10 Best Online Typing Jobs in 2024

If you want to make money from home, online typing jobs can be a good place to start. Some typist jobs require experience or specific degrees, but not all of them.

Many jobs require typing, and thanks to the internet, you can do most of them from home. While you can make money simply typing at home if you are a accurate, some jobs can turn into lucrative opportunities for you to reach your financial goals.

10 Best Online Typing Jobs to Make Money Remotely

Here are the ten best online typing jobs and what you can expect.

1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers make an average of $29 an hour, but you can make much more or less depending on your writing. For example, you can write for yourself or content for other businesses, helping them with marketing strategies.

Here are some great options to make money as a freelance writer.


Bloggers are essentially small business owners and make an average of $35 an hour. You own a blog that you update regularly to keep your audience engaged. You should use proper search engine optimization techniques to cater to your desired audience and provide the right content to keep them engaged.

As a blogger, you can earn money writing sponsored posts for companies that ask you to write about them or through affiliate links- commissioned links you share for products and services that will matter to your niche.

Bloggers can also make money by selling their own products, but again, you must write about them and share enough helpful information to ensure your audience wants to purchase them.

Copy Writer

A copywriter helps companies with their advertising content and makes an average of $31 an hour. Your intent when copywriting is to sell but with purpose. You aren’t shoving products and services down your audience’s throat. Instead, you walk them through the sales funnel, gaining their trust, addressing their pain points, and showing them the possibilities they could have with the product or service your target company offers.

You can copywrite emails, social media, landing pages, and other marketing pages. The key is being able to type, having excellent grammar, and fully understanding how marketing works.


Ghostwriters can write almost any type of content, but not in their name. So, for example, you may write blog posts for Kellogg’s, but they post the blogs in their executives’ names rather than yours.

When you’re a ghostwriter, you must adopt the persona of the person ‘writing’ the content. It should seem like that person wrote it when you handled the hard work behind the scenes. Ghostwriters make an average of $19.50 per hour.

Script Writer

All content has some type of written content behind it, even video or podcast content. Scriptwriters create the scripts that these influencers read on camera or microphone. For example, you could write scripts for sales ads, video games, or educational pieces. Like ghostwriting, you don’t get the credit for the writing but get paid an average of $30 an hour for the work done behind the scenes.

Research Report Production

Research report production requires more than simply typing words on a page. You must research to know what facts to share with your audience to have those words. Reputable data should back the information you provide to prove your statement.

2. Translator

If you speak another language, you can earn money translating important documents from your native language to English or vice versa. Of course, you must be good at the grammar and dialect of the other language to translate information, but it can help you earn a lucrative living from home.

3. Social Media Content Writer

A social media content writer’s job is to keep the audience engaged. There’s less pressure to write ‘sales content’ as a content writer. Instead, your job is to write informative, educational, and engaging content that gets followers to respond and stay engaged with the company. Social media content writers make an average of $24 an hour.

4. Editing and Proofreading

Proofreaders and editors review already written content, looking for grammatical errors and content that doesn’t flow. You might rewrite the content or simply make small changes. You may edit blog posts, website content, ebooks, whitepapers, and other written content.

In addition, you may get paid to write and edit captions for videos or court transcripts for legal experts. Editors make an average of $36 an hour.

5. Data Entry

Data entry is a great online typing job for beginners because it requires little to no experience, and you can make an average of $20 an hour. You must know how to work basic spreadsheets and word processors, but beyond that, your job is to accurately type data onto a sheet for companies.

Data entry is a great job to work from home because you can do it in your free time, such as when the kids are at school or napping.

6. Transcription

Transcriptionists need incredible attention to detail and to quickly type what they hear on audio. For example, you might transcribe medical records for doctors or legal records for lawyers. Depending on the work, you may need some experience in the terminology to ensure you provide accurate data.

The key to succeeding as a transcriptionist is deciphering different dialects, personalities, and even mumbling. You must be able to gather the important information and type it accurately for the reports. Transcriptionists make an average of $16 per hour.

7. Bookkeeping

Online typing jobs don’t always mean you have to write. If you don’t love grammar and writing but are good with numbers, consider working as a bookkeeper from home.

Bookkeepers ‘keep the financial books’ for small businesses. Your job may include reconciling bank accounts, making deposits, handling payroll, preparing tax documentation, and creating financial reports.

The good news is a degree isn’t necessary to be a bookkeeper, and you can make an average of $27 an hour working from home.

8. Online Chat Support

You’ve likely used an online chat option yourself. For example, you chat online with a representative rather than calling a company for support. But guess what?

Most of those representatives aren’t working in an office; they work from home!

You can be an online chat support person from home, working for large or small companies and helping customers with their problems. You don’t need experience to do this job; however, you must be courteous and have excellent customer service skills, including handling irate customers. Online chat support professionals average $17 to $22 an hour.

Survey Taker

You won’t get rich taking surveys, but they can be fun between other tasks when working from home.

Survey takers share their opinion with market research companies on various topics. You can sign up with several survey companies to make money from home, increasing your chances of earning more.

Some surveys pay only a few dollars each, and others pay $100 or more. So again, it depends on the length and type of survey.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an office assistant but works remotely, making an average of $27 an hour. You can do many odd jobs, including answering phones, email handling, scheduling appointments, social media, researching, writing, or editing.

There are many options; it depends on the companies you work for and the help they need. You can determine your rates and what services you’re comfortable offering so you work within the realms you can handle.

Platforms Offering Online Typing Jobs

Many platforms provide typing jobs today, including:


FlexJobs is a marketplace for remote and hybrid jobs. They’ve been the top job site for work-from-home jobs for the last 14 years. They provide access to jobs in over 50 fields from companies they thoroughly research. FlexJobs charges between $9.95 and $59.95 depending on how long you subscribe and offers a money-back guarantee.


Upwork is a freelancer platform where freelancers can bid for work based on their experience and availability. Companies review the bids and sometimes interview freelancers to choose the best fit. Upwork charges freelancers ‘connects,’ like tokens, to bid on jobs. Each freelancer gets ten free connects and can purchase more at $0.15 each. Upwork also keeps 10% of your earnings.


Indeed is an employment site that’s been in business since 2004. While you can find in-person jobs, they also have listings of thousands of work-from-home jobs, including typing jobs for beginners. You can filter your search results for work-from-home positions to find the jobs that best meet your needs. Indeed is free to use.


ZipRecruiter is another employment site offering access to typing jobs for beginners. You work with an AI recruiter who sends you jobs matching your abilities. The AI assistant also pitches you to potential employers when it decides you’re a good match.


Truelancer is a freelancer marketplace. You’ll find typing jobs in a wide selection of industries with all information you need to determine if it’s a good fit. When clients post a job, you can complete a proposal, including the amount of deposit you want from the client before you start the job. Then, if you get the job, a workstream begins, and you start earning money. Truelancer costs between $0 and $50 per month, depending on your desired features.


Contena is a freelance platform for writers. With a paid membership, you’ll have access to the highest quality writing jobs and access to a success coach. The types of content needed on Contena include blog posts, white papers, and ebooks. You also get access to the Contena Academy to help boost your career, but taking the course isn’t required. The downside is that a basic membership starts at $997 a year.


Guru is a freelancer job marketplace that brings together companies and freelancers. The platform has a free option that includes ten monthly bids for you to bid on jobs. You can also purchase additional bids a la carte or pay for a monthly membership ranging from $8.95 to $39.95 per month. However, Guru also keeps a percentage of your earnings, ranging from 4.95% to 8.95%, depending on your chosen membership.


Problogger is a search engine for freelancers and writers. The free job board focuses on writing positions, and all jobs contain all the necessary details to help you choose. You need an account to apply for jobs on Problogger, but an account is free.

Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub is a freelance board for transcriptionists. Most of the work offered on the site is academic or business-related, and they hire transcriptionists with no experience. Transcriptionists must pass a test to take jobs; the pay starts at $0.75 per minute.

Smart Crowd

Smart Crowd is a freelance marketplace for data entry specialists. Like Transcription Hub, you must pass an extensive test to start taking jobs, and they pay per keystroke, usually averaging $0.20 to $0.80 per keystroke.

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global has been offering transcription jobs from home since 2002. Typically, transcribers handle meetings, conference calls, finance audio, and group discussions. To get this typing job for beginners, you must type 75 words per minute, have fast internet, and be able to get work in on time. Most transcribers make $0.40 per transcribed minute.


Scribie is another transcription company that offers work-from-home jobs. They send six-minute audio files that you must turn around in two hours. They usually take 30 to 45 minutes. You can make decent money with Scribie if you type fast because the files are simple.


SigTrack hires typists for data entry, but the jobs are seasonal. Your job is to process voters’ petitions, and they pay 3.7 cents per entry. SigTrack pays weekly.

Go Transcript

Go Transcript offers transcription jobs that pay $0.60 per audio minute. They offer weekly payouts, and you can choose your own projects. There is usually a large variety of work available.


Rev.com pays typists to create captions for movies, TV shows, and other videos. You don’t need a lot of experience and can work as much or as little as you want. The average person makes $200 monthly at Rev.com.


Speechpad is a transcription company that is great for beginners. They pay between $0.40 and $0.50 per audio minute, and most audios are simple to transcribe. Speechpad pays every two weeks.

Casting Words

Casting Words is a great transcription site for new transcriptionists. They pay $1.20 per audio minute if the audio is low quality, which is much higher than other companies. However, they pay $0.60 per audio minute for good-quality audio.

Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me is where many new typists start. They pay $20 an hour for transcription work and are a great platform to get experience.

Tips for Landing a Typist Job

Landing typing jobs is simple, but because there is such tough competition, here are some tips to help you land a job.

1. Create a Portfolio

Show potential employers or companies what you’re capable of doing. A portfolio can help you prove your work.

2. Utilize the Internet

Create a personal website and social media presence that showcases your work. Let it show that you are professional and highlight some of your key achievements.

3. Evaluate and Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy

Of course, the key to any online typing job is to type well. You must not only type fast but also accurately. Here are some sites to help.

  • typing.com – Learn to type with accuracy and at the maximum speed with Typing.com. It works well for students or adults to increase their typing speed and accuracy.
  • Typing Academy – Typing Academy offers free typing practice to help you learn, improve, and test your typing skills. It even keeps track of your progress so you can see how you’re doing.
  • LiveChat Typing – LiveChat Typing offers a free 60-second typing test, similar to what you’d do for most typing positions. Practice before applying for a job to see how you’d do.


What Do Online Typing Jobs Typically Pay?

Online typing jobs can pay a few dollars to as much as $20 an hour. The pay depends on the job, your experience, and how much you work.

Do Typing Jobs Require Special Equipment?

Most typing jobs require a laptop or computer, high-speed internet, and sometimes headphones if you are transcribing.

Do I Need a Background in Writing for Typing Online Jobs?

You only need a background in writing for typing online jobs that are for writing, such as writing blogs, ebooks, or whitepapers. Data entry and transcription jobs don’t require a background in writing.

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