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TopCashback offers 100% of commission rates to their users. This means that you stand to earn a solid percentage back on your purchases if you are a frequent online shopper. If you are looking for a cashback program that rewards you for in-store purchases, TopCashback is not the site for you.


  • 100% of Commission Rate
  • No Minimum Accrual
  • Over 4,000 Retailers


  • No Sign-Up Bonus
  • Cash Back Exclusions

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Cash Back Exclusions


TopCashback logo

Cashback tools allow you to earn money back on your everyday purchases, so there’s no reason not to use one. With so many apps and sites to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your time.

TopCashBack is a popular site that redirects you to partner retailers to earn cashback on your purchases.

Unlike their competitors, TopCashBack claims to reward you with 100% of the commission from your purchase. But is this too good to be true?

Check out our review to find out if they are as great as their name implies.

What is TopCashback?

TopCashBack is, you guessed it, a cashback site that is partnered with over 4,000 retailers to help you earn a percentage back on your purchases. They boast 8 million users in the US, Canada, India, Japan, and Germany. The categories from which you can shop include:

  • Travel
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Fashion
  • and even more

TopCashBack advertises themselves as the only site to give its customers 100% of their commission rate. This is their main differentiator and can pose a serious earning potential to regular online shoppers.

How Does TopCashback Work?

If you are familiar with how other cashback sites work, the thought of TopCashback giving you 100% of their commission, may leave you scratching your head. If they give you all of their commission, then how do they make money? Is this a scam?

While this is a little unorthodox for a cashback site, it does not automatically make them a scam. TopCashBack generates income through sponsored links and advertisements that are labeled “zero-cashback” on their site. Whenever one of their members clicks on a link or advertisement, TopCashBack makes money.

Additionally, partner retailers may pay TopCashBack if a high volume of sales come through their site. This means that TopCashBack is still receiving some compensation from their partners and can funnel all their commission earnings right back to you. Unfortunately, this means that they are forced to cut back on other features like a signup bonus.

TopCashBack Features

TopCashBack has a few features that make using their site even easier. Check out some of their features below.

Browser Extension

Navigating through a cashback site every time you make a purchase can be a pain. These days, browser extensions are the way to help you have your cashback cake and eat it too.

TopCashBack’s browser extension alerts you through a popup when there is a cashback opportunity available. You simply need to click the button to activate the cashback and return to shopping.

Once you reach checkout, TopCashBack’s browser extension will also scan the internet for any active coupon codes. This will earn you even more savings as well as cashback.

topcashback browser extension


TopCashback App

TopCashBack’s mobile app allows you to take cashback on the go – but only to a certain degree.

The main draw of the app is that it allows you to earn cashback for purchases made through the app. Navigating through the app to a retailer allows for TopCashBack to track your purchase. This helps boost your account balance.

Unlike other cash back apps, TopCashBack does not allow you to earn cashback on in-store purchases. Missing out on cashback can be frustrating when you are out and about.

However, the app does offer coupons that you can scan in stores. Even if you aren’t earning cash back, you can still save in other ways.

topcashback app


TopCashBack Earning Potential

The main differentiator for TopCashBack is that they give you 100% of the commissions that they earn from your sales. This is an excellent deal when compared with other cashback sites.

Unlike other cashback sites, TopCashBack does not require you to accrue a certain amount before you withdraw your funds. This means that you can redeem your balance at any amount.

So, what’s the catch? TopCashBack requires that the retailer pay them the commission first, which they then flip to you. This can take some time, typically anywhere from four to six weeks. This is to ensure that you don’t make any returns and the retailer actually gets the money. Once the waiting period is over, you should see the cashback appear in your account balance.

Redeeming your cashback is simple. All you need to do is click Account at the top of the page and then select Payout.

TopCashBack offers several methods for payout. They offer some preferred methods, which give you a bonus when you select these over ACH or PayPal. These are all of the methods of payment through which you can receive your account balance:

  • Amazon credit
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • PayPal
  • Other Store Gift Cards

It typically takes about two weeks before you get your payment. Ultimately, this is one of the most flexible cashback payout systems that we’ve seen.

Signing Up and Getting Started

Getting signed up for TopCashBack couldn’t be easier.

To create an account, all you need to provide is an email and a password. From there, TopCashBack will automatically direct you to their homepage. Here, you can browse top deals and cashback rates from popular retailers.

Once you decide on a site to shop from, you will need to activate the cashback on Top Cashback’s site. The retailer’s page informs you about what the retailer offers, cashback rates depending on if you are a new or returning customer, and terms and conditions for receiving your cashback. This can help mitigate any confusion about when you do not qualify for cashback or why you received a certain cashback percentage.

Clicking the “Get Cashback Now” button will redirect you from TopCashBack’s site to the retailer’s site. Once you are on the retailer’s site, you can shop and make purchases like you normally would. TopCashBack’s cookies will track your purchase and apply the cashback to your account balance.

TopCashBack Deals

TopCashBack’s mission is to help you save money, and they offer several ways to do this.

For starters, TopCashBack scans the internet for the best active coupon codes that you can apply to your purchases. This means that you can save money and earn cashback easily when you shop online.

TopCashBack also offers payout bonuses when you choose to receive your cashback in certain ways. They offer a 3% to 5% bonus when you redeem your cashback balance in the form of Amazon credit. This can help you earn even more simply by choosing Amazon over PayPal or ACH.

Finally, TopCashBack has a Tell-a-Friend program that rewards you when people you know sign up for an account. You will earn $10 on your account balance whenever someone uses your affiliate link to create an account, make a purchase, and accrue at least $10 in cash back.

This is more involved than what most programs offer. Regardless, this is a great way to maximize your earning potential through TopCashBack.

Is TopCashBack Safe?

Privacy is a big concern these days, and it’s important to know how certain sites are using your data.

Usually, reading a privacy policy page requires wading through incomprehensible legal jargon. This often leaves you feeling more confused than when you started. TopCashBack wants to make clear how they use your data.

Their privacy policy clearly outlines in a chart the activity or purpose, the type of data they collect, and a lawful basis for using this data for a legitimate purpose. There is little to know legal jargon, and each section is written in clear language.

TopCashback Customer Service

TopCashBack’s customer support is relatively basic, but it does allow for you to track existing claims with ease.

Before reaching the customer support page, you must provide login information. This allows for TopCashBack to keep track of all your open and closed service tickets. This way you can follow up on anything that hasn’t been handled.

The support page itself has three sections: Missing Cashback, Contact Us, and FAQs. You can search the FAQs to see if your question has an answer. If you find that you are still not satisfied, you can create a service ticket through Contact Us. Missing Cashback is for people who have not received payout or don’t see certain cashback on their balance.

Pros and Cons of TopCashBack

The best way to compare cashback sites is to review the pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of using TopCashBack.


  • 100% of commission rate: TopCashBack’s selling point is that they offer unbeatable cashback rates. The fact that you get 100% of the commissions means that you’ll earn more on TopCashBack than you would anywhere else. Their Highest Cash Back Guarantee also ensures that you get the best deal out there.
  • No minimum accrual: One of the most frustrating parts about cashback sites is waiting to hit your minimum accrual amount. It can sometimes feel like you’re chasing your tail to finally cash out on your balance. Fortunately, TopCashBack doesn’t force you to earn a minimum amount. As soon as the retailer pays TopCashBack, they put the money in your account. You are free to withdraw whenever you would like.
  • Over 4,000 retailers: If you are an avid online shopper, you will benefit greatly from using TopCashBack. With popular stores like Amazon and Walmart, TopCashBack’s retail network is broad and appeals to a variety of online shoppers.


  • No signup bonus: Many cashback sites offer you a signup bonus as an incentive to get started. Because TopCashBack prefers to pay you in the form of higher rates, they do not offer a signup bonus to everyone.
  • Cashback exclusions: Cashback is a tool used by retailers to incentivize purchases. They often offer higher rates for niche categories, such as Gardening and Outdoors, and exclude popular items from cashback, such as smartphones. Be aware that some stores may exclude popular items from cashback.
  • Unable to redeem in-store cashback: I implore you to find a person who shops 100% online. Whether we need to get groceries or swing through the drugstore, we all make in-store purchases. The inability to redeem cash back from in-store purchases limits the amount that you can earn through TopCashBack.

Alternatives to TopCashBack

If you find that TopCashBack doesn’t suit you, there are many other cashback options out there. Below are some alternative sites to TopCashBack.


Many cashback sites are limited to a few countries – but not BeFrugal. BeFrugal is a cashback site that’s available to users all over the world. As long as their partner retailer serves the country you are in, you can earn cashback through BeFrugal.

With one of the largest retail networks out there, BeFrugal is sure to be a use to people all over the globe.

Learn More:


Much like TopCashBack, FatWallet is a great resource for cashback opportunities and finding coupons. They are partnered with 1,600 retailers, which is significantly less than TopCashBack. However, users say that the user experience of FatWallet is far superior to that of TopCashBack.

Very few FatWallet users complain of not receiving their payouts whereas TopCashBack has an entire section of their service center dedicated to this issue. If you would like to spend less time fighting customer service, FatWallet may be the better service.


ExtraBux is another cashback site that offers cash back from thousands of retailers. With a network of over 5,000 stores, ExtraBux is completely free to join. They also offer a $5 signup bonus, which can get you halfway to their $10 minimum payout.

You can earn even more money through ExtraBux with their referral program. You will earn $5 for every friend that signs up through your referral link plus 5% of the amount they earn in cashback for the entire year. This is a unique referral program that encourages your friends to not only sign up but use ExtraBux.

Is TopCashback Worth It?

Cashback sites are a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you want to earn cash on the things you already buy?

TopCashBack offers 100% of commission rates to their users. This means that you stand to earn a solid percentage back on your purchases if you are a frequent online shopper. If you are looking for a cashback program that rewards you for in-store purchases, TopCashBack is not the site for you.

TopCashBack has a series of unique differentiators. Understanding what you are looking for in a cashback site can help you determine if TopCashBack is your best option.

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