How to Make Money on Fiverr

Freelancing online is a popular way to make money, but if you don’t know where to advertise your services, you may feel lost. Fiverr is a popular marketplace for freelancers to find clients and make money working for themselves.

Continue reading to find out how you can start making money on Fiverr today.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for sellers to create ‘gigs’ or digital services they can market to buyers worldwide.

The platform started on the premise that sellers would charge $5 for each gig, however, Fiverr gigs now go from $5 to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Sellers can create gigs within three categories – Basic, Standard, and Premium. You choose the difference between the tiers, but typically Basic is the introductory package to your services and costs the least. Then, Standard and Premium services can build on what your Basic package offers at higher price points.

You can also offer extra services for an additional fee, and depending on your seller level, you can create custom offers to tailor your services to buyers’ needs.

To advertise your services, you must have a written description. You can also upload a video describing your services and create a portfolio for potential buyers to see your work. If you have the skills, you can create a gig on Fiverr and market your services to your target audience. Like the major search engines, you must create a listing with keywords so buyers interested in your services find you.

All communication, payment, and delivery of the services go through Fiverr. Buyers and sellers cannot communicate outside Fiverr, so you can’t exchange emails or phone numbers. When a buyer buys a gig, the payment goes to Fiverr. They hold onto the funds until 14 days after the date you deliver the work. This gives the buyer time to review the work, request revisions, or accept the work as-is.

Once cleared, Fiverr allows you to withdraw the funds via PayPal or Direct Deposit and sends them instantly upon request.

How Much Does Fiverr Cost?

It’s free to sign up for a Fiverr account. It’s also free to create your gigs and advertise them. When you sell a gig and complete the work, Fiverr takes 20% of the amount earned.

For example, if you designed a website for $150, you’d walk away with $120. Fiverr keeps its cut to cover the platform’s cost, including all administrative and advertising services.

13 Ways to Make Money on Fiverr

Here are some of the top ways to make money on Fiverr:

1. Copywriting

Freelance writing can be a lucrative gig if you have a way with words and know what brands need for their advertising needs. Copywriters can charge a lot for their services, especially if they can prove they have a great conversion rate.

As a copywriter, you might write content for blogs, flyers, brochures, or landing pages. Your job is to help the brand create its voice with your written content.

2. Editing

Even professional writers need editors to review their work. As a freelance editor on Fiverr, you may edit e-books, white papers, and blog posts. You may also edit copywriting, such as brochures and landing pages.

Editors ensure all the content contains proper grammar and flows well. You may also consider adding SEO services to your gigs to make more money. This can help buyers ensure their content includes the right information to rank in search engines.

3. Graphic Design

Graphic design was one of the first gigs offered on Fiverr and is one of the most popular categories today. Large and small business owners need logos and designs for their marketing material. This may include websites, printed materials, and social media platforms.

Some items you may design as a graphic designer on Fiverr include:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Websites
  • Banners
  • Business cards
  • Social media banners

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are administrative assistants that work remotely. You choose the services you offer and should consider categorizing them to reach the right audience.

Common tasks a virtual assistant offers include:

  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Email management
  • Social media management
  • Photo editing
  • Website management
  • Content writing

5. Web Development

Web development is one of the highest-paying gigs on Fiverr because all businesses need a website, and most owners aren’t qualified to create them. You might create websites for a small one-person business or a large business with multiple locations and larger needs.

Advertise your gigs to represent the work you’ll offer at each level, and there’s plenty of opportunity for add-ons with these services.

6. Create Artwork

Artists can offer various services on Fiverr, such as designing book covers, game covers, illustrations for a brand, art for clothing, wall decor, or digital art for buyers to print and use. The sky’s the limit to your creativity.

If you aren’t sure what buyers want the most on the Fiverr marketplace regarding artistry, browse the platform and see what others offer. Find a void you can fill or figure out how to stand apart from the competition.

7. HR Consulting

If you work in HR and consider yourself an expert, you may offer HR consulting services on Fiverr. Of course, base your services on your expertise, but some common consulting gigs include job coaching, creating employee handbooks, developing interview processes, and recruiting.

8. Social Media Management

Social media is necessary for all businesses, but not all business owners have time to manage it. If you have experience managing and growing social media pages, you can offer your services on Fiverr.

As a social media manager, you can offer to completely manage and post the client’s social media content; only create the content and let them publish it, or act as a consultant, advising businesses on improving their social media presence.

9. Music and Audio

If you have a background in music, the sky’s the limit with the gigs you can offer. Some of the most popular music and audio gigs include:

  • Creating background music for videos and anime
  • Music producer
  • Create music for YouTube videos
  • Create cinematic music
  • Music promotion

10. Online Marketing

If you have marketing experience, you can offer online marketing services to help brands sell more. Depending on your experience, your gigs may include the following:

  • SEO research
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Email newsletter management
  • Marketing assessment and transformation

For example, you may help a company revamp its website or blogs with proper keywords and branding techniques; create and manage an email newsletter, or evaluate a company’s entire marketing plan and consult with them on how they can improve it.

If you act as a consultant, you can offer add-on services to implement your suggestions to increase your earnings.

11. Influencer Marketing

There are a couple of ways to sell influencer marketing gigs on Fiverr. The traditional way is to leverage your extensive social media audience for your Fiverr gigs. Your services would offer buyers the chance for you to promote their product or service to your audience.

Another way to use influencer marketing gigs is to research, contact, and negotiate with social media influencers for brands. You’d work as the middle-man, doing the work for the brand and finding the best places to advertise their companies on social media.

12. Translation Services

If you are fluent in a language other than English, you can make money in several ways on Fiverr. First, decide how you want to offer your services.

For example, do you want to offer real-time support, such as a live phone call, or would you prefer to translate documents? You could also offer services teaching the language you speak.

13. Video and Animation

Video is becoming even more popular than written content, so the demand for video and animation is high. As a Fiverr seller, you can create gigs to create or edit videos, produce advertisements, or create how-to videos.

In addition, you can use real people, graphics, or the increasingly popular method – animation to create popular videos.

How to Sign Up for Fiverr

To sign up as a seller for Fiverr, you must first create an account. By default, Fiverr creates all new accounts as buyers. To do this, click ‘Join,’ and enter your email and created password. Fiverr will send a verification email that, once you verify, you activate your Fiverr account.

To become a seller, click on your profile picture and select ‘Become a Seller’ from the dropdown box. Fiverr next requires you to watch three videos on being a Fiverr seller and read their top tips on becoming a Fiverr seller.

Continue completing the information as prompted and link your social media pages if you desire. After completing this information, you can create your first gig.

Fiverr Job Categories

Fiverr has more than 200 job categories that cover almost any skill you might have. Also, within each category are multiple job options. For example, the website design category might include coding, website layout, and graphic design gigs. You can offer all three or specialize in one category. You could also use the package feature to offer one service in the Basic gig and build on it with the Standard and Premium options.

Levels for Sellers

Fiverr has three levels all sellers can achieve, plus a Fiverr Pro option. Fiverr reassesses your levels monthly and bases them on seller satisfaction, on-time delivery, and fast responses to buyers’ messages.

New Seller

All sellers start as new sellers. As a new seller, you can:

  • Have up to 7 gigs
  • Have up to 2 extra services
  • Offer custom offers
  • Withdraw funds after 14 days

Level 1

You can become a Level 1 seller after being active for 60 days and completing ten orders with earnings of at least $400. You must also meet the following rating requirements:

  • 90% response rate to buyers’ messages over 30 days
  • 7 star rating from buyers
  • 90% order completion rate (order acceptance rate versus number of orders placed) over 30 days
  • 90% on-time deliveries (Fiverr has a countdown when the order is due) over 30 days
  • No warnings in the last 30 days

As a Level 1 seller, you can:

  • Have up to 10 gigs
  • Have up to 4 extra services
  • Offer custom offers
  • Withdraw funds after 14 days

Level 2

You can become a Level 2 seller after being active for 120 days and completing at least 50 orders with earnings of at least $2,000. You must also meet the following rating requirements:

  • 90% response rate to buyers’ messages over 60 days
  • 7 star rating from buyers
  • 90% order completion rate over 60 days
  • 90% on-time deliveries over 60 days
  • No warnings in the last 30 days

As a Level 2 seller, you can:

  • Have up to 20 gigs
  • Have up to 5 extra services
  • Offer custom offers
  • Have VIP customer support
  • Withdraw funds after 14 days

Top-Rated Seller

The top-rated seller category is the highest tier for sellers and is invitation-only. Fiverr professionals watch accounts and award top-rated seller status when you have been a seller for at least 180 days, completed 100 orders, and earned at least $20,000. You must also meet the same rating requirements as a Level 2 seller.

As a top-rated seller, you can:

  • Have up to 30 gigs
  • Have up to 6 extra services
  • Offer custom offers
  • Have VIP customer support
  • Withdraw funds after 7 days

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is for business professionals with a proven history and portfolio. It’s an application process, and Fiverr doesn’t approve all applications. This premium marketplace works with some of the world’s largest businesses and brands, so Fiverr is selective about which sellers they allow on the platform.

Fiverr Tips for Freelancers

With close to 3 million sellers on Fiverr, it’s important to know how to stand out because there is plenty of competition on the site.

5-Star Service

Like any business, your ratings significantly affect how much business you get. So it makes your services sound more appealing when you have 5-star ratings. It also helps your ranking and search engine visibility.

Go above and beyond to give your buyers the highest level of customer service. Correspond with them immediately when they message you, keep them in the loop when you’re working on their project, and always deliver the promised work.

Create a Portfolio

Words and videos are great, but the real proof is in the type of work you offer, so if you offer the kind of services that you can share the work you’ve done, create a portfolio in your profile for potential buyers to review.

Seeing the work before ordering can be what buyers need to choose your service over a seller who doesn’t have a portfolio because there’s less risk when you can see the work offered.

Create More Gigs

Depending on your Fiverr level, you can create 7 to 30 gigs. When you start your gigs, 7 will feel like plenty, but as you grow, you might think of more ways you can help your niche audience, or you may want to grow into another audience.

The more gigs you have, the more chances you have of creating more business. Ensure you can provide top-notch service for every gig; don’t overwhelm yourself, or you might hurt yourself by spreading yourself too thin.

Eyecatching Profile

Your profile must be eye-catching to stand out from the hundreds of thousands of others offering the same services. Use keywords that will attract the right audience in your profile, and use persuasive writing to draw them in to learn more.

In your profile, include a professional business picture; if you’re up for it, create a personalized video. This brings a more personal touch to the process since you aren’t meeting in person or even talking on the phone. Your video gives buyers a chance to know you and why they should trust you for their services.

Gather Referrals

Consider asking for referrals when you build a basic clientele and provide them with five-star service. This is a great way to build your business on top of keyword use, creating a captive profile, and uploading a portfolio.

The more people your clients send to your Fiverr profile, the higher your chances are of making more money. You can even offer your clients an incentive, such as a 5% discount on their next order if they refer clients to you.

Optimize Your Gigs and Profile

Optimizing your gigs and profile helps your listing show up in the searches. Research the keywords buyers use for the gigs you offer and include them in your description, gig listings, and titles.

Promote Your Business

Fiverr does a great job of advertising and bringing in millions of buyers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote your gigs too. You can use social media and email marketing to bring in more clients and stay fresh in the minds of existing clients. Just make sure your links lead directly to your Fiverr gigs.


Find ways to upsell your services. For example, you might offer something basic, such as logo design, but can offer extras to make more money, such as multiple versions of the logo or the same logo for other formats.

Find as many ways to add tiers to your package offerings (3 max) plus more add-ons to those services for a set price.

Utilize the Fiverr App

The Fiverr app is essential when running gigs on Fiverr. Your rating depends on how quickly you respond to inquiries in your messages and the gigs themselves. Using the app, you can be alerted and have the capability to respond on the go and not risk your ratings.

Pricing Your Gigs

You can choose a single or packaged gig to price your gigs. A single gig has one price, but you can offer add-ons too. A package gig has three options – Basic, Standard, and Premium, each of which should build on the other, giving your buyers options. Of course, you can offer add-ons to packages too.

Pros and Cons of Fiverr

Fiverr offers many options for sellers to market their gigs and make money, but some downsides exist.


  • You are the boss – You completely control what gigs you offer, your turnaround time, and what you charge. Fiverr is the platform to help market your services, but you can change the parameters as many times as necessary to fit your schedule and needs.
  • You may earn tips – Even though you set prices for your gigs, buyers can tip you if you provide five-star service. This increases your earnings even further.
  • Access to more clients – Fiverr provides access to clients worldwide that you might not have access to without the platform. It may help you increase your customer base and earnings faster than working on your own.
  • Guaranteed payment – Buyers must pay upfront for the services, but Fiverr holds the funds until you complete the job. There is a clearance waiting period, but you know you’ll get paid and won’t get stiffed by clients.


  • A lot of competition – There is a lot of competition on Fiverr. Some of the competition may offer services well below the market rate. This can hurt your chances of earning the business even if you do a better job.
  • Fiverr costs – Fiverr keeps 20% of the earnings, so you must price your gigs accordingly to make as much as you think you’re worth after the fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fiverr legit?

Fiverr is legit. All communication, payment, and work delivery go through the platform. Fiverr guarantees payments for sellers; however, they don’t guarantee any payments for work you do outside the platform, even if the work originated there. So always keep your work in the platform to ensure payment.

Is Fiverr worth it?

If you have services to offer and don’t have time to market yourself, Fiverr is worth it. Yes, you pay a high fee, but you’d pay marketing costs plus the cost of your time to handle the marketing yourself.

How much can you make on Fiverr?

Some people make six figures on Fiverr, but they are in the top 1% of Fiverr earners. The average freelancer makes $500 to $1,000 a month on Fiverr, but you’re in control of how much you make.

Is Fiverr free?

It’s free to sign up and set up gigs on Fiverr. However, Fiverr keeps 20% of your earnings for each job if you sell a gig.

Fiverr vs. Upwork: Which is better?

Upwork is Fiverr’s main competitor and ranks higher than Fiverr, but they work differently. Rather than buyers coming to you as they do on Fiverr, they post a job and interested sellers ‘bid’ for the job. Buyers then review the qualifications of each seller and potentially interview them to choose the right one for the job. Upwork also keeps 20% of the fees earned, but they charge sellers for each bid they make.

How does the Fiverr search algorithm work?

The Fiverr search algorithm is similar to any other search engine. It’s based on the keywords used and your reviews and conversion rate. The algorithm often changes, as do the results, so it’s best to stay on top of your keywords, reviews, and conversion rates.


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