10 Apps Like Moneylion for Small Cash Advances

One of the most well-known financial management apps with interest-free cash advances is MoneyLion. However, many apps like MoneyLion can help you quickly get the extra cash you need.

Apps like Moneylion front you a set amount of funds you repay, most often, the next time you get paid.

Whether you need quick cash or want a small financial safety net, apps like MoneyLion can be helpful.

10 Apps Like Moneylion

Here are some of the best apps like MoneyLion:

  1. Chime
  2. Dave
  3. Empower
  4. Cleo
  5. Earnin
  6. Brigit
  7. Branch
  8. Klover
  9. Payactiv
  10. DailyPay

1. Chime

Similar to MoneyLion, Chime is a digital financial app that offers a range of banking services and makes it easy and convenient for you to manage your money.

With Chime, you can open a checking account (with a debit card), a credit-building credit card (with no annual fees, interest, or credit check to apply), and a high-yield savings account (with up to 2.00% APY).

A key feature of Chime is its SpotMe program. If you are shopping with your debit card and overdraft your account, SpotMe will cover up to $200, and you won’t incur any overdraft fees. Limits usually start at $20 and increase to $200 for users with a good repayment track record.

SpotMe is only available for Chime users; however, it is free and easy to enroll through your Chime app. Eligibility for SpotMe requires a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200 in your account every month.


  • Covers up to $200 in overdrafts on your account
  • No overdraft fees
  • Chime account holders get early access to direct deposits


  • Only available to Chime account holders
  • Only protects overdrafts from debit card transactions
  • Starts with a low $20 limit


2. Dave

Thanks to Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban’s endorsement, Dave is the most popular cash advance app out there, boasting over 10 million users. Primarily known for its ExtraCash feature, users can quickly borrow up to $500 without fees or a credit check.

You can opt for a free standard transfer, which can take one to three business days to hit your account. Dave’s “express” option can transfer funds to your account within hours for a $3-15 fee.

When you borrow money with Dave, you’ll have to agree to a settlement date (or repayment date), typically your next payday or the next nearest Friday. If you don’t have enough money to repay your advance on the settlement date, Dave may withdraw partial payments from your account until the advance is fully paid back.

The Dave app has a monthly membership fee of $1, giving you access to features such as budgeting tools, balance tracking, and financial goal setting.


  • No late fees
  • Side hustle feature helps you search for new gigs
  • Budgeting tool creates a personalized plan


  • Access requires a $1 monthly subscription fee
  • Transfers can take up to 3 business days


3. Empower

Empower is all about giving you the power to take control of your money and improve your financial well-being with its budgeting and savings tools.

A key feature of Empower is the AutoSave feature, which helps you save money to reach your weekly financial goals, whether you’re building an emergency fund or paying down debt. If you open an account with Empower, you’ll get the Empower Debit Card, which earns you up to 10% in cashback rewards on debit card purchases and works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

You’ll need a monthly subscription to access Empower’s money management tools, including cash advances. There is a 14-day free trial; after that, it’s $8 a month.

Empower’s eligibility for cash advances is a bit complex, so read the fine print before you sign up. However, if you are eligible, Empower offers a no-fee and interest-free cash advance of up to $250 and the ability to access your paycheck two days early.


  • No late fees, overdraft fees, or interest
  • Instant delivery of an advance directly to your Empower debit card
  • Freelance workers can qualify for a cash advance


  • $8 monthly subscription is required
  • Eligibility rules are more complex than other competitors


4. Cleo

Cleo is a unique personal finance app that uses engaging AI conversation to help you track and manage your spending, saving, and budgeting. You can ask Cleo anything about your money, from, “Can I afford a cup of coffee today?” to, “Can you send me a $100 advance?” Be prepared to be roasted by Cleo when you make financial decisions that don’t align with your goals.

The Cleo app offers a cash advance feature; however, first-time borrowers will only receive advances of $20 to $70. Once you’ve shown that you can repay on time, you’ll have access to higher amounts up to $100.

Cleo’s cash advances have no interest or impact on your credit score. You can choose your repayment date (between 3 to 14 days). Gig or freelance workers can qualify for cash advances, as Cleo’s does not require proof of employment or W2s.

It is important to note that the cash advance feature is only available if you subscribe to the Cleo Plus plan at $5.99 per month or the Cleo Builder plan at $14.99. The Cleo Builder plan gives you access to a Cleo Credit Builder Visa and its program that helps build your credit and track your credit score.


  • Cleo Plus includes cashback rewards on your purchases
  • Gig and freelance workers are eligible


  • Only available in the App
  • Cash advances are only available with a monthly subscription
  • Maximum advance limit caps at $100


5. Earnin

Earnin is a financial app that offers two features to help customers better manage their finances: Balance Alerts and Cash Outs.

With Balance Alerts, Earnin will notify you when your account balance falls below a specified amount (between $0 and $400), allowing you to take action before you overdraft your account.

The Cash Out feature gives you early access to your upcoming paycheck—up to $100 per day or $750 per pay period, without any interest or fees. Earnin sends you funds as a direct deposit to your bank account and deducts your Cash-out amount on your next payday. Earnin does not report repayments to the credit bureaus, so using Cash Out does not impact your credit score.

While most banks and financial apps charge a fee for instant transfers, Earnin offers “Lightning Speed” delivery, which is free and accessible to any user with a linked debit card.


  • No interest or fees when you use the Cash Out feature
  • Low balance alerts help prevent overdraft


  • Employment details required for eligibility
  • Not available to remote or freelance workers

6. Brigit

Brigit is an app dedicated to your financial wellness. It offers various services, including budgeting tools, economic insights, and “Instant Cash” cash advances up to $250.

When you request an advance, you can get it in two to three business days for free, or with Express Delivery, you can pay a small fee to get it in minutes. Brigit will not check your credit, charge you interest or late fees on your repayments, or request a tip.

Additionally, Brigit offers a degree of overdraft protection. While you will need to grant Brigit access to your bank account, Brigit will detect when you have a low account balance and send you up to $250 so you can avoid costly overdraft fees.

A downside to using Brigit for cash advances is that to utilize this feature, you must join the Plus plan at $9.99 per month. The Plus plan also has a Credit Builder account that helps you manage your spending, build credit, and protect you from identity theft.


  • No interest, fees, or tipping
  • No credit check
  • Express delivery of funds with a small fee


  • Brigit needs full access to your bank account
  • Monthly membership in the Plus plan ($9.99/month) is required for cash advances

7. Branch

The Branch app offers a convenient way to receive an advance with their “Instant Pay” feature, in which you can get up to 50% of your earned wages before your next paycheck. However, your employer must work directly with Branch for you to be eligible. Additionally, you must show two months of consecutive deposits in your account from the same employer.

With Branch, you don’t need to worry about credit checks, membership fees, late fees, or interest charges on your advance. There is an optional tip feature if you feel compelled to compensate Branch for its services.

The maximum advance is 50% per pay period, up to $1,000, and a max of $500 at a time, so they would have to split any eligible cash advances up into smaller increments if they can get more than $500. Users can get their cash advance instantly with a fee of $2.99 to $4.99, depending on the amount requested. Otherwise, it can take up to three business days to receive it. On your next payday, repayment will automatically be withdrawn from your linked bank or debit card.


  • No credit checks or late fees
  • No membership or subscription fees
  • Maximum advance of $1,000, more than many competitors


  • Not available for remote workers
  • Advances can only be sent to your Branch Wallet
  • Employers must have a direct relationship with Branch

8. Klover

The Klover app lets you access quick cash without paying interest or membership fees. You can sign up for Klover+, which helps track your spending, monitors your credit, and offers a price comparison tool while you shop.

Klover is unique because it provides a point system that rewards users for completing certain activities, such as taking surveys or watching ads. As points accumulate, they can be used to increase your cash advance limit (up to $100) or to enter Klover’s daily sweepstakes.

Like Empower, Klover’s eligibility requirements for cash advances are a bit complex. Your account must reflect at least three direct deposits from the same employer within the last 60 days with no gaps in pay. Deposits must also be weekly or biweekly (monthly direct deposits won’t qualify you).

Klover will send you up to $200 free of charge, but express delivery fees can range from $1.49 to $20.78, depending on the amount you are requesting.


  • You can earn a higher advance with points
  • No interest fees
  • Membership in Klover+ is not required


  • You’ll need to share personal and financial info with the app
  • Express delivery fee can be as high as $20.78

9. PayActiv

Like Branch, your employer must offer PayActiv as a benefit to their employees so that you can have early access to your earnings. When linked with your employer, PayActiv can monitor your earned (but unpaid) income and access up to $500 of your earnings before your next payday. (If you have direct deposit, you can access up to $1,000).

Your funds are always available in the app, so you can transfer them to your bank account, debit card, or Payactiv Visa card anytime. Once your next direct deposit hits your account, PayActiv will automatically deduct the borrowed funds. There is no cost to become a member but a $5 charge for each withdrawal.

In addition, PayActiv offers several additional services, including financial counseling, bill pay, and prescription discounts, making it more than just a payday loan alternative.


  • Highly rated in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Offers financial counseling and discounts on prescriptions


  • Employers must offer PayActiv as an employee benefit

10. DailyPay

DailyPay is another app that your employer must offer. The DailyPay app gives you early access to your income daily. DailyPay works with employers to integrate its platform into their payroll system to benefit their employees.

You can transfer your advance to your bank account or debit card instantly (for a fee) or after a few days at no cost. With DailyPay, you can transfer funds 24/7, even immediately after completing your shift.

Enroll through your employer and download the DailyPay app to access your pay. You’ll use your company’s timekeeping system to clock in and out of your shifts. Later, you can check your balance on the app to see how much is available for an early transfer. Choose how much you want and the date you wish to receive it and submit your request.

DailyPay also provides a Mastercard debit card for making purchases or withdrawing cash from ATMs. The DailyPay app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


  • 24/7 access to your transfers
  • You can transfer daily funds


  • DailyPay needs to be linked with an employer
  • Transfer fee to bank account, debit card, and payroll card
  • Fee for same-day transfers

What is MoneyLion?

MoneyLion is a financial management app that offers a range of products and services to help you take control of your money and improve your personal finances.

With MoneyLion, you can receive cash advances through its Instacash feature, track your spending habits and credit score, and create savings and investment goals.

You can also access a RoarMoney banking account, various loan types, a credit card, an investment account, and over 55,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs.

What is InstaCash with MoneyLion?

MoneyLion offers cash advances through its InstaCash feature. With Instacash, you can request a cash advance of up to $500 without interest, fees, or a credit check.

Advance amounts start at $25; however, once MoneyLion detects more significant or recurring deposits in your account, they will bump up the amount you can request. Repayment is automatically deducted from your account on your next payday.

To access Instacash, you’ll need to download the MoneyLion app and link your checking account—this gets you 0% APR cash advances. Once you qualify, you can request an advance within the app for the amount you need (between $25 and $500).

You can choose a standard, free delivery or request a “Turbo” delivery for a near-instant cash advance (for a small fee). Users can leave an optional tip, which, according to MoneyLion, allows it to keep this service interest-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are loan apps like MoneyLion better than payday loans?

Apps like MoneyLion are designed to help improve your financial stability, unlike payday loans, which have high interest rates and ultimately trap individuals in a cycle of debt. Cash advance apps limit the amount you can borrow to what can reasonably be paid back and provide additional resources and support to help improve financial stability in the long run.

How quickly will I get my money with an app like Moneylion?

The speed at which you receive money from a cash advance app like MoneyLion depends on a few factors, including the application process and approval time.

Setting up an account usually takes one to two days for approval and involves filling out an online application with your personal information (including your Social Security number, date of birth, employment information, and banking information).

Once approved, you can request a cash advance, which can arrive within a few minutes and up to three business days. Some apps charge a small fee for express delivery.

What apps like MoneyLion let me borrow money instantly?

Albert, Earnin’, Klover, Dave, Brigit, and Branch will allow you to transfer money instantly, among others. Keep in mind there is often a fee for faster delivery of funds. Be sure to research and read reviews of the apps and the terms and conditions before enrolling in a cash advance app.

Which are the Best Apps Like MoneyLion for You?

Ultimately, many cash-advance apps work similarly, but each has its own unique features. Apps such as MoneyLion can be useful for those needing a small loan until their next paycheck.

Remember that cash advances can come with specific fees or membership requirements, so before signing up with an app or requesting an advance, read the fine print and understand any fees that can accompany it.

It’s also important to consider that you may only qualify for certain cash advances or set limits if you are self-employed or a gig worker.

If you are considering an app like MoneyLion, carefully review your options. Remember that most of these apps require your personal information and access to your bank account.

Additionally, if the app requires a partnership with your employer, verify this with your HR department before signing up.

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