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Money Well is an Android app that pays you for playing new games. Find Money Well in the Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads.


  • Free App
  • Engaging and Entertaining
  • Ability to Earn Real Cash


  • Not Available for iOS
  • Some Games Restricted for Play in US
  • Lack of EarningTransparency

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MoneyWell offers players a way to earn gift cards and PayPal rewards for discovering and playing a variety of new games on their Android phones.

Extremely popular in the app store, Money Well has an average 4.3 out of 5-star rating based on over 523k reviews.

What is Money Well?

Money Well is a side-hustling gamer’s app. Through Money Well, you can discover and download new games—and get paid for playing them.

You can explore Money Well’s catalog of games, and earn tickets for playing ones that strike your fancy. The longer you play, the more tickets you can earn. You can redeem the tickets for gift cards and PayPal cash prizes.

The game provider, justDice GmbH, owns and operates the Money Well app. JustDice’s tech stack is used for over 20 popular apps played by 50 million players worldwide. Their tech stack is integrated with other popular gaming technologies like Unity, Go, Kotlin, and React Native.

The goal of Money Well’s developers is to create an exciting vehicle of discovery to uncover new products and new mobile games through their “honest play-and-earn” modes. They offer skill-based games or chance-based (casino-style) games.

Money Well is free to download and play and is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and many other countries.

Is Money Well Legit?

Absolutely! Money Well is very legit, as evidenced by its high review scores in the Google app store. Money Well averages 4.3 out of 5 stars based on over half a million reviews.

You can read the reviews for yourself, like this review by users Roxie McIntosh and Eric Gerken.

I am actually surprised that there actually another app out there that pays out like it advertises. haven't been playing long and already got a pay out not only once but 3 times.
Roxie McIntosh

I've withdrawn over $30 in 2wks approximately. This app actually pays no joke.
Eric Gerken

Can You Really Make Money with Money Well?

Yes! You can earn extra cash for playing featured games in the Money Well library. You earn tickets for playing games, and then redeem your tickets for gift cards or PayPal.

Typically, you can earn 50 to 150 tickets per minute. It takes 4,990 tickets to cash out $0.50 on Amazon. At 100 tickets per minute:

  • It would take you just under 50 minutes to earn a $0.50 reward.
  • It would take just under 8.5 hours to get a $5 gift card.

You won’t get a lot of money using Money Well, but you will get paid the promised reward.

How to Earn Money with Money Well

Step by step, here’s an overview of how to earn money using the Money Well app.

Download the Money Well app

To get started, download the Money Well app from the app store.

As mentioned earlier, iPhone users, unfortunately, cannot use Money Well. But iOS users can check out these great cash-paying games.

There are other apps with similar names, so make sure that you download the correct Money Well app.

  • will be listed as the developer.
  • The app is rated “T” for teens.
  • The app has over 10 million downloads.

After installing the app, create a free account by linking the app to your Facebook or Google account.

Make sure to grant the app permission to track your activity — this is how the app monitors and rewards your gameplay. You’ll earn tickets for playing sponsored games.

Start Playing Games

After you’ve installed the app and created an account, download games featured in the library. Pick games that look appealing to you. You can see in advance how many tickets you’ll earn per gameplay.

The rotation of games changes, but available Money Well games have included Pet Master, Slotomania, and Farm Heroes Saga.

Most games pay 50 to 150 tickets per minute.

One thing you’ll notice (that many players complain of) is that the longer you play, the fewer tickets you’ll earn per minute. For example, you might earn 150 tickets per minute for your first hour and then earn only 75 tickets per minute after.

This is to encourage you to keep playing and discovering new games.

It can be frustrating to find a game that you really enjoy and then start earning less and less over time. But you probably already play many games that don’t pay you anything, and a small reward is better than none. And you can always switch to another cash game — in Money Well or elsewhere.

Invite Friends

Inviting your friends is another way to earn tickets with Money Well. You’ll earn 250 tickets for each new player who joins the app through your invitation, and you’ll earn a further 25% commission on their total earnings in points.

Your invited friend also gets 25% of your point earnings, so you are both incentivized to keep playing and earning points together.

This is a fairly unique setup where the referral bonuses flow in both directions.

Cash Out

You can cash out your Money Well tickets for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, or other popular gift cards.

It takes 4,999 tickets to redeem a $0.50 PayPal cash reward.

For most gift card options, you need the equivalent of $5 in tickets to cash out.

Pros and Cons


  • Money Well offers a fun way to make extra money by playing a variety of new games.
  • It’s a highly legit app with excellent, overall ratings in the Google Play Store. (It has an average score of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on over 470K reviews.)
  • It’s easy to earn enough tickets to cash out. The minimum payout threshold, of $0.50 for PayPal, is astonishingly low. (Funds are transferred directly to your PayPal account.)
  • The referral program is very generous, continually rewarding the referred member and referring member as long as they both continue to play.


  • Money Well is not available in the iTunes App Store. The app is for Android devices
  • Your earning rate will gradually decrease. The amount of tickets you earn playing a new game will decrease over time — to encourage you to try new games within the app.
  • There are ads throughout the app, including on the offer wall.
  • It can take a lot of time to reach the number of tickets needed for a significant prize (i.e. $20 gift card or higher).
  • Based on the player reviews, the Money Well can be glitchy with many bugs and crashes reported.

Alternatives to Money Well

In addition to Money Well, there are many other alternative apps to earn money by playing mobile games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common FAQs about Money Well.

Is Money Well a Scam?

No! Money Well is a highly legit cash gaming app. You can install the app for free and then discover and play featured games in Money Well’s library.

Earn tickets for every minute of gameplay, and then redeem your tickets for gift cards to Amazon and other popular stores.

You can read plenty of Money Well app reviews from real players who have cashed out multiple times. In Google Play, Money Well has been downloaded by over 10 million players and boasts an average 4.3-star rating (out of stars).

Does Money Well Pay Real Money?

Yes! Money Well pays users real money — in the form of PayPal cash deposits and gift cards to Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and other popular stores.

You can read thousands of reviews in the Google Play Store from actual players who’ve cashed out multiple times.

While Money Well does pay, it’s quite difficult to earn any significant money. For example, it would take over 8 hours of gameplay to earn enough tickets for a $10 reward.

Is Money Well Worth It?

It depends. The earning potential for Money Well isn’t great — compared to other gaming apps or to other side hustle apps in general.

You could earn more money and better rewards by playing games in other apps like Gamehag, Kashkick, Swagbucks, or InboxDollars.

Additionally, Money Well is not available to iOS users.

But if you’re an Android user, who enjoys playing and discovering new games, you may find a lot to like about the Money Well app.

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