegal to Work Under the Table?

It’s not illegal to work under the table; however, you must disclose your income to keep it legal.

How Do I Pick the Best Easy Cash Job for Me?

Pick the cash job you enjoy so you don’t feel burdened or like it’s another chore. When you enjoy what you do, you’ll do it more often and make more money.

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