21 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home (Earn $35/Hour)

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When it comes to making money online, data entry is probably one of the first things to enter your mind. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, and some basic digital skills – what’s not to like?

best data entry jobs from home

Actually, there are a few things.

An easy and accessible data entry job may sound appealing, but these qualities have a downside. The wages tend to be low, the jobs with high wages tend to be competitive, and there are plenty of people willing to take the low-wage jobs in countries where the dollar stretches further.

Oh, and then there are the scams – you need to be extra careful with online data entry as it seems to be a hot-bed of scammers.

But don’t despair! Data entry might not be the best-paid online job out there, but it still makes sense for some people. If you just want to bring in a little bit of money as a side hustle without committing to something more challenging, go for it.

If you are interested in data entry, you’ll find all the information you need here, including a list of the best online data entry jobs today.

How Do Data Entry Jobs Work?

Data entry involves, well, entering data. It’s quite a broad term, but you’ll essentially be transferring data from one form into another.

That could be transferring audio and videos into writing (transcription) or putting information from a scanned photo or PDF into a Word document.

It’s not the most intellectually stimulating job in the world, but it’s easy to see why this work can be performed by people from all backgrounds in the comfort of their homes.

How Can I Do Data Entry From Home?

All you need to get started is a few basic skills alongside some software and equipment you probably already have.

The most advanced skill you’ll need is the ability to type quickly. If you’re considering transcription this will be particularly important since you ‘ll get paid per audio minute – the faster you type, the more you earn.

Typing is important for more standard data entry jobs too as you’ll probably be paid on a piece-by-piece basis, meaning you’ll earn more if you can complete the work quicker. If you can’t already touch-type, learning to do so before you get started could save you a lot of time in the long run.

In terms of software, a computer is an obvious necessity. A less obvious consideration is a keyboard that has a number pad – a lot of data entry work is numerical, and carrying it out without a dedicated number pad can be incredibly frustrating.

Finally, having a double monitor setup can be a lot more useful than switching tabs if you’re doing work that involves transferring data from one source to another, but it’s not a strict necessity.

And that’s about it – if you can tick these things off the list, you’re good to go.

21 Best Data Entry Jobs from Home

Here are the top data entry jobs that allow you to work from home:

Pure Data Entry Jobs

As mentioned previously, ‘data entry’ is a broad term. There aren’t many companies dedicated solely to data entry in its purest form, but some of the few are listed below.

If you follow any of the links given, you’ll notice that the websites tend to be quite outdated, which speaks volumes about this industry. However, these sites are likely your best bets for earning a living wage from data entry.

1. Axion Data Services

Axion Data Services specialize in data entry services, as their name suggests. Although they’re not open to applications often, it’s good to be registered in their database in case they release new roles – but this requires paying a nominal fee.

Axion require 2-3 years’ experience in data entry and a typing rate of 50 wpm, so this isn’t one for beginners. You also need to pass a criminal background check.

They pay independent contractors on a piece-by-piece basis and you can expect to work hours of 20-25 hours a week. The wage is generous too, which is why securing a place can be tricky.

axion data services

2. DataPlus+

DataPlus+ hire data entry clerks, MS Access database programmers, mail/document handling clerks, and administrative personnel.

You must complete a criminal background check, but the only other requirements are owning a computer and having high-speed internet.

To apply, upload the relevant documents and wait to be contacted.

data plus


3. DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is a data management services bureau that does all kinds of work for government agencies and companies. They often hire typists to do their data entry, which typically involves moving information from one source to another.

You could be processing information such as medical claims, surveys, or inventories. You must be able to type at a speed of 60 wpm, possess basic computer skills, and you also need US citizenship.

diondata solutions


4. SigTrack

SigTrack processes voter registrations and petition signatures. The work you complete will involve tasks such as figuring out whether signatures are from voters.

Due to the nature of the work, you must be a US citizen and the work revolves around the petition season, meaning you will probably need to look for another job too.

To be accepted, you will need to complete a test to prove you can achieve 98% accuracy on your work. You also need to have a double monitor and do a Skype call to prove your US identity.

You’ll be paid on a piece-by-piece basis; the pay may seem low at first, but most users manage to double or triple their pay within the first few days.



5. TDEC (The Data Entry Company)

TDEC is the world’s largest provider of business processing outsourcing services to government and commercial clients. They’re in constant need of data entry operators.

However, they don’t advertise job positions on their site – you’ll need to send an email with your application and resume and wait for them to get back to you with positions as they open up.

Because positions are less advertised, you may have a greater chance of success.


Microtask Jobs

A microtask is a small and simple job that must be completed by a human rather than AI. Although microtasks seem distinct to data entry, in reality, there’s a lot of overlap; both consist of simple tasks anyone can do. Microtask websites also frequently host jobs in data entry due to this overlap.

6. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk (otherwise known as MTurk) is Amazon’s crowdsourcing marketplace. They match remote workers with employers so that small jobs requiring human intelligence can be completed.

Microtasks are similar to data entry, so you will likely find tasks you can complete. Sometimes you need to be able to meet a qualifier, but generally, the jobs are suitable for anyone.

The downside is that some of the jobs are time-consuming and may not pay well – expect to earn significantly below the living wage. You also need to be aware of scams.

mechanical turk

7. Clickworker

Clickworker is primarily a microtasks website, but many of the tasks available include data entry. After you register, you must complete an assessment to demonstrate your ability; your performance will dictate the number of jobs available to you.

Like most similar sites, Clickworker pays on a piece-by-piece basis. They also have other jobs available which are fairly low-skilled, such as writing and researching.

You can sign up to have jobs sent to your inbox


8. Microworkers

Microworkers is another microtasks site. They offer a variety of tasks including data entry. Some of their jobs pay better than other similar sites such as those named above.

However, a drawback is that you only get paid for approved work, which can be frustrating; but you’ll be shown a percentage of how many other workers have been approved for a job to give you an idea and help you avoid scams.

You’re only paid once you reach the $10 threshold.


9. The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd is part of Lionbridge, a company that claims to provide the most from-home working options in the world.

They are certainly one of the oldest and most trusted, having been around for over twenty years. Although they’re primarily a microtasks company, most of the work revolves around data entry.

Pay rates depend on your productivity. After registering (for free) you can do assessments and will be matched depending on your ability.

smart crowd

Transcription Jobs

There’s a lot of overlap between data entry and transcription. Data entry typically involves transferring information and data from one source (such as a scanned photo) to another, whilst transcription involves transferring information from audio or video format to writing.

The same skills are needed – basic computer skills and quick typing.

10. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global provides transcription and similar services. They mostly offer transcription jobs, but sometimes have data entry positions available too.

To be able to secure a role, you need to score well on their assessment and have a typing speed of at least 70 wpm. They also only hire workers from the US, UK, and Canada.

If you have a good track record and additional competencies you may be offered work in a different department. Therefore, you could start by doing transcription or data entry but later move to something more intellectually stimulating.
accutran global

11. Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications mostly hire for transcriptionists, but sometimes they have more basic data entry positions available too. You’ll receive payment per job, which depends on your performance.

You can choose a schedule that suits you, but most of the work available follows a corporate schedule. However, it may be difficult to find a job with Birch Creek as they look for new personnel fairly infrequently.
birch creek communications

12. Kendall Creek Communications

Kendall Creek Communications is the sister company of Birch Creek Communications, specializing in legal transcription. They have a long list of clients including US government agencies and are a big employer of remote workers for roles such as transcription, data processing, and market research.

However, make sure that you apply through the official website as there are sometimes scams where people pretend to be from this company.

13. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is an audio and video transcription services company. They offer the most positions in transcription and video captioning, but also have data entry jobs available.

If your application is accepted you must undergo training and certification before you can get started.

14. Quicktate

Quicktate specializes in the transcription of voicemails and other audio content. Unless you can type at a speed faster than 50 wpm, you’ll struggle to earn the living wage.

However, if you speak more languages, there’s the possibility to earn more. You must pay for a background check yourself; this isn’t a scam but makes it even more questionable whether this website is worth your time.

15. Scribie

Scribie is another audio transcription company, but they also offer data entry positions. Once a job is selected it must be completed in two hours, and you’ll be assigned a score depending on your accuracy.

They hire beginners, but you’re likely to be put on a waiting list until they have a slot available for you.

You’ll then be prompted to take a test; if you pass, you’ll be hired immediately. If you fail, they’ll point out where you went wrong and be given a chance to take a retest up to 10 times.

There’s also the chance to get promoted to ‘reviewer’ status if you consistently produce high-quality work.

Other Top Data Entry Employers

Although there aren’t many companies left that solely provide data entry services, there are considerably more companies regularly looking for people to do their data entry work.

Here are a few of them, but you might be able to find more yourself by searching for data entry work on websites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn.

16. Cass Information Systems

Cass Information Systems is a huge multinational financial services firm. They sometimes offer remote data entry positions, but to secure the role you must first attend an in-person training in Missouri or Ohio.
cass information systems

17. Capital Typing

Capital Typing call themselves the ‘world’s smartest office’. They provide various virtual office services – these include data entry, transcription, translation, and secretarial services.

With data entry, you can expect to do work such as data extraction, research, database development and management, direct mail and marketing services. If you apply for a position and the firm is interested in your application, they will invite you to a Skype interview.

If you prove yourself to be a reliable and capable worker, there is the possibility of being promoted to a higher position.

capital typing

18. GorgeWarehouse

GorgeWarehouse is an online retailer – not an obvious data entry employer. However, they often advertise for data entry positions on the employment section of their website.

To apply, you must be able to type at a speed of at least 30 wpm. They offer telecommuting as a perk, meaning this position is technically an online job. Pay is also higher than most data entry positions.

19. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a call center that offers many work-at-home positions, including data entry jobs. They periodically offer work in this area.

You must fill out your application and take online assessments, and can it take 2 weeks to get your application approved after passing the test. You can then put yourself forward for programs.

A knowledge of French or Spanish is an advantage as Working Solutions operate worldwide and these languages are in-demand.
working solutions

20. Xerox from Home

Xerox from Home – Xerox is a printing supplies company with an entire work-at-home division. They regularly hire for lots of positions including data entry.

You can go on to the employment section of their website; be sure to filter by virtual working options.
xerox from home

21. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a job board that provides all kinds of flexible work; this frequently includes data entry positions. All their leads are handpicked and researched by humans to ensure that they are scam-free, which will put your mind at rest in an industry like data entry, but this service comes at a price as you have to pay to access their listings

In an industry as low-paid as data entry, this may seem steep, but it’s worth considering if you’re interested in applying for other kinds of flexible work too.

Do Online Data Entry Jobs Really Pay?

Although they’re not the most lucrative jobs available on the internet, data entry jobs definitely do pay.

All of the sites listed above are legitimate companies that actively seek out reliable online workers to fulfill their data entry positions. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, don’t be afraid of applying.

Just remember that, unless you’re willing to branch out to either microtasks (which are extremely low paying) or transcription, you might struggle to find work straightway due to the long waiting lists.

As already touched on, you also need to be aware of scams. Never agree to pay for any equipment and be skeptical of any jobs that seem to be particularly high paying. As long as you stick to the websites mentioned in this article, you should be just fine. If you find another company that hasn’t been mentioned, make sure to give it a quick background check – Glassdoor and Trustpilot are two great resources to refer to.

There’s a wealth of resources available on the internet these days, so there’s really no reason to get scammed as long as you’re thorough about your research and don’t rush to any snap decisions.

How Much Can You Make Doing Data Entry from Home?

The exact amount you can make from data entry depends on two factors: your performance and the type of data entry you’re doing.

As a general rule, data entry is paid on a piece-by-piece basis – or by audio minute if you’re doing transcriptions. You’ll rarely receive an hourly wage. This means your earning potential depends heavily on your ability to type quickly and accurately; the faster you work, the more work you’ll have time to do.

If you’re consistently producing good work, there’s also more chance of you being promoted to a reviewer or a better-paying department.

The type of data entry you’re doing dictates your pay too. The least lucrative option is microtasks, where the average pay is just $2-3 an hour. On the other end of the spectrum is work with traditional data entry websites; for instance, Axion pays $15-19 an hour. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of to be on a waiting list for an entire year before being given a chance.

Transcription jobs fall somewhere in the middle. A typical wage for a transcriber is around $10 an hour: fair, but not life-changing. However, your earning potential could be much higher if you increase your typing speed or if you’re prepared to specialize – legal and medical transcription is a lot more lucrative.

The ‘other’ section of the data entry jobs is a lot more variable. GorgeWarehouse offers $10.50 an hour, but other companies may offer less. In general, you can assume that large companies looking for remote employees will offer a decent wage, but some postings on FlexJobs may well be lower.

Start Your Data Entry Career

The biggest pull of data entry is the lack of requirements and low startup costs. However, as we’ve seen, the majority of high-paying data entry employers hire irregularly and require you to stay on their waiting list for an extended period.

Clearly, the idea of being able to make easy money straight away isn’t quite true. You have a choice between getting started straight away and accepting a minimal salary or waiting for a while and securing a higher salary.

There’s also a third choice – to consider a different online job. As we’ve seen, data entry is closely linked with transcription; specializing can future-proof your job and help you earn more money. There are also a multitude of other online jobs available, from online proofreading jobs to website testing to English teaching.

Ultimately, the choice is down to you. If you want a stress-free online job, data entry could be ideal – but make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into first.

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