Jan 2017 Blog Income: $18,450

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So this is my first blog income report ever! One of my 2017 Millennial Money blog goals is to make $100,000 directly from the blog this year. Even though I started blogging much more consistently in September of last year, I didn’t want to start my income reports until January so I could get a full year of data towards my goal.

January was an incredible month for the blog. Traffic continues to increase and so does income. My traffic grew 54% over December, with a vast majority of those gains come from SEO traffic (which almost doubled), as well as referral traffic.

For the first time since launching the blog I made over $10,000 in one month – with the total of earned (not collected) income for the month at $18,450.

This means I have full engagement commitments at this level, but most consulting and affiliate payouts will occur over the next 30-60 days. It’s incredible how many new opportunities this blog has opened up over the next 3 months. I am beyond humbled that the content is resonating with readers and more bloggers are reaching out for help.

If you haven’t started a blog yet and are on the fence, I definitely recommend everyone start a blog and start exploring building an online business. Here’s how you can easily start a blog in less than 10 minutes.

I’m glad that I didn’t sell MillennialMoney.com for $45,000 in October!

Here is a direct breakdown of my January 2017 blog income.

January 2017 Millennial Money Blog Income

SEO Consulting: $13,500

While I have been actively doing SEO work for over 10 years, in October I started directly working with bloggers specifically to help them grow their traffic. Then in November I launched the “Free SEO Help for Bloggers” thread on the Rockstar blogger forum – giving free advice to anyone who asked. After that I wrote the 67 Best SEO Tips for Bloggers, which is my most shared post ever.SEO Meme

In early December I launched my Work With Me page, with a specific SEO consulting call to action. This has been really popular and I signed 14 different bloggers in January, charging between $500 and $2,000 for a full site audit and strategy depending on the size of the website. These are services I have previously sold for $50,000+ to large companies.

The reason I am able to offer it at this price is because I have built a replicable model that is specifically built for bloggers and takes me significantly less time. I also have a few of my friends who can help as well. It really works and gives bloggers a significantly higher traffic ROI over time than investing in social or buying traffic. As I always say, SEO is the compound interest of digital marketing!

Entrepreneur Coaching: $1,000

I currently work with 2 entrepreneurs who are launching new companies – one in the insurance space and the other in hospitality. I currently have a $500/month deal where I am offering 1 call per month and to review their business plan/pitching documents. One of the entrepreneurs I am connecting with some venture investors who I know. While working with entrepreneurs isn’t the most profitable use of my time, I really enjoy connecting with new entrepreneurs and exploring new business models. I typically get 4-5 emails a week since writing the Are You an Entrepreneur post, but only pick entrepreneurs who have companies that personally interest me and I think that I can help.


Affiliate Revenue: $2,100


This was my best month of affiliate revenue by far, with income coming from Bluehost, Lend Edu, SEM Rush, ThemeForestPersonal Capital, Betterment, Simply Wall St, and Amazon. My biggest gainer was actually Amazon affiliate revenue from my 7 Best Millennial Money Books – which went somewhat viral. I made over $750 in one month directly from book orders from that post.

Sponsored Content/Posts: $1,600

Whoah, the emails really started pouring in in January for sponsored content/post opportunities. I declined 95% of them, but was able to strike a deal with an investing company for one post and then an app for another post. I am going to continue to explore this option as the platform grows and I am looking for more consistent post series sponsors.

Twitter Chat: $250


I still can’t believe that I got paid for a Mass Mutual Twitter chat that I joined in December. It was so much fun and I look forward to doing more in the future.

Twitter Gif

Twitter Gif


So that’s it. It was a crazy month. I am in the process of exploring new partnerships with a few larger investing companies. Not only am I having a ton of fun blogging, podcasting, I have started to turn this platform into a business.

Alright, now back to the money blogging. Peace out until February’s report. Thank you for checking out the site. I <3 all of you.

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  • Comment Author image blank khustar noorani says:

    It is truly amazing to read that you have earned $ 18,450. I am a new blogger right now. Somehow I feel inspired after reading this article. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Khushtar Noorani

  • Comment Author image blank Yasir khan saqlaini says:

    Hello Grant,

    This is really amazing to read that you have made $18,450.

    I am also a blogger i have started blogging in 2016 but still did not earn even a single penny.

    After reading this article somehow i am feeling motivate.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Comment Author image blank Haidar Khan says:

    Wow that’s Amazing !!
    My name is Haidar khan i’m a blogger from india and after working 6 months on blog i m able to make some bucks ($150+/month) and now i m so happy.
    And now this post motivate me to do more hard work.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Comment Author image blank Cody @ Dollar Habits says:

    Wow! Congrats on all the success in January. As someone just starting out, it is incredibly inspiring, Here’s to an even better February. I look forward to the next report.

  • Comment Author image blank Steven Goodwin @ MyFamilyOnABudget says:

    Wow, this is amazing man! I can see how you picked up so much seo consulting! You have some great advice! I know I benefited from your seo help post and have started to see some organic traffic growth since!

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Steven. SEO and personal finance are two of my biggest passions. I’m excited I have been able to combine them and work with more bloggers (and other site owners).

  • Comment Author image blank Graham @ reversethecrush.com says:

    Thanks for sharing your income report, MM! Congratulations on your blogging success.
    I really like the line “SEO is the compound interest of digital marketing!”
    This inspires me to treat my blog more like a business. I’m looking forward to the February report.

  • Comment Author image blank Peter says:

    Congrats Grant, this just blew my mind. I am just curious, what do you think how much of the growth happened because of podcasting? Keep on killing it, we are watching you 😉

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Peter. I think that podcast has definitely helped, but I know for certain that 67 Best SEO Tips post and the reach it’s received has been the biggest driver. That article has now been read by almost 100,000 people! Crazy.

  • Comment Author image blank Erik @ The Mastermind Within says:

    Wow MM, you really crushed it with your SEO Consulting. Are you going to set up a business which is specifically for SEO consulting? Sounds like it could be extremely lucrative to you!

    • Grant Sabatier Grant @MillennialMoney says:

      Thanks Erik. I already have a business that is SEO consulting and this past month was able to use the blog as a new sales platform. All of this income was generated directly from the blog!

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