Best Online Jobs for Teens in 2022

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Jobs for teens no longer begin and end with bagging groceries, cutting grass, and babysitting. Now you can make money online by starting a business, a side hustle for extra cash on your own schedule, or even an early career in freelancing.

So what are the very best online jobs for teens right now? You’re about to find out.

In 2022 you can find jobs for teens without leaving the comfort of your home—or even your room!

If you’re wondering how to make money as a teen without leaving your home, let me tell you this: not all online jobs for teens were created equally.

Some of the best jobs for teens offer flexibility, teach you a useful transferable skill or two, and make you more money! So, let’s check out the best online jobs for teens.

16 Best Online Jobs For Teens

Here are the best online jobs for teens you can start today:

1. Get Paid to Complete Online Surveys

Want to have your voice heard—and make extra money while doing it? There are tons of paid online survey sites that value your opinion.

By completing surveys, you’d be helping companies make their products and services more appealing.

You won’t get rich from your earnings, but you can do this during breaks between your high school classes. You could earn enough money for a tank of gas or an Xbox or PS5 video game every month.

Survey sites worth trying are:


SwagBucks (ages 13+) offers tens of thousands of paid survey opportunities each day. It’s one of the biggest and most legit platforms available.

Plus, you get a free $20 credit or gift card, just for signing up!

Next Steps:


InboxDollars (ages 18+) lets you earn money by completing tasks like playing games online, surfing the web, downloading coupons, and of course, watching ads—things you may do already.

Next Steps:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie (ages 16+) is one of the most popular sites, with mobile apps for completing surveys and getting paid. In our Survey Junkie review, we explain how you receive points for completing surveys, which you can redeem for cash in your PayPal account, or a gift card.

Next Steps:


LifePoints (ages 16+) is a survey site that allows you to earn points redeemable for gift cards by completing surveys and simple tasks. They are available all over the world and offer surveys in 26 languages. This means almost everyone has the ability to provide feedback and earn points!

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2. Watch Ads for Money

Could you spend hours watching ads? Did you know you could get paid for doing this? Multiple sites offer money for viewing advertisements, such as:


MyPoints (ages 13+) is another site where you can earn money for completing surveys, shopping, and watching ads. They’re offering a $10 welcome bonus when you sign up with our link and take 5 surveys!

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3. Get Paid to Review Songs (Yes, really!)

Do you like listening to music and leaving online reviews? You’ll love this teen job. Sites like Slice The Pie pay people to review songs, commercials, clothes, and much more. Your opinion helps brands, record labels, and artists shape their products before they go live.

You get paid depending on the quality of your review and your star rating on the site. You’ll receive your money via your PayPal account—and you can cash out when your account reaches $10.

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4. Sell Stuff Online

Now we’re getting into the nuts and bolts of teenage entrepreneurship: selling stuff you already have lying around your room or garage.

Online marketplaces have replaced yard sales for a lot of shoppers who want:

  • Books & electronics: If you have textbooks, electronics, or other items you no longer need, you could be turning them into cash on sites like Decluttr (ages 18+), Craigslist, or social media sites like Facebook Marketplace. BookScouter is another great place to buy and sell books.
  • Arts & crafts: Sites like Etsy are perfect for selling unique handmade items—but not only that. You could also sell printables (think inspirational quotes or funny sayings), photography, and much more. You can start using the site from minimum age 13. However, it does say you’d need to be “supervised by an adult,” so bear that in mind.
  • Gift cards: Got gift cards to places you’ll never shop? You can sell or exchange gift cards you don’t want on
  • Auction items: Don’t forget eBay, the grandfather of auction sites!
  • Just about anything else: Amazon’s online marketplace is open for just about any product, from used vinyl to used electronics to small appliances.

If you get serious about making money like this, you may even want to start buying products so you can sell them and make a profit.

5. Data Entry

This won’t be very exciting, but if you’re 18 years of age or older, you can find flexible data entry work that pays fairly well.

Data entry work is easy. It requires an Internet connection, an ability to type quickly and accurately, and a comfortable place to work. This is a great summer job for a young college or high school student.

Check out my list of best data entry jobs if you’re interested.

6. Become a Call Reviewer

If you’re age 17 or older, you could be making money reviewing calls for quality purposes.

In a nutshell, is the site behind the scenes when you hear a customer service rep or bot say “your call is being recorded.”

The team at Humanatic hires people to listen to these recorded calls, then answer questions about their quality (like the friendliness of the agent or how helpful the agent was).

So, give Humanatic some honest feedback, and get paid (via a PayPal account when you reach $10).

7. Online Tutoring Job

Tutoring jobs are one of the best online jobs for young teens.

If you’re a great student in English, science, mathematics, or another core subject, you could find a tutoring gig paying a lot better than the survey sites—and you could still do a work from home job on your own schedule.

You no longer have to meet strangers at the library or coffee shops to tutor. You can communicate with your clients by email or even on social media through this remote job.

Try for starters. Or, you can reach out to your friends and community on social media to see if you can offer private tutoring. Private tutoring jobs usually offer more money! Also building up tutoring experience as a teen always comes in handy if you want to tutor college students later in life.

8. Work as a Customer Service Representative

If you are 16 or over, becoming a customer service representative is one of the best ways to make a regular income. Average pay starts around $10 an hour, or your state might have a higher minimum wage.

Customer service jobs are tough but they’re also character-building, since you get to speak with all kinds of people—and it can help you gain confidence for the future.

All you need is a good quality USB headset and high-speed Internet access to get started!

U-Haul offers customer service jobs to teens aged 16 or over. Check out their job board here.

9. Proofread Other People’s Work

If you enjoy writing, chances are you’ll also like proofreading. It’s a cinch if your grammar is great, of course!

Companies like Textmaster or MTurk, which is part of Amazon, will allow you to earn money by proofreading other people’s work (even as a teen). This is the perfect online job if you’re hoping to build a career in copywriting or editing. Not only do you get paid for each job, but you are slowly building work experience for your resume.

Upwork is a great platform if you’re 18 or older. It’s easy to job search on their platform, and the median pay is quite good.

To learn how to start a proofreading business, check out my friend Caitlin’s Proofread Anywhere Course.

10. Write Articles Online

Many sites offer tons of freelance writer jobs to young people, including high schoolers. For example, is an awesome site that accepts teens (with parental consent). This is one of the best ways for young people to build up work experience in real world freelance writing.

There are also other sites, like Fiverr, which you can join if you’re 13 or older. Fiverr is an online job marketplace where you can do jobs (referred to as gigs) for around $5.

Gigs can be anything you’re good at: writing, translation, animation, video, programming, graphic design, and even voiceover work., which you can join if you’re 16 or over, is another site to try if you want to make money freelance writing as an older teen. It’s similar to Fiverr, but you could be earning slightly more.

11. Become a Brand Ambassador

Brands always need ambassadors to bring new customers to their site. One such brand is Boostapal Ambassador Program… and they will pay you $10 per new student you enroll.

Plus, you could get money each time your parent shops. You’ll need to invite your parents to join Boostapal and become your “boosters” so that each time they shop in various stores in the Boostapal mall, you receive money from each purchase they make.

It’s 100% free for you and your boosters.

12. Create and Sell Your Designs Online

Have you ever heard of Cafepress, a site that claims to be the “world’s best gift shop”? The age requirement is only 13 years old!

This is ideal for a young person with a creative flair or a passion for graphic design. The site allows you to design your own items, then sell them. You can design pretty much anything, including:

  • T-shirts and other clothing
  • Home decor
  • Stationery
  • Drinkware
  • Stickers and signs

You can start using the site from age 13, but anyone aged 13 to 18 will need to be supervised by their parents. This is the perfect teen job if you’re looking to build up work experience as a graphic designer.

How much you make will depend on the mark-up you put on your items, but you will earn 5-10% of the sale price for each item you sell.

13. Become a Blogger

Blogging won’t put money in your pocket right away, but it could plant the seeds for a steady flow of passive income later on.

If you care about a particular topic and have learned a lot about it, you could share your insights by learning how to start a blog of your own. Then, by getting traffic to your blog through Google, you could make money from ads, affiliate links, or even by developing your own online courses.

14. Start a YouTube Channel

Being a YouTuber can be a lot of fun. But just like starting a blog, you’ll need to build an audience before real money starts coming in.

But while you’re young, it’s a great time to start building a backlog of YouTube videos for your channel.

The number one thing you’ll need is a passion for your subject matter. Whether it’s fashion, literature, furniture, Motown records, video games, or personal finance, your energy and passion for your subject can draw viewers to your YouTube channel.

As your audience grows, so will your opportunities to earn extra money through Google Adsense ads and affiliate marketing. Social media is extremely powerful, creating a ton of online jobs and earning opportunities.

You’ll just need a Google account to get started with YouTube. Check out some of the best finance YouTube channels for inspiration.

15. Test Websites

Companies need users to test websites and mobile apps before and after they go live. Otherwise, how would they know about common problems users may experience?

If you’d like to test sites and apps, try or for starters. These sites tend to have a minimum age requirement of 17 or 18 years of age. They pay by the review, so you can work on your own schedule.

16. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can complete a wide variety of tasks: scheduling appointments, designing publications, formatting presentations, posting social media content.

You’d be doing these tasks for a business executive or small business owner without having to leave your home.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be 18 to work as a virtual assistant. Some platforms don’t have minimum age requirements to sign up. You just would need some strong computer skills and to be well organized.

Teens should check out Fivver (ages 13+) or Indeed (ages 16+) if you’d like to assess the market for VAs.

Learn more:

17. Buy and Sell Domains

Having a good domain is an essential part of starting a successful online business, and many people are willing to pay a high price to have the domain they’ve set their hearts on. It’s possible to capitalize on this by buying domains for a low price that you think could be sold at a higher price later down the road. The problem is that it may take a while to be able to sell a domain you buy, so patience is key.

The upside? There’s no age restriction for buying domains. So any kid or teen can do it!

Learn more:

BONUS: Delivering Food or Groceries

We know this isn’t an online job, but the demand is higher than ever for delivery services. Even before the coronavirus pandemic changed dining out, delivery services like DoorDash, PostMates, and Instacart were growing fast.

If you have a car, a smartphone, and you’re at least 18, you could work for one of these delivery companies.

Sometimes they have nice sign-on bonuses. Check out my post on DoorDash promotions.

I’d consider this more of a part-time job than a side hustle; the more time you spend on the road, the more extra cash you can earn.

Summary of Online Jobs For Teens

*you must build your audience first before generating any income; ** with parental consent

Teens Can Make Money Online

So, there you go: the best online jobs for teens. Most of these can be done online or else they depend on the Internet to connect you with customers so you can make money.

Remember to keep your parents or legal guardians in the loop—they’ll appreciate it. Plus, if you suddenly become richer than them—and they didn’t know where the money came from—they would be worried!

Your parents already know that you’ll learn the value of money when you earn extra cash as a teenager.

As you’ll learn, the road to financial independence is paved with patience and hard work. Earning extra money now, as a teenager, will teach you how to succeed when you start making more money later in life.

And these online jobs can teach you a lot about working in the professional world. The same is true for old-fashioned jobs for teens like becoming a babysitter, pet sitter, camp counselor, or grocery bagger. Nothing replaces work experience.

Watch Out for Scams

Unfortunately, the online world is full of scams. When you’re hopeful about starting a new online job, you could fall victim to one of these schemes.

To avoid this, stick to the ideas on my list or vet your job opportunities with these questions:

  • Is the job asking me for money? Whether you’re being asked to buy software or invest in a product, you shouldn’t be parting with money in order to get a job. This is a huge warning sign.
  • Does the employer want me to meet in person? You shouldn’t need to meet an employer in person to become a virtual assistant or a graphic design freelancer. If you do need to meet someone in person, make sure you’re meeting in a safe, public place. And make sure your parents or guardians know what you’re up to.
  • Does it seem too good to be true? You won’t make a hundred grand a year as a proofreader. You won’t become a millionaire by working the survey sites. Over-the-top promises may be strong signals that the job isn’t for real.
  • Are there too many personal questions? Your mother’s maiden name, your middle name, your Social Security number, your bank account numbers… all this info shouldn’t be required for you to get a part-time job or a side hustle gig. Be careful sharing personal data. Identity thieves love to steal credit profiles from young people.

One of the best ways to avoid scams is to source your side hustles from vetted sites. The Steady app compiles legitimate local and national gig economy jobs to help you start earning extra money. It’s 100% free and worth a try if you’re not sure where to start looking.

Get a PayPal Account (and a Bank Account) for Minors

You may have noticed a lot of jobs on this list pay through a PayPal account, which can link to your bank account.

But PayPal won’t verify an account unless you’re an 18-year-old. So to make this legit, you’ll need help from your parent or legal guardian to set up your accounts.

It’ll take some legwork upfront—and up to 30 minutes of your parent or guardian’s time. But it’ll be worthwhile when you have your own bank and PayPal account set up so you can make money and control where it goes.

Learn More:

And now that you have all this money… how about you put it somewhere? We recommend starting a checking account to store your money and start building savings for the future.

Learn More:

Jobs for Teens: Step 1 to Financial Freedom

I started my journey to financial freedom in my 20s. By searching for online jobs for teens, you’re already getting a jump on me, and you’re smart to do so. There’s no time like the present to start making money online and building wealth.

In fact, as a teen, you have fewer financial obligations than you’ll have in college or as a young adult. So you have a great opportunity to save the extra money you bring in.

Many adults regret spending all their money earlier in life, instead of saving some of it and building wealth. I know it’s tempting to spend your paycheck on video games and cool clothes as a teenager, but if you can resist spending and learn how to save while you’re young, this will give you a huge advantage later in life.

Learning how to save is key to building financial independence and living a life of wealth. The more you save, the more you can invest, which can really kick your financial life into high gear.

If you’re interested in building a life of financial independence, read our guide on the 9 steps to financial freedom.

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